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......LHS News......
Originally sent November 26-27

Guys.....I've been having 'issues' with my email. So, in future, you might receive news from different address ie: gvinenews, possibly another, BUT, will have LHS News as header. Just wanted to give all a heads-up.

Calling Class 1940. Don Ginter is looking for '40's grads or those who may have attended LHS in 1940 with hopes of having a reunion. Any 40's grads or if you have info on a 40's grad, contact Don at (580) 353-8998 or write to him at: 713 NW Dearborn, Lawton, OK 73507.

Judy Lee (Taylor) Jenkins is asking about a class 1955 reunion? She also adds....."In the Sierra Foothills we have had a great couple of Fall days. The East Coast has nothing on us when it comes to leaf foliage. Everyone on the way to Tahoe can enjoy the view. Had a little snow last week and more to come but right now it's beautiful. Of course, we have a new 'Red Hawk Casino' that is drawing a crowd also. Thanks for the updates, I enjoy reading about people I knew "when"! "

Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley who lives at Frisco Lakes in north Dallas writes...." I was in charge of the Halloween Boo Rally (Golf Cart Parade) and the Halloween Dinner/Dance. I have attached a picture of me and my Committee (I am the yellow M&M). Lots of fun here." (see photo).

Celebrating November birthdays in Las Vegas, 1956 classmates Kay (Kimball) Scott, Myrna Kay (Langley) Daley, and Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs. Photo courtesy of Kay who added...."Two of us will be 75 by the end of the month (I'm one of them) & "the baby" will just be 74. Wonderful trip with fun friends!"

 I had a nice land line visit with Washington School alum and '59 classmate, DL 'Dwight' Stoddard. Dwight is retired and living the good life in Glencoe, OK.

For those among us having withdrawals from lack of wonderful, heavy-with-garlic, Bianco's salad dressing....a Christmas wish come true! Visit: Believe it is one of the grand daughters!


Was told that Charley Fatum is having some troubles walking and other issues.

Also, Chad Bledsoe is experiencing some serious health issues. Chad and his wife Diane moved to East coast to be close to kids a while ago.

Jerry Pursley is currently 4 weeks into treatment for cancer and would love to hear from classmates via email:
OR write to him at Jerry Pursley, l0232 Marigold Ln., Waco, TX 76708 OR he likes text messages on his cell phone: (254) 722-5055.

 My bro George Gill, '63, had a..well..kinda 'emergency' back surgery on Nov. 17. Piece of bone broken off and floating around his spinal column causing much pain and grief. Surgery in Tulsa (where youngest son is a PA) went well, he's re-cooping and doing much better!

Visited briefly with Jerry Boucher. He has been hospitalized with a staff infection, but out and doing better.

Also, saw Fray Palmer out and about after heart attack and treatment previously reported.
I know all these with health issues would appreciate your prayers.


 Bob Carnahan, 95, of Lawton passed on November 24. Bob is father of classmates Wayne Carnahan and Lou (Carnahan) Jennings. He is also survived by numerous grand and great-grand children. Friends are invited to visit from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on Tuesday November 27 at Becker Funeral Home. Services will be 2:00pm, Wednesday November 28, Cameron Baptist church with burial to follow at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

 Janet 'Jan' Diane (Lisk) Sinclair, 64, of Lawton, passed on November 8 after a lengthy illness. Services were November 14. She attended Whittier Grade school, Tomlinson Jr. High and was LHS class 1966. She is survived by a daughter; 2 granddaughters; extended family.
Extended obit in Lawton Constitution, November 11.

Sam 'Carl' Mitchell, 79, of Lawton, passed on November 9. Services and burial with military honors was November 14. Carl was LHS class 1952. He is survived by a son; 3 daughters; extended family.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Grace (Hanks) Linville, 98, of Paradise, CA passed on October 31. Services were in CA. Grace was LHS class 1933. She is survived by 4 children; 2 sisters; numerous grand and great grand children; extended family.
Extended obit in Lawton Constitution November 11.

Our sympathies are always with those who have lost loved ones.


 Hope all had a great Thanksgiving! Georgia

Monday, November 26, 2012

......LHS News......
Originally sent November 14

Guys......there is a lot of news....some will have happened 2-3 weeks ago as yours truly has been up to eyeballs in 'personal' business. So much for 'retirement'.!!

The class 1957 - 55th reunion was just great! So I thought! Classmates traveled from far and near and seems everyone was having a fun time. Lot of people who had not been seen in a while.

Eugenia (Matthews) McClellan, Bob Atkins, Jerry Phelps, and several others who worked on the reunion did an outstanding job! I was told Eugenia carried the load! Very 'professional and efficient'. They should go into the reunion business! haha!

Jimmy Smith was in attendance...said it was FIRST reunion he had ever attended and said he won't miss the next one! I have pictures and will get them posted soon. Hope others will send pictures to me!

Bob Keiningham is living in Broken Arrow, OK and writes that over a 10 year period he had numerous bouts with cancer. Took treatment, had several serious surgeries, but now is playing golf most days and he & Shirley travel when they want. A throat surgery has affected his voice but he would love to hear from any of his old friends and classmates via email at:

Ed Adams, '59, over Poteau way reports the Oklahoma foliage is turning [has turned] and looks beautiful!

A friend of mine from here, campaigning in Arkansas before the election, ran into Charlotte McGill, '56, who sent regards. Back at ya Charlotte!

Sing belated Happy [October] Birthday to: Susan (Hankins) Ellington, '56; Mary (Harris) Thompson, '56. both admit to 74. Mary said she never thought about "getting this old".!!!

And some Happy [November] Birthdays to: Dee (Vanderpool) Glass; George Gill.

A special 50th Anniversary congratulations to Barbara (Ramey) and Ed Wiseman. Several of Barbaras' 1957 classmates traveled to Norman to help them celebrate recently. (see photo, courtesy of Bill Penn).

Many will remember former Cameron Aggie coach Ted Owens. According to Herb Jacobs column, Ted is writing a book which will include his accomplishments while basketball coach at Cameron - 1956~1960.

Cameron at that time was Cameron State Junior College. Owens was a native of Hollis, OK and a graduate of OU. That is the only information Herb gave concerning the book, as any other info comes forth, will pass along.

Lawton High School at 11th and Ferris has completed new additions to the school. Additional classrooms on the south side run along the Ferris street toward the east! It has been dedicated and now open. Looks very nice.

Some have asked about a class 1953 reunion. This is what I have....Janette (Hanes) says the class 1954 and some of the class 1953 will have a reunion next August 2-3-4, 2013. Any other classmates invited to join. Sign-in Friday morn at [old] building (atrium); tour of school; Friday night event at home of Ramon John, '53; casual Saturday night; more! For info or details, contact Janette at:

For Halloween, I was very surprised and pleased to receive a great hand-drawn/colored picture of a witch with black cat and pumpkin. Courtesy of the talented brush/pen of Murdoch Matthew, '49. I (heart) Halloween and this picture!


Covert Lee Ervin is just home after 48 days in the hospital. He had serious complications following a colon surgery. He now seems on road to recovery. Covert Lee would have been class '57 but left before graduation He is retired from Shell in Deer Creek, TX. He is married to our '59 classmate, Gloria (Lamb).

Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52, says she & Ray, '52, are both still 'upright', her arm is out of the cast & Ray is so happy she is back in the kitchen!!! Ray didn't like being a 'sous chef'! She also suggested I mention that...when a classmate moves, changes email address, or other critical 'locate me' information....please let someone know!!!! Good words! Thank you!

"I just recovered from a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago & have done great. In fact I went back to work this past Thursday, thanks to Dr. Wright & modern medicine."
Virginia (Johnson) Shaw Scherler, '54

Fray Palmer, '45, suffered a heart attack about a month ago. Last report was that he was doing 'ok'. Fray still operates Bucks Pawn in Lawton.

Numerous classmates or spouses of classmates continue with treatments: Dee (Vanderpool) Glass; Buddy Carey (husband of Sue Riddle); Sue (Chalk) Briggs - her surgery on Halloween went well and at this writing, she is on way home - Nov. 14; Terri (Stowe) Gill (wife of Tim Gill) is now at home, with care, after some 3 months of hospitals & rehab; Joey (Johnston) Wilkerson has been in hospital but back at 'home' in medical facility in Mustang.


Walter C. Quoetone, 58, of Norman passed on October 30. Services were November 3 in Norman with burial at Mt. Scott KCA Cemetery. Walter was - I believe - LHS class 1977. He is survived by wife Elizabeth (Sohl); large extended family.
Extended obit in Lawton paper November 1, page 9-A.

Robin (Glasby) Castillo, 55, of Lawton passed on October 18. A Memorial service was held October 25.
Robin was LHS class 1974. Her folks were Don and 'Bobbie' (Knox) Glasby, both deceased. She is survived by husband Rick; a son, Austin.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Philip Dean Pahdopony, 61, of Columbus, OH, passed on October20. Services were October 26 in Lawton.  Phillip was LHS class 1969. He is survived by his wife Laurie (Gray); large extended family.
His extended obit is in the Lawton paper, October 24, page 5-A.


The weather has been beautiful and created a gorgeous fall in the home-town! Sending regards to each of you.......Georgia

Anniversary photo left to right: Pat (Horton) Rogers; Sima (Stein) Kaplan; Billie (Suggs) Penn; Barbara (Ramey) Wiseman.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 19

Calling LHS class 1953. Some are asking...any plans in the works for 60th reunion next year?

A chance encounter and nice visit with Graydon Fooshee, '51 and wife Yvonne (Aucoin), '50. They moved from Lawton to Ardmore back in June to be near their son and family. Both doing real well.

Had a nice land-line visit with Royce Mahavier, '53, and wife Lynda. Doing pretty good and still enjoying their long time home in sunny Florida!


"Re Tim Guzzle: very talented and exceptional leadership that did not show too much in high school. As a matter of fact, I think Tim came to Lawton High after the '51 semester started and Tim and I played on the same last or next to last BB team that was the last to go home (in almost dark) and Tim and I walked home together. Tim lived on corner of 9th and Columbia and I lived a few blocks further. Tim was a cool guy at OU and went with one of the campus beauties (first name Janis).

I did not see Tim for several years until a 90's reunion and at that time he had really advanced in the corp. world and I think he was married to Janis but don't recall her being at the reunion. He also had a little sister! Anyway, he was a real icon for the class of 54. but his leadership wasn't evident until later years. At least that is what I recall about Tim Guzzle. And what I recall about Gene Zwick (other than his talent that did show on LHS stage) was that he was the only guy that pumped iron, he was way ahead of the times in that respect."

Allen Johnson

"More on Eugene you remember the cafe his parents ran? First time I had ever eaten I ever had. And their sandwiches were delicious!"

Mary Lynn (Marler) Winham

"Loved the picture of the band with Eva Suggs, Billie's mom. I wonder if anyone has a picture of the front of Hardy Suggs Music Company. I would love to have one. Thanks."
Bill Penn - husband of Billie (Suggs)

"I read with sadness the passing of Jimmy Northcutt. Jimmy and I palled around together in LHS along with Al Wiley ( 56?). I didn't know he had moved to Indiana. I saw him about two years ago in Lawton. He owned a lot or real estate in Lawton and at one time ran a gas station on Sheridan Road. I know that he suffered a lot of health problems after he was assaulted by one of his renters. We stayed in contact over the years. I visit Lawton at least once a year since I have grandparents and a brother buried there and when we could connect we would have dinner together and catch up. He was a staunch OU fan and made a few “friendly bets” along the way on OU. He always had a smile on his face and I could count on him to bring me up to date on my high school friends and the old home town Lawton when we would get together. Hopefully he will be recognized in the '57 reunion as he was from that class. I will miss Jimmy."

Reese Russell, '56

Marilyn Morris sent these links to sites where military brats can be located. IF...they register. But, a starting place to locate kids that were military and attended school with us.

Military Brats Registry:

Military Brats Online:
Overseas Brats:

More Happy [October] Birthdays! Wayne Parks; Royce Mahavier.

Appreciate emails from: Sharon (Godfrey) McLawhorn; Fred Cooke, Jr.; Cherie Willis; David Davis.


Join me in keeping Sue (Chalk) Briggs, '64, in your prayers. She will have a cancer related surgery later this month.

'59 classmates Jerry and Kay (Pavillard) Otis are just back from Virginia. Daughter Michele had a mastectomy about 2 weeks ago. Her surgery went well and cancer is stage one. Treatment options being discussed. Jerry & Kay took care of triplets while Michele re-cooperated. I know they would appreciate your prayers.


Billie Sue (Moore) Upton Henderson, 68, of Sterling passed on October16. Billie grew up in Sterling but attended school in Lawton. She was LHS class 1962. She is survived by two sons and two daughters and their families. The family will receive guests 6:00-8:00pm on Friday October 19 at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home in Lawton. Services will be10:00am Saturday October 20 at First Baptist church of Sterling. Burial will be in Sterling Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Alvis Dean Kennedy, 72, of Lawton passed on October 12 after battle with Melanoma. He was LHS class 1957. Alvis retired after 30 years in Civil Service - Director of Photography. Later he went into the real estate business. A memorial service will be held 2:00pm, Saturday October 20, Blvd. Congregational and Christian church in Lawton.

Extended obit and guest book at:

Clarence L. Aubrey, 85, passed on October 15. Clarence attended Washington School and was LHS class 1945. He married Betty Jo (Phillips) in 1951. He was eventually owner/operator of Phillips-Aubrey Chevrolet here in Lawton. He is survived by wife Betty; 2 sons; 2 daughters; numerous grand and great grand children.

A private family burial was at Highland Cemetery. A memorial service was held October 18.

Extended obit and guest book at:

Our prayers and thoughts are always with those who have lost loved ones or who are having health issues.

Remember, previously sent news is archived at the WolverNet blog. And...I want all to know that I post it as sent with grammar, spelling, and punctuation [hopefully] correct - just as I learned in classes at LHS. BUT, sometimes after posting, the cyber-gremlins take over and change fonts, print size, spacing, etc. Have no remedy for that!!!! Visit archives right here!

Look forward to seeing some of you this week-end! Georgia