Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Originally sent Sept. 20

So sorry to hear of the passing of Ernest Littlefield, 69, of Richardson, TX. Ernest is LHS class '56. Ernest passed on Sept. 9 and a memorial service will be held this next Saturday, Sept. 22, 3:00pm at First church of the Nazarene in Richardson.
Ernest wife is Carolyn (Peck) - LHS class '57 or '58? Carolyn is sister of Jimmie Peck, class '55. Ernest is survived by Carolyn, three sons - Kenny, Bobby, & Don. Two sisters - Glenda & Urita and a brother Wayman.
Obit for Ernest is in Lawton Constitution - Tuesday Sept. 18.

I had this remembrance from Doyce Grayson, a friend & classmate of Ernest:

"Ernie was a special individual. I have known him since I was 10 years old. We were paper boys back in those days. Ernie sold individual papers to the businesses and bars in downtown Lawton. He didn't have a regular paper route like the rest of us and we felt sorry for him, little did we know that he was making 2 or 3 times the money we made. He was quite an achiever and always made his living by his wits. He and Carolyn attended the 1956 Class reunion last year, but he could stay just one night because of his health. He was definitely a experience in life and I feel honored to call him my friend. He will be missed!"

Thought you might like to see 'artist rendering' of the new look for the old Lawton High/Central building. This is on the west side looking east, see columns (front - south) to the right. (see at right)

Still working on 'report' on class reunion last patient....regards.... Georgia

Friday, September 14, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Sept. 14

I am sorry to report the passing of Lewis Van 'Butch' Horton, 71, living in Ft. Smith, AR. Butch died Sept. 11 and a private service "will be held later."
Butch was originally from Hartshorn, OK, attended LHS but not sure what year he graduated - be '54 or '55?
He married Pat Glandon - class '58 - they divorced years later. Butch owned & operated R & S Sporting Goods here in Lawton for many years. He is survived by two sons, Michael and Mark and their wives and daughter Janet and hubby Jim Crow. (photo below) Obit is in Lawton Constitution, 9/14.

I ran into '59 classmate Glen Harris at the local IHOP recently. Glen was doing fine. Glen doesn't have email but said his sister Geneva McIntosh keeps him up to speed as does good friend Jerry Morgan.

OK...this is IT!!! Class '52, TONIGHT - Friday 14th, 6:00pm at Fire Mountain Restaurant. Pre-reunion get-together for class 1952.
TOMORROW - Saturday night 15th, classes '49-'50-'51-'52, 6:00pm social hour, 7:00 dinner. Museum of the Great Plains. My Bill is '52, so I'll be seeing some of you!!!!

Don't toss those old LHS yearbooks. Have people interested in acquiring if any you would like to part with any years of the 1940's & 1950's.

All for now and regards from the 'home town'........ Georgia

Monday, September 10, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Sept. 10

I am so very sorry to report the passing of Sara Helen (Chapman) Prater.
Sara was LHS class 1952.

This note was sent by her husband Tom:
Friends, We will celebrate Sara's life in two services. Grave side service will be Wednesday, Sept. 12 at Duncan Cemetery, Duncan, OK at 2.00pm. Fellowship with friends and family will follow at the Simmons Center - WildHorse Suite.

Memorial service will be Thursday, Sept. 13 at First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK at 10.30am. Fellowship will friends and family will follow in Fellowship Hall.Arrangements are being made by Moore Funeral Home, Southlawn Chapel, 9350 E. 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74145. 918.663.2233.

Those wishing to donate in Sara's memory may designate it to the First Baptist Church Building Fund, Tulsa, OK. Please pass this along to those who wish to know. Tom Prater

I hope you will join me in remembering this family in prayer during this difficult time.Regards to all, Georgia

Saturday, September 8, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Sept. 8

Received this message about Sara Helen (Chapman) Prater:
Pat (Banks) White sends: Carole Lamberson got a phone call from Tom Prater last evening [must have been Friday?] that Sara condition was going down hill ~ she is in very grave condition. Everything has been removed from her including the ventilator and they are keeping her comfortable. A check with Tom this morning ~ about the same, except breathing is getting more shallow. We need to keep Sara in prayer for freedom from pain and a comfortable transition. Pray for comfort and peace for this wonderful family as they wait for the end of a beautiful life.

So very sorry to hear this. Sara is a dear lady but unfortunately has had serious health problems for some time. Sara is LHS class '52.

Also, so sorry to report the loss of another of our teachers. A.B. Norman, 90, passed away Aug. 21 in Longview, TX. A Memorial service will be held Sept. 15 at Woodland Hills Baptist church in Longview. Mr. Norman had retired after 31 years teaching in LPS and was living in Longview with his wife Mary Jane and daughter Janie, both of whom survive him as well as a son Terry.

Mr. Norman taught at Central, I remember him well and took from him in 7th. What was it, science? He was a rather 'stern, no-nonsense' kinda teacher but very likable. Below is a picture I took of Mr. Norman and Craig Pierson (who I had for English in 7th). This picture was taken outside at Central. I understand that Mr. Pierson committed suicide some years later. Sad. He was a nice guy.
We girls thought he was real cute!!!

Always hate to pass along bad/sad news but knew classmates would want to know. Please join me in keeping both these families in your prayers.

Don't forget...LHS News is being archived at <>
And check out the new Lawton High School Alumni Association - link from the Wolvernet blog or <> They have memberships, T-shirts, more!

A quick, heavy downpour here this morn, gone, sun peeking through, humid. OU on the field and TV. GO SOONERS - beat Miami! (they did)
Regards to all.....Georgia

Thursday, September 6, 2007

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Originally sent Sept. 6

Country star and Warner Brothers Records recording artist Blake Shelton [on Wednesday] presented Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry and Project Rebuild with an $100,000 check to assist Oklahomans impacted by recent severe weather and flooding. Shelton recently hosted the second annual RAINDANCE concert in his hometown of Ada to raise money for Oklahomans in need. Just as he did last year, Shelton donated the proceeds to Project Rebuild, a public-private partnership of state officials, faith-based organizations and trade associations that builds and repairs homes for disaster victims.
Blakes dad is LHS classmate 'Dickie' Shelton.

So sorry to hear of illness but so glad all is going well...this from Dean Henderson, '57:
"I'm just now re-surfacing into the real world after a week long hospitalization and it was really nice to see your newsletter. I had a quadruple bypass surgery last week at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital in OKC. I had 95% blockage is 2 vessels, 70% in another and 50% in another. That is one fantastic facility. It is the place to go if you have heart treatment. The doctors, nurses and the whole staff are just terrific. I guess I'll sit around on the mend for the next 4 weeks or so."I know all join me in wishing Dean continued improvement in his recovery. btw...Dean lives in Enid and his email is if you would like to wish him well.

Last Call: TWO events: Friday night, Sept. 14, class 1952 will meet at Fireside Mountain Restaurant, 2102 NW Cache Road, 6:00pm...reservations not required; each pays for their own; meet in private room reserved; and this is 55th Reunion of '52 Class. Saturday night Sept 15th, Luau Reunion for LHS Classes of '49, '50, '51, '52, Museum of the Great Plains, 601 NW Ferris Ave. 6:00pm social hour and 7:00pm dinner; reservations required and deadline was Sept. 1.
Can contact: Jo Riley, 224 NW Northwood Ave, Lawton 73507...dress Hawaiian style (or not).

Some had asked about the 'wall' at LHS that was to be built and you could purchase a brick with your name, date of graduation, etc. YES, [some] wall is up. I was told it is located on the east, by the cafeteria. AND, you can still purchase a brick or bricks, which will be added to those already there. A work in progress.
The cost is $30 per brick, each brick has two lines with 15 spaces per line, the form had been on the LHS web site, was removed, but in talking with LHS today, they are going to upload the form to the site this week-end.
Go to: <> Not sure which 'link'? Check under 'alumni'? You can also pick up a form at LHS.The school said they will be sending 'completed and paid forms' to stone mason the end of September or first of October, so if you want yours in this batch, do it NOW! Will also be able to do later.
btw...I will be attending the reunion on 14-15th with Bill and I will bring some of the forms with me.

FLASH - the WolverNet is here! Guys, technology is wonderful! I know just enough to be dangerous. I have created a new blog for the LHS News I send. It will not take place of LHS News that you currently receive but will be used to file/archive previous news sent and will allow for access should you want to go back and re-read any LHS News. I am not sure about pictures yet? May be able to host them, maybe not. I doubt in any large number?

The blog also has links to other LHS news/resources - right now the new Lawton High Alumni Association and the Lawton High School site. can make comments. However, do remember, any comments you make on this blog will be read by any and all who visit the, as the line goes in the movie GREASE ..."keep it clean"... I don't want to have to edit you! haha!

PLEASE continue to send any news to me and email addresses for any who want to receive the news. I will continue to send news and then 'archive' on the blog. Hope you will take a look & do let me know what you think: <>

Please feel free to forward to any you think would be interested. I hope you ENJOY!

Sooners play Miami this Saturday in Norman - 11:00am.GO SOONERS! WIN!

Fall is in the air [kinda] here in the 'home town'....yea! Georgia

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Aug. 31

Several students from LHS - classes much later than ours - have stared an Alumni Association. They have met, adopted by-laws, etc and there are dues to 'join' this association. Not sure of all the ins and outs but am providing link to their website for you. I think there were plans at one time to include Eisenhower grads as well? So, check it out if you have interest. Its just getting off the ground. < >

btw....annual LHS vs Eisenhower football rivalry at 7:30pm tonight, Cameron Stadium.

A note to give you an update on Daniel, our grandson. His first surgery went well but has been very painful for him. He will leave Sunday to have his second surgery on Tuesday. He will have two more surgeries after this one. It is amazing what they are doing to reconstruct his nose. He is not a very pretty sight and does not want to go out in public right now, but once they cut the skin from his forehead that has been pulled down to his nose, I think he will feel better about it all. He seems to be taking it all in stride, a true Marine. His time is up in October and he will leave the Marines with three purple hearts, one NAM award and a new nose. Another note of interest, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary today.
Lou & Barbara Green - Lou is LHS class '57, their grandson was injured serving in Iraq.

This update from Marilyn (Gordon) Smith - class '57:
Wow! those were awesome pictures. Did you notice all the guys had on white shirts and way today. I think it must have been 1955, that's the year we all discovered Elvis. I wonder if the "Scotty" in Elvis's band is Scotty Moore who, I think, was with him forever. Thank you so much sending these.....I love to see the pictures. Also, wanted to let you know that my daughter Karen is doing really well. She is still having headaches, but they think that is probably part of the healing. She can't drive for another month, so I am doing her running for her. I got cards and e-mails from people I hadn't seen or heard from in years. That was such a wonderful surprise. Thanks for keeping us all in touch with each other. Marilyn

Georgia, here is my Elvis story, I was in the Army in Germany in early '58 when Elvis came over on the USS Randall. I worked in the Company Commanders office and received a copy of Elvis’s Military Orders because we had several soldiers on the same ship. I still have a copy of those orders today locked up in my safety deposit box.. Even though Elvis was just a regular soldier in the 3rd Armored Division( a jeep driver for the company sergeant), he lived off-base in a house in Friedburg Germany with his Grandmother and Father. One of the soldiers in my outfit, the 503rd Aviation Battalion of the 3rd Armored Div , was in Basic Training with Elvis and knew him and took me over to see him one Saturday. He met us a the front door and I was in awe all the time we talked. I asked him about Delores Hart who had starred in a movie with him. (She was sooo gorgeous). He said she was just a bookworm, no real fun to be with. ( Delores later became a Nun and I think is still alive and still a Nun). We got to talk a long time. While we were talking at the front door, there was a Ricky Nelson record playing in the background. A pretty girl came up and put her arms around him ( not Priscilla) and told him he had to go…darn it.
Later I met his Dad and took some pictures. I returned by myself several weeks later and got several autographs which unfortunately I sent off to girls I was writing to at the time. He left in a small convertible with red upholstery. I got some pictures of him leaving in the car. We talked about getting together to play touch football but it never happened.Anyway, I still have the few pictures I took of him and his dad, the house he stayed in and a copy of his orders to go to Germany on the USS Randall. Of course I still have all the memories from the two times we met.Reese Russell - '56

Kay (Kimball) Scott, '56, wrote to tell me that 'blog' is short for web log!! I learn all the time!!!!

Ran into Ivalou Gilliam Friday. Ivalou is class '58 & I asked if anyone was working on their 50th coming up NEXT year! She said not that she was aware class 1958...?????

Several of us had a wonderful visit and lunch yesterday.....myself, Suzanne (Jones) Crawford, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith, Carlana (Fitch) Murray - up from Texas - joined classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs at Salas and had a great time. Jerry lives in Africa and is in the states and 'home' for a visit. Heard from several others who wanted to join but are traveling or at vacation destinations. Jerry & hubby Ron are celebrating their 30 years in Africa and hope to be able to return to the states at least once a year now. Jerry says they still 'love' it and have no plans to return on a permanent basis to the states. Jerry is such a great gal!! Always a joy to visit with her.

btw....some of you other long time 'eat-at-Salas' persons may remember Rita (Salas) Collins. She was one of the daughters of Salas founder Viviano Salas. Rita passed away this week in Dallas. Rita worked at the restaurant different times over the years and I used to visit with her. She was 65. She is survived by a younger sister, Emma Lou in Atlanta. A memorial mass at Lawton Ritter Gray at 7:00pm this (Friday, Aug. 31) evening.

I'm sending this also as a lot of you may also remember Lawton businessman (insurance) Harry Morgensen. Harry, 79, passed away Wednesday evening - had a heart attack while fishing in his tube over near Indiahoma. Harry was a personal friend as is wife Kathleen. He was major sportsman, gun-enthusiast! Such a surprise and so sorry for this loss. Only info at this time is that services will be on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Hope all of you have a great holiday week-end!!!! I will be away from my computer until Monday put the 'news' on hold! haha! .......Georgia