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......LHS News......
Originally sent September 27

We lost another of our truly Golden Wolverines with the passing of Cecil W. Lockwood, 83, of Lawton. Cecil passed on September 23. He was LHS class 1945. He married Wanda Lee Totty in 1953, she passed in 2009.
Services will be Tuesday Sept. 28, Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel, 12:30pm, burial with full Navy honors at Fort Sill National Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.beckerfuneral.com/

Also passing Edward Hamra, Sr., 94, of Lawton. Mr. Hamra passed on September 25. Originally from Henryetta, OK, Ed came to Lawton in 1946, married Lenore Massad in 1949 and they opened Edward's Men's Wear in downtown Lawton in 1954. He is survived by wife and children who are our LHS classmates: Eddie; Judy Bodenhamer (married to Coach Bodenhamers son); Robert; Lynda Ramming.
Friends may call from 6:00pm - 8:00pm Monday (today) at the funeral home; services will be Tuesday Sept. 28, at First United Methodist church, 10:30am.
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.grayfuneral.com/

I know our sympathies are with these who have lost loved ones.

From the eMail bag:

Two items from Murdoch Matthew on '49 classmates:
1).On Saturday, July 17, Molly Nichols (now Ruth Roulston) gave her Harry Potter lecture at Wizard World in Orlando. Molly is an expert on the Harry Potter books. She lives in Ft Lauderdale.
2).Bert Click has spent the past couple of months roaming northern California looking for US Census holdouts. He was so good at it, they kept him on after most of the census work had been done.

And then Bert sent me a picture. Above.

"I recommend a great article inspired by the author's 30 year high school reunion that appeared in today's Parade. Glad that Peggy Elledge [Long] enjoyed the photo of her Lawton Brave boyfriend. Maybe that will make up for getting kicked out of her class my senior year."
Gale McCray

btw.....I read the article in Parade - Sunday Sept. 26. Good article on memories stirred by school reunions and changes in people over the years! Parade is the little supplement magazine that comes in most Sunday newspapers.

Mitch Braley, '57, came up from Texas week of Sept. 15 and came by to pick up my Bill bright & early & they headed to the Wichita Mountain Refuge where they attended the annual Longhorn (calves) auction on Thursday. Then they headed to Rush Lake to fish, it was closed for repairs to the dam so they pressed on to Jed Johnson where they had NO luck. But Friday morn, again, bright and early, they headed to Lake Ellsworth & picked up Bills fishing buddy Kenneth Gunkel - a retired veterinarian - and they caught a lot of catfish! Mitch took the fish to significant other - Marilyn (Gordon's) - moms here in Lawton and they had a fish fry!
Great to see Mitch, he was doing well and stays very busy! He & Bill had a fun time and Mitch got some great pixs, one of him and Bill above.

The LHS class 1961 is already organizing and making plans for their 50th Reunion next year - 2011. To HELP, get info, call (580) 536-2344; go to classmates.com.

And, class 1955 and 1960 BOTH have reunions coming up quick - week-end of October 8-9. Contacts and details on the blog. At the right this page.

My Bill, '52, and I attended the classes '49 - '52 annual get together this past Saturday night. Good turn-out, lot of visiting with friends, fun evening! Photos and more soon.

Regards to all from the home town where cooler temps have perked everyone up! Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent September 14

Last week my computer was on the fritz, now seems my brain was on the fritz!
It is Luther & Barbara Greens grand-son who received the Marine Medal & Commendation.
Also, I apologize for spelling Ellen Ewings last name wrong...it's Jahnke in case any try to find her.
And, Ron Sheffield is class '58, not '57!
I am a baaaad girl! Will try to do better!!!

This next week-end....is classes '49- '52 Annual Reunion Get Together. Deadline has passed so if you have not responded, do it NOW. Jo at jolinriley.lovemuch@yahoo.com, (580)574-8150 or Tommye at tomehobs@gmail.com, (559)718-6735.

NOTICE: Just received: Nino Martinez has offered to make prints of any photos of classmates that will NOT be able to attend the class 1955 reunion coming up Oct. 8-9. These photos would be on display at the reunion. Deadline is September 25 for those wishing to participate, send photos to Nino at: Hope I read Glenda's writing correctly!!
Also, for those who are attending, need to forward your check NOW! $25 for Saturday lunch at Medicine Park or $30 for dinner Saturday evening at The Fairfield Inn. Or can do both for $55. Call Barbara Richards at 972-294-2352 for or email:
Other information about the reunion is posted on the WolverNet blog:

Class 1970 held a joint 40 year reunion with EHS last week-end. My brother Tim Gill - LHS of course - attended and said it was a really good turn-out and fun event. That's all I got from him!!!!

At the Ike-MacArthur football game this past week-end, both sides of the stadium were filled with pink for cancer awareness and donations were being collected to give for cancer research.
Also, during the half-time show, the MacArthur band, under the direction of Larry Hatch, played the Eisenhower fight song to honor the memory of our '59 classmate David Lucas who passed August 30. David directed the EHS for many years. What a great tribute!

From the eMail bag:

"The last weekend of July [2010], there was a reunion of a group of girls (class '57), that ran around together in '56 and '57. A couple of them hadn't seen the other girls in 53 years. Attending were Deanna (Paramore) Manning, California; Ann (Preisch) Fatum, Lawton; Sherry (Harper) Taylor, Norman; Linda (Cooter) Allred, Irving TX; Carolyn (King) Jacobsen, Plano TX; and Eu(genia) (Matthews) McClellan, Plano TX.
Glennelle (Stinson) Dixon, Arlington, TX was ill and couldn't attend as well as Paula (West) Brenneman, Maryland, whose husband was ill.
We met at the Hawthorne Extended Stay Suites in Dallas on Friday afternoon and departed on Sunday before noon. We had a great time, played cards, looked at old pictures, talked about old times and boys, ate, had an old jewelry swap (each brought old jewelry, laid it out on a table and everyone just took what they wanted.) Linda took all the jewelry left over and gave it to her neighbor who goes to Africa once a year on missionary work. The African women love to get jewelry. On Saturday, we went shopping at Sam Moon's and then to a fine Mexican restaurant in Irving for supper.
It was so great to get together that Sherry has volunteered her home for us to get together again next summer."
Genia McClellan, '57
Photo above - l-r: Linda, Deanna, Genia, Carolyn, Ann, Sherry.

I (heart) the idea about the jewelry swap. Gotta try that girls!

"Well, here we are in Kiev. Flew here from Minsk in an old Soviet Tupalov wide-body (4 seats on one side, 3 on the other). The only saving grace, the Minsk soccer team sat in front of me! Will take city tour in private car tomorrow and a river cruise Friday. Kiev is a bustling city of 3m. Traffic is awful! When I got over the civil idiots and the visa fee (420.00) I really enjoyed the city. Saw no graffiti. Gorgeous mink hats and cheaper than Minsk." Dan [Glascock, '59]

Marilyn (Lewis) Smith has just returned from NYC where she attended - and spoke - at a Memorial Service for our '59 classmate Stephanie (Lester) Beatty who passed last May 30. Marilyn said it was a lovely service and good to see Stephanies husband Ed and Stephanies children and grandchildren.

"I almost chimed in with everyone who wrote about memories of bingo at the Vaska, Ginger Prince and the "Lawton Story", Sally Rand, and 4th of July fireworks at the Drive Ins. For many years my dad set off fireworks on the 4th for his friend Mr. Hankins who owned Hankins Drive In on the south side of Lawton. All this nostalgia has set off lots of reminiscing. Thanks for sharing. "
Claudia [Looney, '59] Davis

"Tommy Stapleton along with Dick VonderHar coached out 1955 American Legion baseball team, The Lawton Colonels. In the picture of the Lawton Braves, I think Dick is the one on the left of the top row. I don't recognize Tommy in either picture.
Marvin Blaylock, who played first base for one of the Lawton teams, I think the Giants, was the organist at the ballpark in Little Rock where the Arkansas Travelers played. The Travs were the Class AA farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals back then (1970). He did that for years but I believe he died sometime in the 90s. His cousin worked for us in our office."
Mike Keeran '56

Don't think Peggy (Elledge) Long will mind if I share her memories.....
..."my heart fluttered when I saw the pic of the Lawton Class AA team...my friend Kay King and I went to those games for several summers with her folks who even took us to out of town games. We had such fun..not sure which years they were...but the catcher, Bob Dudley, and I had many dates..and he came to my folks' home for dinner when he was available. He is the handsome dark haired young man on the right in the first row of the first pix. His dad was a Film Editor with big-time credits in Hollywood. Think he went to Hollywood High or Beverly Hills High and was still in college (?) when he played here. We corresponded a lot after he left...then as things go, lost touch. Never could resist those baseball players, you know!!! Baseball is still one of the great loves in my life."

btw....Peggy is still very busy recording 'oral historys' of LHS past grads for the archives at the Memory Room/Museum in restored Central/LHS building. Will be a great part of LHS history for generations to come.

Our LHS remains 'Home of CHAMPIONS' as the Wolverines are City Champs (football). Means they beat Eisenhower and MacArthur. Think the Wolverines are unbeaten but it's early in the season, now they hit the road. One chorus of "we're loyal to you Lawton High"......please!

And how 'bout them SOONERS! BOO----MER!

Regards to all.....Georgia

Sunday, September 19, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent September 14

Guys, my computer has been on the fritz so finally back up with everything (I think) working again! Will be getting lot of comments and news out....

Very sorry to report the passing of Sharon B. (Countryman) Foster, 67, of Lawton. Sharon passed on Sept. 5. Sharon attended Whittier grade school and graduated LHS in 1961 (I think). She is survived by husband Ernest; several children and numerous siblings.
Services were Friday Sept. 9 with burial following at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, James Wilson Pair, 68, of Lawton. James passed on Sept. 6 and services were in Lawton on Sept. 10. He was LHS 1960 - or would have? May have dropped out as he married and joined the Navy. I know he was friends with some of class '59.
Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

And, Faye Carnahan, 89, of Lawton. Faye passed on Sept. 10 and services were Sept. 13. She is mom of LHS classmates, Wayne and Lou. She worked for LPS at Eisenhower Jr. High.
Extended obit an guest book at:

From the eMail bag:

Just received word that Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52, had quadruple heart bypass on August 26. She is at home and recuperating well. If you would like to send a card: 11700 N. Bryant, OKC 73131.

Also, Sara (Merritt) Coughlin, '50, was diagnosed with lung cancer last April. She has undergone treatment & will be having scans to determine her 'status' in October. She also wrote to praise the newest Proton Beam Radiation System that was used with her in Florida. She pointed out how wonderful it was and how fortunate we are to have one here in Oklahoma. Only 7 across the Nation. So happy to hear it is working well for Sara and we hope for her continued improvement.

Sue (Chalk) Briggs, '64, will begin chemo treatment this week as a prelude to a probable surgery in 3-4 months. She asked all to keep her in their prayers and I know others who are fighting illness would also appreciate it.

The class of 1960 has made a change in their contact, if you need info please contact Preston Holsinger at: (580) 483-5297;
Their 50 Year Reunion is set for
October 8-9.

"I've really enjoyed the stories about Lawton's professional baseball team. A very good book by Peter Pierce came out last year, "Baseball in the Cross Plains: The Story of the Sooner State League." They were the Lawton Giants from 47-51, Reds 1952-53, and Braves 54-57. Lawton was the only city to have the same franchise for all eleven seasons. Here's a photo of the 55 team that was given to me by Lucille Bohl. As most of you know, she and her husband Mundy were big baseball fans and the parents of Jim and Mickey. I'll send you another photo of the team when they were the Giants. The book is first class and cost $37.83, it's coffee table size, and can be purchased at: http://www.soonerstateleague.com/
Gayle McCray

Names are on back of photos but no order and can't tell who is who as I don't know them. Interesting, one photo taken by Hankins Studio and one by Brammers.

"I used to go to quite a few of the Lawton Giant baseball games too. I also remember being there one night when Mickey Mantle was there. Hard to believe he came to Lawton but it was one of their farm teams."
Virginia (Johnson) Shaw, ' 54

" -- I am so grateful to whoever submitted the photo of the Whittier Cardinals of 1948. A copy of it now hangs on my den wall. That's me on the top row, with the big ears, between Curtis Redecker and Bill Stratton. We were the City Champions in 1948, with the playoffs held at Mattie Beall Stadium (a regulation softball field with outfield fences).
I will never forget hitting a home run over the fence in the playoffs - the thrill of a lifetime which every youngster should experience. I did not play Junior High or High School baseball, as did several other of my Whittier teammates, because I took up tennis, as many will remember. I won the Boomer Conference Singles Championship in 1953, and won the doubles with Ron Ramming, Class of '54. I went on to play college tennis at West Point, and Ron went to Oklahoma A & M. We were reunited at the tri-class reunion two years ago, and had a nice long talk about the Boys'
Tennis Team getting to travel with the Girls' Tennis Team (a privilege which other boys' teams didn't enjoy).

-- Now a trivia memory about the Lawton Giants. There were two great young players on that team - Marvin Blaylock, 1st Baseman, a terrific batter who went, I believe, as high as AA in the pros, and Tom Stapleton, a utility player with blinding speed as a base runner. Tom worked at a men's clothing store (don't remember which one) and married a LHS grad (don't remember her name or which class). Maybe someone else remembers."
Donald R. Williams, Class of '53

Note: don't know where Stapleton worked but he married Beverly (Saffa) who's family owned Lucille's ladies store.

"Happy birthday to all of the grads of '64. This is the year we all get the same birthday present........a Medicare Card!"
Paul Porter, Atascadero, CA
btw...Paul is brother of Deanna (Porter) Redman, '56, who sadly is deceased.

And a Happy Birthday to Gordon Griswold, '58, who had this to say in email to a friend...."Happy birthday to me! I made 70 today. Can't believe it!"
I think on 9/11/10. Gordon lives in Delta, CO. Must be that pure mountain air!!

Luther Green and wife Barbara are rightfully most proud as their grand-son Dan has just received his Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Dan has been out about a year now and back in Texas!

I had a most fun and enjoyable 'reunion' couple weeks ago......I journeyed to Wichita Falls to visit with Ellen (Ewing) Jahnke, '58, whom I had not seen in many, many, many years! Ellen & I go way back to Opal Ford's speech class and the noon announcements we used to broadcast along with Dan Glascock and others! It was a fun time then and more fun now as we reminisced and shared memories. Ellen was doing great and still has her wonderful sense of humor. Time did fly! We plan to do it again soon and expand the party! btw...Ellen is sister to classmates Linda, '62, and Leigh, '56.

Sunday Constitution, Sept. 12 pg. 3-C, Herb Jacobs column is a good read about Benny Wiggins. He attended Swinney grade school and is LHS class 1965. He was in Lawton last week-end for a reunion. Benny is semi-retired and with wife Susan, living in San Diego.

Ron Sheffield, '58, (who engineered the Hubble Telescope at NASA) sent links to some beautiful posters that are tributes to the shuttles. Take a look:







Regards to all..........Georgia

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......LHS News......

Originally sent September 2

This is lot of comments and sadly losses....

So very sorry to have to report the passing of our '59 classmate David M. Lucas, 69, of Lawton. David passed August 30 in Farminton, NM. David & wife Ginny have gone to CO in the summer for many years. David had a stroke about a week ago in CO & they transported him out to Farmington. He was in rehab and seemingly on the road to recovery when he suffered a major heart attack. David & I and many others go all the way back to first grade at Washington. So very sorry to lose him.
Services will be 2:00pm, Saturday Sept. 4, First Christian church, burial in Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.beckerfuneral.com/

Also passing, Clarissa Maria (Wilcox) Tarrant, 64, of Lawton. Clarissa passed on August 31. She is a 1964 grad of LHS. Visitation will be Thursday from 3:00pm - 9:00pm at the Lawton Ritter Gray funeral home.
Graveside services will be 9:00am Friday September 4 at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guestbook at: http://www.grayfuneral.com/

And, Elizabeth Virginia (Robinson) Willeford, 55. Elizabeth passed on August 29 in Louisiana. She was an LHS grad.
Graveside services will be 2:00pm on Friday, Sept. 4 at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.whineryhuddleston.com/

I know our thoughts and prayers are with all these who have lost loved ones.

I visited with Dee (Vanderpool) Glass today. Dee is class '52. She is in good spirits and awaiting date for a cancer related surgery. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

A mixed bag from the eMail bag:

"The info in the August 30 News regarding the death of Ralph Wertz peaked my interest when you included the fact that he had been married to Virginia Zorger. Just last week, for some unknown reason, I was reminiscing about the years (mid-late 1940's) that I took dance lessons at the Virginia School of Dance in Lawton. Would that be the same Virginia Zorger? Three of us danced around the area billed as "The Three Tiny Tappers".
Rosalie (Thomsen) Mitton, '56

Charles Darling, '64, out Pasadena, CA way sent me an email telling me that he had seen ad for "Oklahoma-style barbecue served with love at Bonnie's B Smokin BBQ Heaven."
Charles checked it out...."Two sisters and a brother run this thing....which did evolve from their father's original concept for small barbecue locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. After he died the family moved to San Diego, opened for business and eventually wound up in Pasadena...opening just last December. I found the place filled with old fashioned southern hospitality, slowly smoked entrees with nice flavor, not too spicy, tasty side dishes and some killer cake I did not sample...being a model of restraint and all. A new business opening in this economic downturn is a daunting prospect. I wish this determined family the best of luck."
Charles didn't mention the 'served w/love' part!!!!! ahahahaaaaa.....

"Talking about barbecue sauce, does anyone know who may know the recipes for the barbeque sauces used at Clay's BBQ (was located on south second) and Vera's Drive-In (was on west Lee and later moved to south Sheridan Rd. in the old Mug Drive-In bldg.)? Vera's was operated by Hulen and Vera Tice, if I remember correctly."

"In reading your latest LHS messages, a Ron Hall (class of '55) made reference to two Smith sisters who taught school in the Jr. High. I looked in my LHS album and there were two "Smith" sisters --- Miss Bernice Smith who taught English Literature and American Literature. Also, a Miss Elaine Smith who taught English II and Speech I.
I am almost positive that I remember Bernice Smith dressing in pretty SNUG suits. These messages sure are making me remember a lot about my school days. Thank you!"
Jim Johns, '54

"I have enjoyed reading about the movie theaters in Lawton back in the day, and thought I would add my two cents. I once walked downtown one Saturday afternoon with fifty cents in my pocket.
I went to a double feature western at the Ritz. The admission charge was ten cents if you were under 12. After the movie, I stopped at Kresses and bought a comic book for ten cents. I then walked up to the Dairy Queen at 11th and B and got a foot-long hot dog for twenty-five cents and spent my last nickel on a root beer! Those were the good old days.
I remember the Vaska. They had bingo every Friday night after the movie. My granddad, Newt Pettijohn, hit the jackpot one night and won 500 silver dollars! I think the movie theaters in downtown Lawton back then were the Lawton, the Dome, the Palace, the Murray, and the Ritz. The three drive-in movies were the Austin, Mount Scott, and Hankins."
Duane Robison

"I remember the first 3D movie I saw in Lawton was at the Vaska, must have been around 54-55. I think it was an alien movie. Also, I worked at Austin Drive inn, selling tickets. I worked with Ronnie Poole. . I saw the note from Pee-wee Williams. Was that the basketball coach? Speaking of Drive Inn’s, Charlotte MaGill ( my steady in my Junior/Senior year) and I used to sneak in the Mt. Scott Drive Inn by backing in the exit !! We never got caught. Charlotte and I used to take our school lunch break and drive down on 2nd street to some hamburger place and we both had hamburgers, fries and a coke for a $1 total."
Reese Russell, '56

.....buy me some peanuts and crack-jacks....

...."thanks again for the many editions of LHS News. I remember very well the Lawton Giants baseball team. My grandfather, Earle Thompson, and I attended many of the games. One in particular stands out........the Giants ran out of pitchers.....a most unusual situation..... and the third baseman, hard throwing, Teddy Dracos (Drakos) was called upon to finish the game. I believe we lost in spite of Teddys effort."
Ed Hessler

"About the old professional baseball team in Lawton: They were later called the "Lawton Indians" and finally the "Lawton Braves". I think they lasted until about 1955. I also worked there selling soft drinks, hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, and of course cracker-jacks. Grover White and Jim Adams operated the concessions and I worked inside for them. I also chased foul balls that were hit outside the park. A policeman would give you a dime for each ball returned to him. That became very dangerous after a while. The bigger guys would chase you down and take the ball if you couldn't out run them back to the policeman."
Jerry Boucher, '59

"One of my earliest memories in Lawton was going to see the Lawton Giants play. My uncle, "Gus" Allen owned the Home Lumber Company south of downtown. He was part owner in the Giants and had
box seats at the ballpark. This was a real treat to a grade schooler! Of course I had no real concept of what it all meant".
Wanda Sunderland Smith, '55

"The Class D Lawton baseball team, the Giants, later became the Lawton Braves followed by the Lawton Reds. I believe that was the order. They played at Memorial Park. That is where LHS also played their home games until the new ball field was built on the grounds of the new high school sometime after I graduated in 1956. My buddies and I hung out at the ball park almost every night the team was in town eating snow cones and drinking pop. Some nights we went to Mattie-Beal (? sp) softball park on Ft. Sill Blvd instead. There was a Putt-Putt across the street.
Mike Keeran, '56

..."trying to remember who ran the scoreboard at the baseball park. my three favorite players were; gary anderson, third base, taught at central junior hugh; dan stanyck, center field; and lee freeman, catcher. tommy bennett, stu tonemah, larry thompson, james kerr and me along with several others used to shag foul balls for dime. I seem to remember the lawton reds and braves as well as the giants. Still remember the Mantle twins playing there with a visiting team."
Ed Adams, '59

"My dad took me to a minor league baseball game in Lawton -- very nice outing. I went to a few minor league games in Wichita, Kansas, too -- seats on the first base line. Nothing like major league -- when we went to a Cincinnati Reds game, we sat high in the stadium, far from the action. Different experience altogether.
I lasted about a week in Doe Doe Park's kitchen, making fish fingers. Went to a drier job at a Ft. Sill PX, working a cash register and building displays. I can still count change.
I remember the first McDonald hamburgers at 11th and Lee being 14 cents."
Murdoch Matthew

And, on the subject of America's favorite sport, above is picture of LHS grad Larry Massad, suited up for Cameron in 1964 after the baseball program was started up again.

"I used to live in downtown Lawton, in a apartment over Jabour’s, between Ben Stein’s and Hamra’s on D Ave. My senior year we moved on Ferris, out the South door on LHS. The city hall now was my old grade school, [Emerson] so many memories….My son works as a reporter for the Lawton Constitution, so proud." Sandy (Elliott) Rains, '63

Just fyi....my Bill and fishing buddy, Kenneth Gunkel, have caught over 100 catfish this past month/5 weeks. Already fried a bunch of them. Yummy! Mitch Braley is hoping to come up and go with Bill....soon!

Great memories. I will be laboring this week-end.....regards to all...Georgia

Saturday, September 4, 2010

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 30

Loss of more golden Wolverines:

Rosemary (Allen) Frink, 93, of Lawton. Rosemary passed August 28 in Norman. She was LHS class 1935, attended OU where she was a member of Tri-Delt sorority. She is survived by three sons and two daughters, numerous grand-great grand children. A memorial service will be held at 2:00pm Thursday Sept. 2, St. Andrews Episcopal church in Lawton.Extended obit and guest book at: www.havenbrookfuneralhome.com

Also passing, Ralph Leon Wertz, 92, of Lawton. Ralph passed August 25. He was longtime Lawton business man, LHS class 1935. He married Virginia (Zorger) in 1949, she passed in 2006. Services for Ralph were August 30.Extended obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

From the eMail bag:

Bobby Spradlin, '55, says his wife Stona just celebrated her XXth birthday! (I can't bring myself to divulge another females age)!!! Stona is a lovely person and hasn't changed in bit in all the years I have known her. Picture above is Stona in the middle, her friend Nancy (Klass) Medlock, '55, on the right and her daughter Sydney on left. Many happy returns Stona!

btw...she & Bobby will celebrate their 50th next March! That will provide a hint about her age! That's right - she's 51!

Bob Atkins, '57, and wife Jana have just returned from a vacation in Cancun. Bob reports they had a fantastic time sipping Banana Monkeys, (he said every hour is 'happy hour'), scuba diving, dancing the night away at CoCo Bongo, walking through Marked 28..."which I believe is one of the largest flee markets I have ever walked through. I saw everything from Cuban cigars to tacky gold jewelry, there was produce, and fresh fish along with all of the typical tourist souvenirs." They also rented a car and drove to Playa del Carmen and points on. They sent some great photos, I can't share them all so being a long time collector of El Dia de los Muertos, I'll share the pix of Bob with the wonderful life-size DOD figures. (above).

"Georgia, your e-mail's bring back a lot of memories of our childhood. One area not mentioned is Lawton's effort after WW II at professional baseball----Lawton had a class D club of the New York Giants ----The Lawton Giants of the Sooner State League. This was in 47, 48 and 49. What made me think of it was your mentioning Smokey Torbert, he worked as one of the concessions inside guys. Jimmy Herring, '53 and my self sold soda pop, and hot dogs in the Stands. Lawton had some good teams and would beat other teams regularly.

Wayne Kniffin, '52, also worked those summers----as I remember. At that time Jimmy lived across the street from your Bill in the 14 hundred block of D Street. The ball park was just east of Sheridan road and next to the rail road tracks."
John Amburgey, '53

FYI: my Bill's dad was part owner of the club and Bill spent quite a bit of time there...I think all will enjoy response Bill sent back to John:

"Johnny, Your memory is pretty good. After Smokey and others, Wayne [Kniffin] and I and Jim Warkentin worked the concession stand. R.A. Burt and others were pop boys. [they were younger]. Donnie Ramos was a batboy also. I guess that is where I learned to eat about as many hot dogs as my belly could stand and drink 6 or 7 soda pops a day. Jimmy and I learned to shoot craps using mills as money at our house at 1215 D. We probably knew as much about crap shooting then as I do now. Wayne lives outside Detroit, Michigan and I hear from him and his wife Judy ever once in a while. I will forward him this email. Maybe he can insert some things that he can remember."
Bill "Pee Wee" Williams, '52

"I was a grad in the LHS class of 55. I went to OU, got a degree in education and returned to Lawton to teach. I also served as a reserve police officer for Lawton PD and was called to extra duty the evening that the Murray theater caught fire in '62 (I think) and burned down the north side of "C" street. Another officer and I used a tire tool to break into Earl Drug store to salvage what we could just before the fire attacked the building. Not knowing anything about the value of pharmacies, we collected anything that looked like important records (prescription files, etc.), and stowed them in the trunk of a police car until the owner could be contacted. Can you guess who the owner was?"
Milton Simpson

Well, yes, as Milt knows, my Bill & his dad were owner of the drug store. Fortunately, most loss was repairable/replaceable as the files were saved. There was another fire some years later that also caused water and smoke damage. Both fires were arson, set a few doors down - east - by different people but both for money! No fire is good!

btw....Mike Wyant took some interesting pictures of the first fire and he was kind enough to bring them to us some years back. I have them on file....somewhere????

"I was amazed at the response to my ''How about the Vaska?'' after reading commentson the downtown movie theaters a while back. I made that comment because I lived close to the Vaska in the 50's. Now I see Nikki's comment re: Fairmont. My father, Lee Roy Lewis, was the retail sales manager for Fairmont at that time and I remember many early morning deliveries to homeswhere we actually would put the milk, and other dairy products, into the refrigerators in the customers home or just leave it on the porch. Those were times when you could trustpeople and not have to lock your house. Times have changed!"
Michael Lewis, '57

"I remember the Fairmont contest as my Dad worked for them. You would think my 2 siblings and I would have an "in", however, we did not. We had to collect them just everyone else. Actually, we were taught a very good lesson during that campaign. Loved going to the Vaska on Saturday mornings -- it always seemed like such a treat."
Sandy (Childs) Mead - class of 1965!!

"I've been enjoying your responses about western stars, Vaska and Ritz theaters, and I remember the fire at the Dome Theater. I was supposed to be home by 10 but I called and my dad was really upset and told me to get home right then! ...I remember going to the Murray theater and seeing LOTS of westerns and the Red Shoes. Don't think I understood it back then... I too have some signed photos that Mom took of Monte Hale, Bill Elliott, unsigned of Bob Hope, and I definitely remember being "afraid" to walk from C Street to D Street there on 3rd street. I'd go through Kress before walking on 3rd St. I'm sure all those fellas knew we were scared to death and just laughed and laughed.You mentioned the drive-ins today. I got to work there with one of my cousins Jonathan in the concession stand--he ran the film and I helped with pop and popcorn. Occasionally I'd get to wait on cars as they came in and get their change from the box where the tickets were. And, my sis-in-law Jane Lewis ran across a Hankins Drive In shirt several years ago at an auction and got the top bid for it! My dad nor Jack Hankins had the shirts when they ran it... Your emails bring memories back--just like they were yesterday. In fact, Dad got the drive-in just a little late, I think--TV just started coming out so drive-ins had a short stay."
Susan (Hankins) Ellington

"Just want to share a couple of thoughts. As I recall there were two Smith sisters who taught at Junior High. One of them had a beautiful body and she was inclined to wear tight fitting wool suits during the winter. To add to my adolescent fantasy she draped herself on the edge of her desk while lecturing. Also, it doesn't seem to be common knowledge that Joan Crawford spent a part of her childhood in Lawton. In 1908 her father had an open air burlesque house downtown."
Ron Hall '55

Have to say Ron....those are some thoughts! Can you remember what she taught Ron? Joan Crawford did indeed spend a little time in Lawton. It comes up time to time, especially in exhibits at the Museum of the Great Plains. An exhibit last fall featured writings and other 'artifacts' of 1912 LHS grad, Don Blanding. Blanding did the art work for the Lore that year, and later became a world traveler (Vagabond) and was a world renowned poet and somewhat of an artist or illustrator. The exhibit included several letters, and other 'mentions' of Joan Crawford. Blanding lived next door or across the street from Crawford on D street and was a friend. Talked about taking her to the hospital or the doctor when she fell and cut her knee. More than you wanted to know???

In regard to Don Yanceys question.....

"I could be wrong but I think the hamburgers were 20 cents and the cheeseburgers were 25. Maybe that's wishful thinking. I remember that first McDonalds had them for fifteen cents and that was low."
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman"

I believe hamburger in the basket was 35 cents at Wayne's in 1956."
Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley

"All these memories of Wayne's.. over the years I have thought of Lydia - the most patient carhop ever. I hope she knew how much she was appreciated. Has anyone mentioned her? She deserved a Purple Heart for all our craziness - hope she's not in a straight-jacket somewhere.I'm not sure about the price of hamburgers/sissyburgers/cheeseburgers but I do remember you could get a gazillion of the best ever French fries for $.20."
Judy (Ray) Outlaw
I remember Lydia! She married or was married to a ....Cole?

"I wanted to tell Don Yancey that we would get a Sissy Burger with fries for 35 cents. That was in '62-'63. Seems impossible now! Drinks were cheaper than that."
Janet (Burt) Terry

"If I had to guess I'd say a quarter -- maybe less, not more. I remember some 'upstart' hamburger chain - maybe Burger Chef - was able to advertise something like "World's largest ten cent hamburger supplier" only after McDonald's had increased their price to twelve cents. If you really want to know the actual number send a note to Jack Forbess (LHS '55) He has a collection of EVERYTHING and EVERY MENU that ever was. Before we all get too nostalgic about prices in the fifties, let us remember that it is the money . not the cost of products . that has changed. My first corporate salary was seven thousand dollars per year which was seven times minimum wage. Seven times today's minimum wage would be over one hundred thousand dollars. Dollars are rubber yardsticks. (Am I revealing more of my political/economic beliefs than you care to know?)"
John Waller

Well, I know I'm confused John! hahahhaha! Will send this news to Forbess (menu collector....hummmmm)....or maybe he already receives the news? I hope you are all happy! Now I'm cravin' a coney dog from WAYNE'S!

Emails from: Melvin Sexton; Ed Hesler; Mitch Braley; Ron Snyder...others sent 'memories' that I will share soon.I have received a lot of email in regard to the Easter Pageant and the movie that was made and will eventually get more of it together!

Regards from the home town. Georgia