Friday, December 30, 2011

......LHS News......
Originally sent December 30

Yours truly received an unexpected visit from 'Santa' on Christmas Day. No beard or red suit, but a gift none-the-less that I was excited to receive! Fellow '59 classmate Sam Joyner knocked on my door Christmas afternoon & presented me with a lovely, vintage, 8 x 10 glossy of the 'Big House' (name we came to call the house) where I and my siblings grew up - #1 Ft. Sill Blvd. He acquired it at the English auction recently. Sam was down from Tulsa to visit with friends and I so appreciate him taking the time to bring it to me. Love the picture, but good to visit with Sam too!

Opal (Wiley) Thurman sent some stories from her daughter who teaches in public!
Wish I could print them all but lengthy...suffice to say...not the way it was in 'our day'.

Snow....." It's really lovely :-) Neighbors have cleaned our driveway and walks for at least 2 weeks now, but we'll still be having a white Christmas as the white stuff is everywhere. Also, Happy New Year!"
Susan (Hankins) Ellington

Memories beget memories.....

"I remember the Old South or Cowen's Cafateria. My mother used to pick me up at lunch from Washington grade school, and take me to eat there. They had a nice large banquet room upstairs. Different organizations had meetings there. Virginia Zorger's [married name Wertz] Dance School often had students entertain for these organizations. I was in a dance group with Shirley Parker, Judy Guyll, and Pheobe Burnett. We were an acrobatic team. Judy Guyll was also a fantastic tap dancer."
Dorothy (Dawson) DeMoro

"Thank you so much for bringing old Lawton back to me, when I return I travel the old down district and think of the things that were. My family enjoyed the OLD South Cafeteria and really enjoyed another favorite, Wades Cafe on Second St. Mom and Dad would take is there on Sat. as a treat for cleaning the shop. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the Frozen North -10 degrees."
Bruce Knowles
btw......Bruce lives in Alaska

"My aunt worked at the cafeteria in the '50's as a cashier and lived next door in a little efficiency apartment. My dad and I would go to the cafeteria for dinner many nights when my mother worked late and couldn't prepare dinner. I loved the place."
Connie Pollner

..."You mentioned the English family in your last email. I went to grade school with Ellen and used to go to her house to play. We lived on Dearborn not far from where they lived. I guess this must have been when I went to Washington. I was always so impressed with that big white house and usually there was a maid there that would fix snacks for us. I remember one time we played school in her room or maybe it was just the playroom, but there were lots and lots of dolls all sitting out on the floor and they were the students. I'm sure Ellen would have graduated in 57 if she had stayed in Lawton. I never knew where she went to school when she left Lawton. Haven't thought about her in years. It's always good
to hear about people from your past."
Marilyn (Gordon) Smith

Doug Waddle Gerald, class '64, lives in Anchorage and recently had business reasons to be in DC. He wrote a great 'letter' about the experiences [fun part of the trip] he had and sites he visited. Wife was able to join him also. Seems he has business there every so often. His comments, sent to a third party, were very interesting and too long to use all here but will share this one....

...." one highlight of the trip, which I almost forgot to mention was that the first Friday I was there, singer Andrea Bocelli held a one night concert at the Verizon Center. The lead attorney bought a block of tickets to see his performance; between myself, the legal staff, and some of the experts, there were ten of us. Now I'm not an opera fan generally, but was completely awestruck by his talent."
Wow! Great trip indeed!

Also, emails from: (I know I'll miss someone).....Bill Gentry, Gordon Griswold, Luther Green, Peggy (Stockton), LaRue (Locke) Hogate, Wesley Best, Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman, Nino Martinez (think he found pix of '55 class ring),
Gale McCray, Paul Gross, Ron Jones, Mitch Braley, Mike Wyant, Richard Densley, Ben Ansley, Lewis Chandler, Dan Glascock, Randy Moncrief.
Always enjoy hearing from classmates!


Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, will be resuming chemo treatments next week for ovarian and bladder cancer. I visited with Dee just before Christmas and she was upbeat and hanging in there.
I know she would appreciate your prayers.

Very sorry to report the passing of Mary Sue (Grimes) Ott, 73, of Lawton. Sue passed on December 27 after a long battle with cancer. She was LHS class 1956.
She was preceded in death by her husband of 28 years, Col. William H. Ott, Sr., and a brother David Grimes. She is survived by a daughter Dana; a son William, Jr,; several grandchildren and extended family.
Services will be TODAY, 2:00pm Friday December 30, Centenary United Methodist church with burial at Post Cemetery, Ft. Sill.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I know our thoughts and prayers are always with those who have lost loved ones and those undergoing treatment.


Possibly last 'news' for the year and I want to wish each of you a fun but safe New Years eve celebration and a blest New Year in 2012.

Here is link to my fav rendition of the classic Old years to all. Georgia

Never a Christmas Morning,
never the old year ends, but someone
thinks of someone, Old Days,
Old Times, Old Friends.
Happy New Year ~ 2012!
......LHS News......
Originally sent December 23

This little 'elf' has been mighty busy as I'm sure most have... some comments concerning recently
sent items and few new ones.

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, 52, recalls that she and Nancy English met at a dance at Ft. Sill and enjoyed a short friendship before Nancy went east to school.

Frankie (Kurtz) Browning needs a [good] picture of a 1955 LHS class ring. If you can help Frankie out, please contact her at:

More little known 'news' about LHS classmates.....these two tidbits from Lewis Chandler....

#1. "Jimmy Hannigan and I slipped over the English fence one summer night and took a quiet swim. Probably around midnight. Someone else was with us, but it escapes me now."

#2. "Tommy [Nyrop] and I were going down Gore to the Catholic Church for a boy scout meeting one evening and Tommy demonstrated how far he could spit. He had a way of folding his tongue and then blew as hard as he could. I'd say a good 15 feet. He was pretty good."

NOTE: I spoke with Tom who didn't want to call attention to his talent! But did verify that he could indeed SPIT a long distance and had won several 'spitting' events back in the day!

Funny, all these 'stories and exploits' finally being told here in later years as we reach 'maturity'! True? You decide!

"Your mention of the Old South Cafeteria brought back memories of my childhood. My father had us in church every Sunday at First Methodist when it was just each of the Lawton/Central Junior and Senior High. So it was a big treat to get out of church and race down to the cafeteria. I remember the lines were clear out the front door and long. We developed a resolve that we had to beat the Baptists to get a spot in line.
I remember the old wooden chairs on the tiled floor. I remember my dad having to order for me. I used to love their blueberry pie. Gee what memories."
Bob Looney

"My mother worked at the Old South Cafeteria between '47-'52. As a latch key kid, I remember having some good, hearty meals on my mom's ticket. Sam, any chance of seeing pictures of it?"
Gene Morris

NOTE: Appreciate Sam Joyner for sharing his picture of the Old South!


Allen Dayton sent this information on Leva.....

Leva Mae (Cameron) Harris, 86, passed on December 4 at her home in Virginia.
She was a salutatorian of the LHS class of 1942 and worked as a teller at the Security Bank.
She is survived by her husband of 62 years, Doug; 3 daughters; 1 son; numerous grand and great-grand children. Extended obit at:

Funeral services were December 19 for Bobbie (Ketchum) Shaw, 83, of Lawton. She passed on December 16. She was LHS grad but not sure of year. Survivors include a son and a sister.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also, Robert 'Bob' Pierce, 89, of Lake Kiowa, OK passed on December 20 at a Gainsville, TX rehab center. Bob graduated LHS but do not know the year. He married the prettiest girl in the Senior class - Joyce Inez (Harris). She is deceased. Services were December 23 with burial in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton.
Bob is survived by 2 sisters; 3 granddaughters; extended family.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Pauline (Belt) Tannery, 87, of Lawton. Pauline passed on December 18 and services were December 21. She is mom of Dick W. Tannery, class '62 and Judy (Tannery) Podrecca, class '66.
Extended obit and guest book at:


So many have sent Christmas greetings via email and snail mail & I just want to say how much I appreciate it and enjoy hearing from classmates. I am happy that all seem to enjoy the news and I look forward to the New Year and hopefully most news will be good news.

I want to sent warmest wishes to each and every one of you for a very Merry Christmas with family and loved ones and a blest New Year!

Waitin on Santa here in the home town! Georgia

Sunday, December 18, 2011

......LHS News......
Originally sent December 6

Bruce Knowles wrote that temp around Thanksgiving - at his home in Alaska - was 17! Brrrrrr.....Hard to thaw a turkey!!!!

Major congrats to Jackie Yoast and his wife Priscilla Marie (Robertson) who recently celebrated their Golden 50th!

The news item on the English family brought numerous emails......I learned that Nancy (English) King passed in 2011. She attended Washington Elementary school & later went east to private school, but had she remained she would have been LHS class 1952.

This nice note from Dunnie "Moad" Anthony, class1960......

"I read with much interest your article regarding Nancy King. I volunteer for the Assistance League of Tulsa, and was orientation co-chair for 2 years. The Rev. Nancy English King was in the 2011 orientation class as a new member. When we found out that we were both from Lawton, we had much to talk about. Nancy was a very gracious and special lady...I enjoyed her company, and am sorry that I did not meet her sooner."

This from Jan (Rice) Grogan......

"She and I doubled dated a lot after she returned from Bryn Mawr. I lost touch with her around 1970. She was a kind and intelligent woman. I am not surprised that she became an Episcopal deacon."

And it seems the English swimming pool was place of interest in 'our' formative years....

" Nancy English was in my class at Washington Elementary so she would have been an LHS grad in 1952. At Washington we had a swimming party every year at Exall's house!"
Dick Neptune, '52

"We were best friends growing up and would see each other during the summers , since she went away to a private school. We had so much fun....her parents had a swimming pool so that was a real treat for me to be invited to her home."
Sameera (Hamra) Murad, '52

"......reading about Exall English, reminded me about the time Bob Ledford, Bill Baird and myself climbed that brick fence, and went skinny dipping in their pool one dark nite, summer of '56."
Luther (Lou) Green

Mercy! I know same thing happened at the Shepler pool was right across the street! I have names! Nope can't tell that story yet! Girls still hiding out! ahahhahahhahahha
Not to mention a (girls) skinny dip at Ft. Sill pool I've got to write a book!

On a personal note, we had an upstairs bath that faced Ft Sill blvd & we could get up there & see across the street to the swimming pool area of the English house. We only took peeks when parties were going on! haha!
I guess I can tell this now, my brother George - who most remember as quite incorrigible - raided the party sites a time or two after the fact & brought home 'bottles' for his 'collection'. They were empty! Or they were when he got home???!!!

Sam Joyner - lives in Tulsa - also attended the English auction and scooped up some great Lawton mementos: early pictures of Doe Doe Park, Old South Cafeteria, Easter pageant, first frame bldg in Lawton, the flood of 1904, couple other yearbooks. Also, a 'neat' letter that I will share soon.

Again, Herb Jacobs revisits the Lawton sports scene in days gone by. His Sunday column - 'Where Are They Now' - of November 27 - page 6-C, looks at years 1960 and 1961.
Many familiar names including: Preston Holsinger, Ron Hartline, Pat Hennessee, Craig Hadley,Hartwell Menefee, Larry Ferguson, Richard Chapman, Jim McCracken, Mike Morgan, Mike Metzner, Jim Hamilton, Ted Owens, Jimmy Dean, Mary Ann Ashlock, Lexa Carden. Others.

The #1 story for 1960....Camerons football team returning to Oklahoma Juco Conference and receiving an invite to Junior Rose Bowl.
And #1 story for 1961 - again, Leroy Montgomerys Cameron Aggies as they finished an undefeated season, beating out Bakersville, CA to win the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and the National title.
Good read and recap of Lawton sports history if you can get it.

Glen Thompson sent this link to a look at Lawton in 1964.
Lawton, Oklahoma - Downtown - Circa 1964 Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Remember....if you are a former Camp Fire Girl, you need to contact Connie (Conway) Martinez about a possible reunion in Spring of 2012.
1416 NW Lake Ave. Apt. A, Lawton, OK 73507; (580) 574-6601;

OK.....class 1962....your 50th reunion coming up - June 1-2-3 - and you need to get your info IN, plus, help is needed to locate 'lost' grads.
Please send names and e-mail or regular addresses to: Kaye (Thompson) McCarley;


Again, numerous losses.....

We have lost Sally K. (Hough) Cotner, 75, of Lawton. Sally passed December 3, she was LHS class 1954. She is survived by husband Daniel; a daughter and many extended family members.
Services are 2:00pm, Wednesday December 7, Blessed Sacrament church, burial at Highland.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also, Joyce Elaine (Jones) Selman, 65, of Lawton. Joyce passed on December 2, she was LHS class 1964. She is survived by husband Mohamed; a son Robert; extended family. Services are 2:00pm, Wednesday December 7, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel.
Extended obit and guestbook at:

And, Deanna Kaye (Roof) Hendricks, 71, of Fletcher. Deanna passed on November 23 and services were November 28. She was LHS class 1958.
She is survived by two sons; two daughters; numerous grand and great-grand children.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Joan (Yarmuk) Power, 85, of Lawton. Joan passed on November 24 and services were November 29. Joan was LHS class 1944. She is survived by a son; a daughter; numerous grand and great-grand children; brother Jimmie Yarmuk. She was aunt of classmates Babs Yarmuk Givens and Teresa Yarmuk Adair.
Extended obit and guest book at:

And another of our Golden Wolverines, Raymond Maurice Meyer, 99, of Lawton. Maurice passed on November 27 and services were November 30.
Maurice was LHS class 1930 and a longtime businessman in Lawton. He and his dad owned & operated the Lincoln Grocery. He was preceded in death by wife Edna (Allen) and a son Eddie.
Extended and interesting obit and guest book at:

Also, F. Orlena (Elliott) Hanes Sexton, 101, of Lawton. She passed on November 25 and grave side services were November 28. She was the mom of classmates Janettte Hanes and Janice Poston; also daughter Mary Frances (Hanes) Hammons; a son James Hanes, who is deceased; a step-son Archie Sexton; numerous grand, great grand, and great, great, grand children.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Note: Mary Frances used to baby sit me....long time ago. So sorry for the loss to the Hanes family.

Also, hate to report the passing of Jeff (Ash) Wyant, son of classmate, Mike Wyant. Ash, who lived in Torrance, CA, passed on November 20 after a lifetime illness. He is survived by a wife Rebecca; two daughters Luminera 5, Petra 2. Services were in CA.

We also lost one of our local educators. James Roberts, 83, of Lawton passed on November 24 and service was November 28. James taught at Garfield, Principal at John Adams and Geronimo Road.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.


Yours truly is home from a week in Boston where we celebrated Thanksgiving with daughter Leslie and hubby Randy, 4 dogs, several guests. Great time, good food, always a joy to be with family.

Hope all well with you and yours....regards......Georgia