Friday, July 31, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent July 28

Very sorry to report the passing of Sherryl Diane Lewis, class '62. Sherryl passed on June 18 at Norman where she had been living for the past several years. Sherryl is sister to Michael W. Lewis, class of '57.
I know our sympathies are with this family.

We have several classmates recovering from injuries....
LaJune (Givens) Lewis, class '54, fell the first part of July and broke her hip and collar bone. She has had surgery, is doing alright but recovery and rehab may be somewhat slow. LaJune is sister of Keith Givens.
If you would care to send a card or make a call of encouragement LaJune will probably be at this facility at least another month: Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation, 910 Midwestern Parkway, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
Phone: (940) 767-5500. Rm. 112

Also, '59 classmate Marilyn (Lewis) Smith broke her wrist. She is managing and getting better.

And another '59 classmate, Dan Glascock, fell last week and broke a bone in his hand!!! He had surgery this past Thursday, pins inserted, a cast that looks like a 'hockey mitt', and 4-5 weeks of re-coop/mend.
Marilyn and Dan chalk these 'problems' up to....'being this age'....when all starts falling apart!!!! They may be on to something!!?

Still more broke 'parts' as Sara (Leister) Bridges fell this past week-end and broke a leg which was surgically repaired on Sunday. She is doing 'ok' at this point.
I know you join me in wishing all these classmates a speedy recovery!!!

Another great article by Herb Jacobs in Sunday Constitution (July 26). Sundays article titled - 'Lawton High's 1962 Athletic Success Amazing' - talks about '62 being the year LHS won five State Championships: basketball, football, track, girls tennis, and baseball and became "the year Lawton High School earned the nickname 'Home of Champions'." (may have to disagree with Herb on that point....LHS has always been a home of champions).

Names jumping off the page ...Wes Hamm, Scott Long, Bill Thomas, Bill Fargo, led by basketball coach Ken Bridges earned the first and only basketball championship!

In girls tennis, coach Jack Spears leading Judy Waid, Mary Ann Ashlock (her sister Julie was class '59 and also a player), Lexa Carden (sister of Lance, '59), Shirley Stanley.

In track, coach Jim Phillips, names of Vincent Johnson, Mike Kiesewetter, Ken Sullivan, Bill Thomas, Jim McCracken, Jim Hamilton, Richard Chapman, Ed Oelschlaeger, Al Joern (sadly, recently deceased).

Baseball under coach 'Bo' Bowman: Pete Dosser, Dick Tannery, Scott Long, Steve Spaulding, Byrl Hunt, Ton McCord, Jimmy Dean, Don Reichle, Joe Rodriguez.

Bob Bodenhamer coached his football team to victory with: Bobby Booth, Gene Cagle, Ed Oelschlaeger, Ken Sullivan, Scott Long, Wes Hamm, Mike Morgan, Doug Kemper, Jim Abercrombie, Jim Matthews.

In addition, in that 1961-62 season like none other......Cameron won the Junior Rose Bowl and Lawton Eisenhower opened and quickly became a major player on the state front! Good read and lots of LHS 'sports history'.

LHS class 1974 will host their 35th reunion this September 4-5. They have two busy days planned including football game, after game mixer, golf tournament, Sat night event at Museum of Great Plains.
For details and info, contact:Bonnie Guzman: Debbie (Dayton) Duggar: Judy (Joyner) Dial: Debbie Hunter Chavez: and Julie Shelton McGee:

Sharing a great picture taken recently of two gals of 1960 visiting in the 'home town'. (above).L-r: Carol (Barnes) Glick and Marilyn (Thompson) Seely.

From Lawton, America...........Georgia

Saturday, July 25, 2009

......LHS News......

Originally sent July 20

Sorry to report the passing of LaDoyce 'Dockey' Killian, 56, of Lawton. LaDoyce passed July 14 and grave side services were held July 17 in Lawton. LaDoyce was a 1970 grad of LHS.Survivors include a son Eric and a daughter Rachel.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Two really good stories in Lawton paper by Herb Jacobs who writes 'Where are They Now' in the sports section: Sunday Constitution July 12 (page 7 C) features a story by Herb on the Pepsis: a Lawton based semi-professional baseball program formed in 1966. Lot of names you will recognize. One that jumped out..".....Oscar Pickering, a Lawton High grad who was drafted by the New York Yankees. Pickering was also a cornerback on Cameron's 1961 Rose Bowl Championship Team."
I had opportunity to visit with Oscars daughter a few months back. She commented that 'people' had contacted her in regard to her dad with plans for news articles/stories. Cute girl with Oscars big brown eyes!
Oscar was '59 classmate and sadly is deceased.

And in Sunday Constitution July 19 (page 6 C), great story on '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens and her outstanding career in tennis and golf. I really enjoyed the article and a lot I didn't know. Jacobs summed up my good friend very succinctly: "Shes still competitive and still hard to beat."

While at clinic in OKC recently, visiting with those getting 'bionic' parts, a casual conversation with a nursing assistant led to mention of 'Lawton'. Turns out, the young lady is Beth (Pike) Jackson, '77 grad of LHS. Had a nice visit about people we knew in common. Small world dept!

This note from '59 classmate Rex Givens:
The Museum [of the Great Plains] and a committee called the Historical Lawton High Committee has formed a group to work on a "small museum" in the original Lawton High/Junior High building [Central]. They are looking for items relating to the years 1911 through 1954. They mainly need photos of the interior, a varsity letter jacket, combination locks for lockers or any other unusual item. They have plenty of yearbooks. The items can be brought to the Museum by contacting Jim Whiteley or Debbie Baroff at (580)581-3460. If you could put this blurb in one or more of your newsletters/emails, we would appreciate it.
PS They are also looking for donations to help with the cost of doing the room.

Also good story on this very 'project' in Sunday Constitution July 19.
While they seem to have plenty of yearbooks, I still have people ask from time to time for old yearbooks. So, please re-cycle if you have yearbooks you don't want! Don't toss - Let me know!

Plans for the Class of 1959 - 50th year reunion are on track and going to be fun this Oct. 2-3. 'We' want to cordially invite any of you from 'other' years to be with us if you would like - love to have you! Just let me know and I will get the info to you as to time, location, cost, etc. Hope to see you!!!!

A group of LHS gals got together for a lunch/visit on June 5 out at the Old Plantation at Medicine Park. I appreciate Glenda (Doan) Stanton for sending pictures of the event. And especially for putting the names on them!!
I am posting two (above). Others Glenda sent will be on the blog soon.

First pix, l-r: Claudette (Taylor) Burch; Barbara (Newman) Hamilton; JoLynn (Ansley) Kramer; Glenda; Margie (John) McMahan; Mary Lynn (Marler) Winham; Patsy (Cox) Butemeyer; Pat (Mitchell) Burnett.

Second pix, l-r: seated: Frances (Tafolla) Ballard; Rae Ann (Best) McDonald; Jean (Edgemon) Contway; standing: Patsy (Cox) Butemeyer.

Regards to all......Georgia

Friday, July 17, 2009

......LHS News......

Originally sent July 11

Funeral services for Richard Michael 'Mike' Wilkerson, 74, of Lawton, will be Monday July 13, 2:00pm at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel. Interment to follow at Highland Cemetery. Visitation with family on Sunday July 12, at the funeral home chapel, 4:00 ~ 6:00pm. My Bill has known Mike since 1946. Mike will be missed by many.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

I received this info on yet another passing.....Al Terry Joern passed last Sunday, July 5, in Montreal, Canada where he had lived for many years. He was a track star at LHS, graduating in 1964. (later correction: graduated in '62).He gave up his medical practice some years ago due to health problems. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son, and his parents, Al and Dimple Joern. Per his request, there was no funeral service.

Visited with Bill Stamps and Sharon a few days ago. Bills mom - Gents - fell and broke her hip. She is doing 'ok' but rehab may be a long process. Bless her, she just turned 90. btw...she is also mom to Sue. So hope all goes well.

The girls of LHS.... DO have fun! Some 14 met at Burgess Grill last week for great visit and burger!!! From class '59: Babs, Nancy, Suzanne, Sally Beth, Janice, Linda, Joan, Janice, moi, Marilyn, Susie, and Beverly from FL. Also joining from class '60 were Carol (Barnes) Glick and Marilyn (Thompson) Seely - all the way from Hawaii. Larry Thompson was the lone LUCKY guy in this harem!

And, speaking of get togethers....this from Carroll (Hankins) Porkorny, '54.....To All: At the all school reunion on April 18, some from '54 talked about a trip to Arizona (Sedona), near the Grand Canyon. If you have interest, here is info: WWW.SEDONA.ARIZONA.COM

DATE: OCT, 13, 14, 15th, 2009 HOTEL:BEST WESTERN - RESERVATIONS BY 9/13/09PHONE:928-282-3072. It is reserved under Lawton High School Reunion.If you need more information, please feel free to call or email: Janice (Hanes) Brummett: H phone 623-566-9094 or Cell: 623-326-9184.Carroll (Hankins) Pokorny: H- phone 703-491-7213 or Cell: 703-216-8813.
Sounds fun and ALL welcome!

Check out Milo Wyatt (above)...'water skiing' at 16 months! This darling baby is first great-grandchild of Johnna (Gordon) Parks and Wayne. He is son of Brady and Becca Wyatt, grandson of Todd and Liz Wyatt. Milo is off to a very good start...he was born on MY birthdate in 2008!! More of Milo at: <>

Weather is here, wish you were I write, 107 ..... Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent July 10

I received word this afternoon that Richard Michael 'Mike' Wilkerson, 74, of Lawton passed this morning, July 9. He is husband of Joey (Johnston), class '53, and brother-in-law of '59 classmate Janey Scott. Mike is class '53. There are no details on funeral as yet but will be under direction of Ritter Gray.
Guest book at: <>

Also received word of the passing of Charles William Becker, 62, of Sterling. Charles passed July 5. He was LHS class of '65, attended Cameron, and went on to teach at Central Jr. High. He also worked for Halliburton and MAPCO.He is survived by three sons, Don, Jay, and Raymond; two grandchildren; a cousin Jim Corrales, class '64.
A memorial service will be held this Saturday July 11at the Holy City in the Wichita Mtns. 7:00pm.
An extended obit and guestbook at: <>

Sorry also to report the passing of Lucille M. 'Lucy' Davis, 89, of Lawton. She passed July 1. Lucy was originally from Chickasha but moved to Lawton with husband Randall Davis & co-owned and operated the Davis Shoe Store from 1936 - 1970. I remember Lucy well as in later years she ran the shoe department at the Parisian at Cache Road Sq. She is also mom of LHS classmates, Leslie Davis, class '57 (deceased) and Rosa Mae (Davis) McFarland of Norman, class '56. Services were in Lawton July 6.
On line guest book at: <>

Well, I guess Wade Harrison wins the prize for having changed the least! Many recognized Wade from the 'who is it' picture I posted in last news. Those commenting..."it's WADE"...included Larry Ray, Ernest Godlove, Karen (Choney) Culloty, Pat (Sheppard) Holcomb, Sam Joyner, Suzy (Gill) Salas, Ernest Godlove, Reddy Johnson.....Ben Ansley had the funniest comment...."looks like Wade with all the wrinkles ironed out."
Good to hear from all of you. Obviously the picture is in grade school, not sure the year, but Wade is a Washington School alumn.

Had great email 'hi' from Reddy Johnson. Reddy is a professor at the University of Maryland (Japanese literature and Buddhism), but says she is going to retire from the teaching part soon. She stays in touch with several Lawton friends and classmates. Great to hear from her.

Folks, I have a back-log of great LHS/classmate pictures. Don't despair! Coming soon!

Pat Holcomb joins those who have new parts. Pat recently had knee replaced and says it's "going great".

Charles Darling is also recovering from recent back surgery and doing great!

Suzy (Gill) Salas is home re-cooping from a knee procedure, also doing well.

Glad Ed Harp is back with his great 'Golden Wolverine' newsletter - aimed at class '54 - but with other news too! If you want Ed's newsletter, email him at:
In fact, in some back & forth with Ed today, got a great picture of Phil Carson and Claude Cox. I don't know Claude too well, but I grew up going to church with Phil. (yes, he is MUCH older). Good to hear they are both doing well.
Note the picture (below).....relaxing looking over a LHS Lore! Doesn't get any better than that!!! Well, maybe?

Reminder: LHS class 1964 reunion July 17-18.Friday is a Roll-Out-the-Carpet-Social at the VFW Post 5263, 8:00pm to 12 midnight!Saturday is an Alumni Mixer at Mike's Sports Grill, 517 E. Gore, 7:00pm to 12 midnight! Cost is $35 per person sent to Shirley (Stanley) Hedrick, 243 Fox Fire Road, Lawton, Ok 73507;

Guys...the home town is HOT!!! 106 today, said heat index put us at 113. felt worse! Whew! Come on snow!

Regards to all.........Georgia

Thursday, July 9, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent July 3

Once again we have several who will be new to LHS News. WELCOME! To let you know, previous 'news' is archived at blog with other LHS items of interest + pictures! Enjoy!

So sorry to report the passing of several LHS grads.....

Harold Leon Rodrick, 57, of Paradise Valley Community. Mr. Rodrick passed June 24 and services were held June 29 at Apache. Harold is a '70 grad of LHS, attended Cameron, with degrees in business, math, & PE. He taught and coached in several towns and several schools including Tomlinson and LHS in Lawton.He is survived by his wife Janis (Buttram) and three daughters.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Coy Wilton Suttle, Jr., 84, of Altus. Coy passed June 30. He was born in Guthrie but graduated LHS in 1943, served in the Navy, married in Lawton, & moved to Altus in 1948. He is survived by his wife Oma Marie (Gentry); two daughters; brother Lester.
Services were held July 2 in Altus.Online obit and guestbook at:

Also Passing, Vivian Garnette (Wilcoxson) Waller, 103 of Lawton. Mrs. Waller died June 27. Mrs Waller moved to Lawton about 1935. She taught in the Lawton school system many years starting at Emerson Grade School & later she taught 8th grade English. She was 1923 High School Girls Doubles Tennis Champion for Purcell High School. She had a very interesting life and a lot of accomplishments. I would encourage you to take a minute to read her extended obit. I did not have Mrs. Waller as a teacher but I do remember her. She is survived by a son John of Norman.
Services will be Tuesday July 7 at First Baptist church, 2:00pm. Burial will be at Highland Cemetery.
Obit and online guest book at

Stona and Bobby Spradlin's son Matt has just released a comic book - "Bad Kids Go To Hell". Bobby says....."It's a horror comic based in an exclusive private school. The art is spectacular. It's being shopped now as basisfor a movie. The signing was a madhouse . The books went like wildfire. He's taking it to the national show, Comic Com in San Diego in a couple of weeks. Distribution is set up with several hundred stores."
Bob says Matt owns the book, wrote the book, but did have help with the art work!
I tried to mooch a copy but Bobby said even he didn't have guess I'll have to wait for the movie. Bummer!
Bobby is class '55. (see pix above).

Bobby also sent this great bit of info:

"I not only remember Bill's nickname, I remember Donnie Ramos who said he remembered it. I use to strike Donnie out every time he came to bat in little league baseball. He may remember that differently.

Another thing, Mitch Braley said that he thought Dick Bullock was the coolest guy on the OSU campus. Now, I will admit that Dick was and probably still is a pretty nifty guy. But, Pete Burton,Bill Drewry, Preston Holsinger, Bill Irwin, Paul Tate, Jerry Babbitt, Tom Ashmore, Phil Ashmore,and I were all ensconced at the Sigma Nu house during that time. Talk about cool. Well, kinda cool. O K , maybe Dick was the coolest guy on campus .
None of us had a full length raccoon coat.

'59 classmate Bob Winstead in visiting with his sister Debbie over Altus way, had opportunity for a stay at the Quartz Mtn. Lodge. Bob says the Lodge is a "nice, cool place" and he recommends!
I have attended some functions there and I agree with Bob! If you haven't seen it, check it out sometime. Beautiful area, fantastic facility!

Jim Reynolds sent a PS......
"Hearing about the Lawton Giants baseball and the guys who worked the concession stand and sold "ice cold soda water" and hot dogs in the stands, brought back many memories. My brother Bobby and myself did that for several years and the next morning I would pick up all the coke bottles in the stands and under the stands sort them by brand. ALSO, the grandstands and press box were built by my father, Robert H. Reynolds. He would never let Sonya work there. Jim."

Wise man Mr. Reynolds......hahaha!!!!

'59 classmate and dear friend Johnna Parks had successful hip replace on Wednesday. And, my dear little brother George had successful knee replace Thursday. At this writing, both still in hospital in OKC. Just a few doors from each other. Doing well so far, but both having 'pain'. Both should be home by Saturday. Now comes re-hab!!!! They should be able to kick some major LHS hinnie soon! haha!

I had opportunity a few days ago to visit with Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert. She was back from Houston after a check-up. They have discontinued her chemo but she is taking radiation once again. She was her same sweet, thoughtful, self. Always a smile on her face and she is very excited about a new grand baby due end of July!

FYI: Bill caught 24 more 'cats' last week. 5 in a short evening fish and 19 next morning. Lawtonka! I didn't take a picture of these....seen one...all look same! hahahahhaaaa

A friend of mine found a picture in a box of 'stuff' and we decided to play....."who is it"?? A classmate and grad of LHS. Do you know? On the back of the picture he wrote his name in pencil with the words...."the one and only". Love it!

I hope you will join me in keeping those who have lost loved ones and those with health problems in your prayers and also pray for our Nation.
Wishing you all a fun but safe 4th! American Tradition! God Bless America!