Wednesday, December 26, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent 12/24

Just a few little tid-bits.....

I had an email from '59 classmate Ken Gross.....he lives up Norman way. He has talked with Jerry Morgan several times and says he is improving overall but still having vision problems. Jerry, you are probably reading hang in there! We're all rootin for you!

Also an email from '59 classmate Allison Woodard who lives down Texas way. Allison said he retiring the first of the year after 43 years with Raython. He & wife Susan plan to stay in the Lucas area, very active with his church and his 8 grandkids! btw....all those grandkids are 6 and UNDER! Don't think Allison will be sitting still very long if at all!!

[due to LHS News].... we have been able to keep advised of all our classmates and the happenings in Lawton. We have been Okies for over a year now, and continue to enjoy being back in our home state, after 38 years of traveling around with the military. We will be celebrating our fifty years of marriage on the 30th of December, and so many didn't think it would last, We are blessed with two children and two grandchildren. All of them will be with us for Christmas and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival tomorrow. Again thank you and we pray God will continue to bless you in 2008. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Gary and Retha Lassetter (living in Mustang)

Email from '59 classmates Ben Ansley down in FL & Wade Harrison here in home town. More '59-ers, Dick Densley up in WA and Ed Adams over in Poteau send me great 'stuff' all the time.
'58 grad Carmen Chandler emailed from snowy CO.

Tom Jackson used to be a reporter for the Lawton paper. He moved to Ohio several years ago but still writes a Monday column on computers and all related to computers and 'sites'. Tom & I were friends when he was here and have remained friends since he and his wife moved. Bless todays Lawton Constitution - Dec. 24 - he has done a great 'article' about the Wolvernet web site. I had no idea he would print most of the info I sent him, but I do thank him so much for the great publicity. I hope more will have opportunity to enjoy the site. If you have access to Lawton paper, its page 5-C.

It's a sunny 65 and just a gorgeous Christmas Eve in the home-town. Well, this Santas' break-time is over so I'll just say..."Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!" Georgia

Saturday, December 22, 2007

......LHS News......
originally sent Dec. 20

I learned that Dr. Robert Weedns' heart bypass surgery was postponed but did take place on Dec. 12. An email from a cousin was sent to me & the cousin expressed that he was doing well, most things 'normal' and re-cooping under way. That was last info I had. Weedn is married to '59 classmate Julie (Ashlock).

I was out of town on Tuesday and had a phone message when I returned. Geneva McIntosh had called to let me know that '59 classmate Jerry Morgan has gone home from the hospital. He is doing alright but Geneva says it will take some PT and time for recovery. I know we all wish Jerry all the best. If you would like to send Jerry & Sybil (wife) a card, their address is: 7501 Newberry Road, Ok City, OK 73141. Home phone is (405) 771-3398.

btw......Blake Shelton continues with NBC's 'battle of the choirs', last night on Thursday.

My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife ask, "Do you know her?""Yes," I sighed. "She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up all those many years ago and I hear she hasn't been sober since.""Unbelievable, " says my wife...."who would have thought a person could go on celebrating that long!!"
There really are two ways to look at everything!!!
(with thanks to '59 classmate Dick Densley)

HO, HO, HO! It's going to be pretty hectic the next few days so I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas. So many have emailed, sent cards, to say 'hello' and to say good things about the 'news'.....I've enjoyed them all and I thank you so much.

Here is link (thanks to '59 classmate Ed) to a very special Christmas song....just for you!!!!!

Hope Santa is x-tra good to you and yours....... Georgia

Thursday, December 13, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 11

I overlooked this earlier.....So sorry its another loss.....Katherine Price Smith, 91, of Lawton passed away on Dec. 8. Katherine is mother of our '59 classmate Nancy (Smith) Baumeister. Services will be tomorrow Dec. 12 [Wed] at 10:00am, Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel here in Lawton. Nancy and her husband Howard live in Lawton. Sympathy cards may be sent on line at: <>

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 11

I'm so sorry to report the passing of D.A. Givens, 95, of Lawton. D.A. is the father of '59 classmate Rex Givens and Dee Givens - class '55 - and father-in-law to '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens - Dees' wife. Mr. Givens had been ill for some time especially after the passing of his wife some months back. Services will be tomorrow - Wednesday, Dec. 12 - Boulevard Congregational and Christian church (55th and Gore) at 1:00pm. Visitation is scheduled today [Tues] at Whinery-Huddleston Funeral Home, 10:00am - 7:00pm.

Sharon (Slagle) Meyer - class '61 grad - and husband Lt. Col. (ret) Alan, celebrated their 40th anniversary Sunday, Dec. 9. Alan is originally from MN. Major congrats!

I was told that '59 classmate Julie (Ashlock) Weedn's hubby was to have heart bypass yesterday [Mon] in OKC. I know we all join in wishing him well and adding him to prayer 'list'!!!! They live in Duncan. Will let you know if I can get update.

I thought you might be interested in a look at B & B in Medicine Park. I drove out there last Friday. Was a beautiful afternoon....took a look around at everything. Beautiful fall 'color'. If you haven't been to Medicine Park in a while, its changing...for the good! Lots of improvements and projects under way. Permanent residents. It was always a 'neat' place. Even more so now!

For those not living in state, as of Monday, all 77 counties in Oklahoma have been declared in a 'state of emergency'. Ice everywhere, almost half million without power. A few deaths due to weather. Most in the harder hit areas of Tulsa & OKC. However, some in Lawton were without power Monday afternoon including one of my brothers who lives in area of LHS. No power at Tulsa airport on Monday and all flights cancelled there and most at Will Rogers in OKC.Streets were clear in Lawton on Monday but trees, anything outside, coated with ice. Unfortunately, more forecast for this evening and Wednesday before blowing out of state. Supposed to be gone by Thursday. Hope so!!!!Actually, raining straight down this morning, melting the ice, thunder/lightning, but not sure what evening will bring!!!??

Stay warm....regards.......Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 7

Have gotten definite word on former LHS teacher Pearl Jo Uhland. In Lawton Constitiution obits Thursday morn. Mrs. Uhland passed away on Nov. 10 in Sioux Falls, SD. There will be a memorial service this Saturday, Dec. 8, at Lawton Heights Methodist Church here in Lawton, 2:00pm. Sympathy cards can be sent to the family at <>.Mrs. Uhland was originally from Pocasset and came to Lawton and began teaching at LHS in about 1943-44-45? She taught literature and was a librarian until retiring in 1985. She is survived by a daughter and two sons.

I received this note from Roy Sullins. As you recall, Roy was involved in a terrible car accident back in October."Please tell all of our friends that I am now home and that I am doing OK. I believe that after a couple of more months of re-rehab I will be back to almost normal. I do appreciate all that everyone has done for Sue & me.THANKS TO YOU ALL."

I talked with '59 classmate Jerry Morgan last Sunday and he sounded good. He is still having some dizziness and trouble standing but hopefully all will come together soon.Geneva (friend) let me know today [Fri] that he is still in the hospital, takes therapy several times a day, and its going well, just going to take time. His wife Sybil stays with him at night. He is in room 247, you can call him direct if you would like: (405) 486-8247. He really enjoys hearing from friends.

Please join me in keeping all those with health problems in your prayers!

Seems wedding bells may be ringing (or already have) for Ebb McDuffie and Elaine McDuffie....?

Also, wedding bells did ring for Sue (Burton) Jenkins back in September.

I had a great lunch this week with longtime friend Shirley (Brittain) Crumpton Russell. Shirley is class '58 and we have been buds a long time. Had a fun visit and 'discussion' of what happened to who and when!!!! Shirl lives in Lawton but seems we are always so busy and have a difficult time getting together. Gonna change that in New Year! Make lots of time for friends near and dear.

I have been told the LHS Class of 1953 is planning a reunion for July of 2008. I will be getting details and will send as soon as I have them!

And, no details yet on class 1958 - 50th Year Reunion next year, but, it's a reunion in progress!

Its count-down till Christmas......its a busy and hopefully fun and enjoyable time of the year for all of you! Regards to all.......Georgia

Friday, December 7, 2007

......LHS News......
Originally sent Dec. 1 keeps coming in!!!!

Jerry Morgan was moved to a private room on Friday, but later in day, things changed & he was moved again...this is latest from Geneva and I really appreciate her keeping me/us posted...this is combination of three emails from Geneva:
Jerry Morgan has been moved to another room near rehab. Room #247,
(405) 486-8247. He still not able to stand by himself and still has a headache. Keep him in your prayers.Looks like might take awhile for him to be up on his own. He is able to talk. I was so glad to be able to talk to him. Tonight [Fri] when I talked to him, his words sounded a little slurry, but that could be he was tired and under medication. He does enjoy hearing from his friends. Afternoon sounds like best time to call. You know how hospitals are, they like to get all the test and therapy out of the way as soon as possible.

I had a real nice email from Mike Wyant, class '57, out in CA....he has been back in hospital, had three stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. He is recuperating at home and feeling much better now. Two of his daughters were in the recent fire hazard area, one had to evacuate because of the fires and Mike had to get what he could in a hurry out of a home he has in San Diego county. Fortunately, the fires missed them and no one hurt. Mike did send this 'request'.......
Please ask our friends to have some special prayer for Caralee Everett, LHS 57 grad. She went through chemotherapy for cancer this year and had to miss the reunion in June. The doctors thought they got it all, however, some more has shown up. She is now changing addresses and I don't know her new one yet, but if anyone wants to send her a greeting, they can send it through me at and I will forward it to her.

Correction....Marilyn wrote to tell me she missed typed...if you want to help...its Hospice of SWest OKlahoma NOT SEast Oklahoma...!!!

Thought some would remember and might be interested.....a book out by Frank Rush, lll. 400 pages, 200 historical photos of Craterville Park and Sandy Lake Park. If you are in Lawton, the book is supposed to be available at Ramons, Museum of Great Plains, Sadlers Book Store, Meers Store, Howard Council Saddle Shop, Trading Post at Cache or you can order from Frank Rush lll at PO Box 810555, Dallas, TX, 75381. Book is $25.00 which includes tax and shipping if you order by mail. Contacts are (214) 725-6727 or email:

Weather humid, warm, should be pleasant in San Antonio. OU and Mizzou scheduled for 7:00pm (CST) 2 hours and counting (that's 120 minutes Oklahoma time). Anticipation and excitement are building!!!! Bill has the TV warmed up! I have stew/cornbread and apple dumplings on hand to nourish the 'arm-chair' quarterbacks! (7:00pm - CST). I know Johnna (Gordon) and Wayne Parks are field-side in SA. They drove up and met some of their kids from here. Granddaughter Brooke is an OU cheerleader! And, I do know Dick Densley has snow falling (WA) but he has goulash, cornbread, and mince pie to keep him warm! OK......We're fixing to kick-back & EAT! I mean....ROOT for the home team!

Regards to all........ Georgia