Wednesday, August 26, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 25

I had just sent previous news when I received word of the passing of Gene M. Dodson, 81,of Lawton. Gene passed on Monday August 24. He was a grad of LHS - although I am not sure of the year - and he attended Cameron.
He married Judy (Shanklin) in 1951, Judy passed in 1996. She was sister of Bob, Jerry, Jack Shanklin.
Gene is survived by three sons and their wives and families.Services will be at 1:00 Thursday August 27, Centenary United Methodist church Activities Center, Lawton.

Extended obit and guest book at: <>Again, so very sorry for these losses.

......LHS News......

Originally sent August 25

I am so saddened to report that we lost Dorothy A. 'Duffy' (Hankins) Gilbert, 67, on Monday morning, August 24, due to extreme complications of cancer. Duff has put up a brave fight with cancer since 1993. We will miss her sweet, smiling face and her always positive attitude.Friends Preston & Sandy Holsinger and Beth Garrett were with Duff the last couple of days as were Duff's daughters, Kelley and Kara. Both girls work and it has been noted how 'generous' the girl's bosses have been in allowing the girls whatever time they needed to be with their mom these past few years.Duff was a '60 grad of LHS and attended Cameron. Duffy is survived by the daughters, her sister Susan (Hankins) Ellington, four grandchildren, and numerous other relatives and friends. Duff was preceded in death by her husband James 'Jimmy' Gilbert, who passed in 1989, and her parents Ned and Veda Hankins.

Services will be at 11:00am this Friday, August 28, First Christian church in Lawton.

Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Also passing, Kenneth Lee Calhoun, 44, of Lawton was killed in a [single vehicle] jeep accident this past Saturday night. Kenneth is an '82 grad of LHS. He is son of Lenin and Georgia (Moralez) Calhoun, class '62; cousin of Sharon (Godfrey) Nottingham McLawhorn, class '64.

Kenneth is survived by wife Marriane (Mackey) twin 14 year old daughters and a 16 year old son.

Services will be at 10:30am Thursday, August 27, at Becker Funeral Home Chapel.

Extended obit and guest book at: <>

I know our hearts and prayers will be with these who have lost loved ones.

Susan (Hillis) Mackey fell in her yard last week and broke her shoulder. She is...hanging in there!I'm tellin is the new place to meet and greet! Although Sara (Leister) Bridges is now out of rehab and home waiting on that broken leg to mend.

From the eMail bag:
Some additional recollections about the infamous 'dome' at LHS/Central......This from Murdoch Matthew, '49.......

"You ask, What?s going on with the dome? As I remember, in the 1940s it was just decoration, nothing in it. I think there were joists across the opening, but no floor. I don?t remember a way to get into it, but there was a long ladder up to a trapdoor onto the roof, so you could look through the little windows to the inside. Quite a view from the high school roof ? nothing taller anywhere around.The top floor of LHS was then mostly an unfinished attic. There were only two classrooms, Mrs. Snow?s chorus/music room on one side and a small room on the other where I took art classes one summer. The one time in my life that I played hooky, I hid out all day in the attic. There were screens over ventilation vents over the porch, so you could look down between the columns onto people on the steps. (No cafeteria then: Mrs. Tackitt?s class was the lunch room for people who brought theirs.) I found a lot of old printing plates for yearbook pictures, scattered on the floor on the music room side."

And, from Bob Kinniard, '54.....

"Reference the dome. When I was going to Lawton high, I was in the attic several times during high school The dome was below the roof as well as above. It extended below the roof about 8 to 10 feet and about 8 feet above the attic floor .[remember, I was a teenager and had not received the practical education of a adult which means my estimate of footage is probably not very accurate ].It had a ladder type stair going up into the room from the attic floor . Naturally I had to look it over. In the room which was round with vents above the roof line and below, were four metal pipes sticking above the room floor. These pipes went to the four outside perimeters of the building and tied into risers from the rooms down below. If you remember, all the rooms had a high and a low vent on the inside wall. It appears that the dome was part of a natural ventilation system for all of the classrooms. I hope this clears the mystery of the dome."

Seems to me....the city could make some extra $$$$$$$ by offering tours of the DOME!

Girls of '52.....Jane (Lacy) Ard, Robin (Alford) Adams and Marcille (Burns) Covey, and Pat (Banks) White had a luncheon get together at Red Lobster in Lawton on August 19th when Robin drove through on her way to her daughter's in AZ.

The girls of '56 are travelin' again. This time to the east coast to join Connie (Lassetter) Johnson at Emerald Isle, NC for a long weekend of catching up, lots of laughter, eating out, cooking, and domino playing. Myrna Kay (Langley) Daley, Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs, Barbara (Waid) Shelton and Kay (Kimball) Scott made the trip. (pix at top).

Regards from the 'home-town'...........Georgia

Sunday, August 23, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 19

Sorry to once again have losses.....
Randolph 'Randy' Stephen Specht, 57, of Edmond, passed August 17. Randy was valedictorian of his LHS class and National Merit Semifinalist (not sure year he graduated). Attended OSU and received law degree from Oklahoma University College of Law. He is survived by wife Renee (Lobodinski); a son and a daughter.
Service will be 2:30pm on Thursday August 20, New Covenant United Methodist church of Edmond.
On line guest book at: <>

Also, M/Sgt. Retired Jimmy Dale Bennett, 74, of Lawton. Jimmy passed on July 21 and was buried July 24 with full military honors at the Ft. Sill National Cemetery. Jimmy was not an LHS grad but he is brother of '59 classmate Tommy Bennett; '61 classmate Roy Don Bennett; sister to '62 classmate Kay (Bennett) Ray; also sisters Bobbie Joyce Owens and Letha Mullins.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

And, Velma (Nagel) Brown of Mustang, OK. Velma passed on August 14 from complications of cancer. Velma is survived by her husband of 52 years, Doyle; a daughter and 4 sons.Velma was LHS class '52.
Online obit and guestbook at:

Jerry Houghton, hubby of '59 classmate Joan (Lee), is home & recovering nicely from shoulder surgery a few days ago.

Dee Givens, class '55 and hubby of '59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk), is doing well, recovering from recent open heart surgery - repair of a valve!

Another 'golden 50th', this time Opal (Wiley), LHS '52, and Ronnie Thurman! Major congrats guys!

I am hearing from a lot of LHS grads....this past week, several great emails with a lot of 'memories' from '49 grad Murdoch Matthew. Going to be passing along some of his memories but here is an update on Murdoch......
"I've been wondering about old classmates. I graduated LHS in 1949. I had worked at KSWO radio in high school, and joined Channel 7 for three years after it went on the air in 1953. I did the afternoon "Kids Corner" program in 1954 and 1955, live and in black and white. This was before color and video tape recording. I moved to Enid and KGWA radio in 1956, which station was owned by the same people as KSWO. I got into publishing in the 60s and retired in 2001 from Random House Childrens Books in New York City where I was a copy editor. Now involved with Democratic politics in Queens, where I've lived since 1990. I wrote [Lawton Constitution] a letter when my old journalism teacher, Vanita Lee, died at age 104, but don't know if they printed it. I've made a life's living from what Miss Lee taught us."

LHS Classes or '49, '50, '51, '52 Annual Reunion Dinner, Saturday, September 26, 2009, The Event, 1001 SW A in Lawton. Social hour beginning at 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm.Hors d'oeuvre catered by classmates; BBQ brisket dinner. Cost $18.00 per person. Paid reservations must be received by September 12. Late fee of $5.00 per person after that date.
Mail your remittance asap to:Jo Riley, 224 NW Northwood Avenue, Lawton, OK 73507For info: (580)357-7157; or, (559)718-6735.
*Western attire optional; casual definitely!

Class of '59 - 50th Reunion set for October 2-3 is moving along nicely. Reservations are brisk and remember deadline is Sept. 5. If you need information or reservation form, email me!

NOTE: I have placed a new 'feature' on the Wolvernet blog. Directly under the Alma Mater on right hand side. It is LHS Reunions (that I am aware of). Contact person for particular class is given.

Regards to all...........Georgia

Monday, August 17, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 12

I have had some inquiries from classmates of 1961. They are expressing interest in getting a newsletter or blog or some type of 'communication' going for the '61 class. If you have interest in doing me and I can point you in their direction.

From the eMail bag:
Have had a couple of great emails from Dave Johnson, one of my Bills classmates of '52. Dave & wife Martha live in Broken Arrow, OK. He had successful heart by-pass this past December. He sent some great remembrances of school days and cousins who were classmates of some of us. Cousins, Allen Johnson, Reddy Johnson, Mikel Johnson, Eddie Johnson (sadly, deceased) as is Charles Johnson.
He mentioned having Mrs. Waller as a fourth grade teacher at Emerson and he remains friends and in contact with several local classmates including Sara & Ken Bridges, Jane (Lacy), Pat (Banks), and Ralph Purvis in Texas.
One of his 'most favorite' memories is of the 'boarding house' that was located in the 600 block of B. This is before school cafeterias. Dave jogged Bills memory........Bill says, starting with 7th grade and going through about freshman year (until some could drive & had a car to go to a drive-inn or elsewhere) lunch, Dave and my Bill and numerous other of the kids at the High School/Central Jr. High would head out to eat lunch there. Bill says they ran like h-e-double toothpicks to see who could get there first to get a seat.
Lunch was served 'family style', all you could eat, and cost .65 cents! They later raised it to .75 cents! Bill said all the football boys ate there & they had boarders living there by a couple named Williams (no relation). Bill says it was 'great'!

"Just a note to let you know, after taking it easy for 8 weeks after back surgery, I am hard at work packing and throwing away 17 years of 'extra stuff' I have acquired at my present house. I have sold my house, and September 1st I will leave Lawton and go to McKinney, Tx to stay with my son, Mark, for 2-3 months. I am currently building a new house at Frisco Lakes, Texas, which is a Del Webb Active Adult Retirement Community built around the shores of Lake Lewisville. My house is located near the 11th hole of the l8th hole golf course. My grandkids are looking for a lightly used two-seater golf cart to "jazz up" for me, so if anyone has one for sale, let me know.
The OU-Texas Football game will take on new meaning for me when I move. I will look forward to receiving your LHS News along with the latest happenings in Lawton." Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley, '57

Certainly wish Mary Ann good luck....but gotta wonder who she's gonna root for..!!??

It's a golden 50th (August 7) for '59 classmate Geraldine (Greenlee) Bay and hubby Daymon (pix below). They live in Lawton. Wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations!

I have someone looking for a 1954 LHS Lore......if anyone has one they don't want, let me know! Thanks!

I know that Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert has been having a really 'rough' spot and I am sure she would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers.

A hot summer continues in the 'home town'........Georgia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

......LHS News......

Originally sent August 2

Sorry to report the passing of Billy Charles 'Bill' Hankins, 81, of Redlands, CA. Bill passed July 30 and private interment services will be held in California. Bill was a 1946 grad of LHS.
He was a 20 year veteran in the US Navy, serving in Korea and Vietnam, later working civil service at the San Diego Naval Station Supply Depot until retirement in 1980. He is survived by two sisters, Dorris and Evelyn and a brother Wayne.

And, more 'new parts'....'59 classmate Jack Atkins had a shoulder replace/repair recently. He is doing the PT and mending nicely. Isn't modern medicine wonderful! Think how much pain we would have if couldn't get new parts!!!

As Lawton celebrates it's 108 birthday.....this 'invite' from Doyce:
'We' are going to be in Lawton, America Friday, July 31 and stay until August 9 to attend the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, celebrating Lawton's Birthday. We will be set up on the east side of the arena, so if anyone comes out, just tell them you are with the "BEN-ORA GROUP" in the back. We will be riding in the parade and Grand Entries.
We will have anything you want to drink as long as it is KEYSTONE LIGHT, maybe some ice water for the ones that don't touch the hard stuff! Looking forward to seeing all my relatives and hoodlum friends. We started this for "Lawton Centennial in 2001", had so much fun we kept having it. The Bands lined up,and if they get tired, I'll have the Jukebox on ready so let the fun began. Everyone welcome!!!!! The Rodeo is August 4-5-6-7-8. I plan to be at the Lake the other days. Your friend, Doyce Grayson BE THERE-----BE THERE-----BE THERE

The wild blue yonder just got wilder! '59 classmate Larry Ray is taking flying lessons! Wife Suzanne sent the pix (below) of Larry (in forefront) and friend Bob Horton. Buckle up and pass the parachutes!

A friend sent a link to a blog belonging to 1961 LHS grad Doug Loudenback. Loudenback, living in OKC area, has a lot of info on the Wichita Mtns, Medicine Park, Craterville, etc. Worth a look at: It will link to another site or:

Clink the 'ME' link at top for more on Doug. Great sites!

FYI: On Thursday, Johnna Parks and I visited the current exhibit at the Comanche National Museum. Most enjoyable. Beautiful art work in various medium by artists of Comanche heritage. Some names we recognized: Barthell Little Chief, Rance Hood, Doc Tate, and others not as familiar, but all very nice work. If you have interest, this exhibit runs through August 31. Museum is directly behind McMahan Auditorium here in Lawton.

For all you fisherpersons out there, thought you would appreciate this info.
Recently caught at the Ft. Cobb Reservoir, flathead catfish, state record - 66 pounds - caught on a jug line! And,
record crappie for Keystone Lake in June - 3.7 pounds. State record is 4 lbs 15 oz from a farm pond in Kingfisher County in 1991.
If you don't know your fish very well...those are BIG crappie! Unfortunately, Bill didn't catch either of these!

LHS class 1979 will celebrate their 30th reunion with events scheduled for August 7-9. They will also celebrate with classes of 1979 from MacArthur and Eisenhower. For information, check this link:

If you would like info on the class 1959 - 50 year reunion, email and I can send it to you via email.

Regards to all........Georgia