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.Originally sent February 2018

.....LHS News......

My computer crashed on January 20 just as I was ready to send LHS News. New computer (soon). On lap-top and working from back-up to restore but, I may have lost some email addresses? If a classmate mentions they are not getting the news, ask them to email me. Having to re-build address book to some extent. This news should reach most. This is first news since 12/16, so quite a bit to report.

Is class 1958 having a reunion? Some are asking!

Class 1963 IS having a reunion April 27-28. IF you are going to attend please contact Janet (Burt) Terry asap. (580) 678-1719. All invited.

1953 classmates Bill Roberson and Janette (Hanes) are coordinating on plans for class 1953 - 65th reunion. To be held (tentatively) in mid - 2018. Those who would like a flyer or info on the reunion, contact Bill with your home address as well as your email address. Bill Roberson

Vreda (Decker) Schieman - uses middle name Corinne - is heavily involved to help provide books to head start and pre-school programs in the San Luis Valley. Each child is given 10 books to keep forever and share with their siblings. 3,000 books were purchased and distributed this past year and next year they hope to provide home libraries to those same groups in the Alamosa and Monte Vista areas. The books are sorted, packaged, and delivered by volunteers. FAST FORWARD TO LITERACY is their 501(c)3 charity. Paypal and Amazon both give a small donation when their organization is cited.
Corinne is LHS class 1951 and extends an open invitation to any fellow LHS grad (especially '51er's) to come visit her in Salida, CO. (719) 539-4823 or

David Whitwell has been notified that he was chosen to receive the CBDNA Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018 - (College Band Directors National Association). There will be a formal presentation in the near future.

Dallas Morning News - December 17 - had a great story on Ron Jones and his August (2017) trip to Russia. Ron Spoke to a group at the Pasternak Dacha and Museum about 15 miles outside Moscow. He was special guest at the famed Moscow restaurant Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago.

Good article by Herb Jacobs (Constitution - Sunday Feb. 4). Story on Lew Johnson LHS grad and quite an athlete. Good read.

I understand that Richard Glenn and wife Kay had extensive damage to their home from the recent mud slides in CA. They live in Santa Barbara.

Barb and Lou Green sent a picture of their beautiful east Texas back yard....covered with SNOW! Weather has been 'strange' and COLD!

Johnsons Bakery - a landmark Lawton business for some 70 years - closed its doors for the last time on Christmas Eve. Johnsons opened at 11th street in about 1951 and has operated there till now. It was in a different location for a few years before moving to 11th street.
As my family lived just over across Gore, we were from the beginning till its closing, frequent customers! Loved those brownies, bday cakes, and other assorted yummies.� They will be missed, especially by those of MY generation who grew up with this great bakery.

Happy (belated December) Birthday wishes to: Mike Harris.

Sing Happy (belated January) Birthday to: Patsy Horton Rogers; Beverly (Gaston) Shelton; Jack McKinnis; Diz Martinez; Pat (Anderson) Lehew; Karen (Keegan) Rogers; Pat (Dunn) Doughty.

Sing Happy (February) Birthday
to: Ron Poole; Yvonne Russell; Betty (Wood) Boyce Wein: Shirley (Edgmon) Franks; Patsy (Sheppard) Holcomb; John Ronnie Scott; Donna (Aust) Littlefield; Tommy Lewis; Eddie Shelton; Joe Scott and wife Sarah (Wright) - both Feb bdays; Bob Atkins; P.R. Ramey; Don Champiomont (Valentines Day); Alice (Aurell) Choice; Belva (Hollinghead) Williams; Leota (McKee) Erwin; Jim Andrews; and yours truly -~ Georgia!

Appreciate emails from: Ron Hagler; Scott Brown; Mike Harris; Glen Taylor Webb; Jim Byrn; Susan (Hankins) Ellington; Cary Glenn Nolan; Frankie (Kurtz) Browning; Myrna Lundy May; Chuck and Sherry Holcomb; M Charles Gilbert; Leslie Lusk; Barbara Richards.


Doyce Grayson is still a resident at 10 Oaks in Lawton, but is now under hospice. His prognosis is not good at this point.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are having health issues.


So sorry to have to report the loss of numerous of our classmates. Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost friends and loved ones.

Catherine "Squeege" (Witzel) Dunn, 77, of Lawton, passed on February 3 after a long bout with dementia. Catherine was LHS class 1958. Service is February 9.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Ray Brown, 91, of Lawton, passed on February 1. Ray moved to Lawton for his senior year and graduated LHS - not sure of year? Early 40's? He was married to Della Ann (Wilson). She passed in 2013. Ray worked at Home Decor many years. Service was February 6.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Fred Eugene Burch, 84, of Lawton, passed on January 31. Fred was LHS class 1952. Service was February 5.
Obit and guest book at:

Jeneanne (Johnston) Lawson, 88, of Lawton, passed on January 27. Jeneanne was LHS class 1947. Service was February 1.
Obit and guest book at:

Mikel (Johnson) Boyd, Riverside, CA, passed on January 24 after long bout with Alzheimers. Mikel was LHS class 1954. Her husband Walter says there will possibly be a memorial service sometime in March.

Earl Wayne Wilson, 78. of Lawton, passed on January 19. Wayne was LHS class 1957. There was a private family service.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Gary Lynn "Butch" Melton, 71, of Lawton passed on January 16. Butch was LHS class 1964. Service was January 23.
Obit and guest book at:

Johnny Davis of Seaside, CA, passed on January 15 after a long illness. Johnny was LHS class 1958. That is all the information I have.

Sima (Stein) Kaplan, Dallas, passed week of January 10. Sima was LHS class 1957. She was cremated and there was no service. Her husband Marty may have a memorial service at a later date.
I appreciate Patsy (Horton) Rogers for sending this information.

Rosemary (Ballew) Morales, 92, of Lawton, passed on Jamuary 11. Rosemary was LHS class 1942. Service was January 17.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Phillip Henking Grant, 84, of Lawton, passed on January 2. Originally from NYC, Phillip was husband of '58 classmate Frederica (Hammond) Grant. Service was January 6.
Obit and guestbook at: <>

James 'Jim' E. Seabolt, 78, of Lawton passed on December 23. Jim was in first class to graduate from the new building on Ferris. Not sure of the year? Memorial service was December 29.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Betty (Zak) Hirsham passed on December 7. Betty was LHS class 1947. She lived in Voorhees, NJ and is survived by sister Minette (Zak) Page in Lawton.


Regards to all...........Georgia

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

......LHS News......
Originally sent February 13

Memories continue......

"The blurb about Dutcher's brought back a flood of memories. I worked for Glen Dutcher my Jr. and Sr. years and between customers I stuck my feet into that x-ray fitting machine a thousand times! Mr. Dutcher was one of the finest men I ever knew. I made fifty-cents an hour after school and on Saturdays which, of course, I promptly took next door to Ramey's pool hall to lose on those pin ball machines!"
Bob Keiningham

"Loved the newsletter and the MEMORIES about Ratcliffe's Book Store. I worked there while going to Cameron and recall the many hours worked during the school-book rush. I worked with Sylvia Matthews, Murdoch Matthew's mom, and still make several of recipes she gave me. Sylvia, Gale and Martha were jewels."
Jeane Virginia (Stockton ) O'Brien, '61

"I was 12 when my folks had the Fabric Shop (next door to Eddie Morris Men’s Store, Sara Jane’s [Morris-Wade] dad, was about ½ block from Radcliffe’s. I hung out in their Hobby Dept. when Robert Forbis ran it. When Robert went to OU he recommended me to replace him. I was heavy into model airplanes so it was perfect, an employee discount for models and the money to blow on them! But, I saved $168 (huge money for a 13 year old) and bought my first motorcycle. It was a pre-war British Villers that was later owned by Marvin “Zeke” Carter, Bill Drewry, and finally converted to power a Go Kart by Frank Rinehart. The motorcycle and model airplane thing stuck as I now collect motorcycles and have built and restored several airplanes.
I remember downtown was an exciting place to be with crowded streets and sidewalks. Kind of like today’s open air mall, only better. Alice Aurell’s folks had a Shoe Store next door to Ratcliffe’s with an x-ray machine. Across the street, Ron and Don Hagler’s brother [Trevor] had Trevor’s Hobby Shop with Cushman Motor Scooters and other fascinating stuff. It was a fun time and a great place to grow up. Too bad LBJ’s Urban Renewal Plan changed it forever."
Steve Colwell, class of 57, Lago Vista, TX and Placerville, CA

"We are spending January and February in Yuma, Arizona. We are two of many, many, snowbirds! With temps in the low 80's why not? I worked at Dutchers shoe store for a year in 1958 and 1959. It was a very pleasant place to work. Don't remember the x-ray machine."
Patsy (Sherratt) Theobald, '59

Susan (Hankins) Ellington said she 'got in a hurry' and took a terrible fall. Fortunately nothing broken but a picture of her face looked like she had gone 10 rounds with Sugar Ray! Arm and other 'parts' also scraped pretty badly! Mercy!!! Heal quick!!! btw...she still has not made final move to Santa Fe...but soon!

Globe trotting Lewis Chandler is off again.......he's headed to Mexico for a few weeks then looking at spending the winter down there beginning next December! Ole!~

Happy (February) Birthday wishes out to: Alice (Aurell) Choice; Don Champiomont (on Valentines Day); Jim Andrews; Belva (Hollingshead) Williams; these four of us all on 16th - Sima (Stein) Kaplan; P.R. Ramey; Bob Atkins; yours truly - Georgia.

And Happy 39th Anniversary on Valentines Day to Johnna (Gordon) and Wayne Parks! Major congrats dear friends.

Appreciate emails from: Janet and Gene Copeland; Tempe (Tip Cockrell) Brown; Jerry (Sasser) Childs (still in Africa, over 30 years now).

Seen while out and about the home town: Glenda (Doan) Stanton; Spencer Stanley; Zeke Carter; Nick Garrett; Bill Drewry; Ramon John (hard at work); Janette (Hanes); Al & Mary Lynn (Marler) Winham.


LHS received a call from a lady in Tulsa area who has found a 1980 LHS class ring. Initials are LAM. Checking shows only person with those initials is Leanna Martindale. If anyone knows Leanna or her where-a-bouts, please call Karen Beavers (LHS) at (580) 357-8214 or (580) 355-5170. Thanks!


Bussie Wyatt is recovering nicely from heart valve replacement surgery.

Kenneth Easton had a 'mild' stroke few weeks after a knee replacement. He is recovering slowly but seemingly well.

Pat (Dunn) Doughty will be having eye surgery soon.

Pat (Banks) White has been under the weather is now doing much better.

Other classmates continue with treatment for various illnesses. Join me in keeping them in prayer.


Paula (Hertzog) Elam, 42, of Chickasha, passed on February 6. Paula was LHS class 1990 and daughter of '64 classmate Janie (Bardsher) Hertzog and father was Don Hertzog (deceased). Services were February 10. Obit and guest book at: www

A longtime and dear friend Shirley (Brittain) Crumpton Russell, 73, passed on February 1 after a battle with cancer. Shirley was LHS class 1958. Services were February 6 in Lawton. Shirley is survived by husband Ronnie Russell; daughter Shelly Crumpton; sons Scott Crumpton and Lance Crumpton; sister Barbara 'Bunny' Lavender; former brother-in-law Dr. Robert 'Bob' Crumpton; cousins and their families - Ed Hesler, Jr.; Bob Atkins; Jim McConhahay; Patty, Pam, Eugene; large extended family. She will be missed by her family and many friends who loved her.
Obit and guest book at: www

Louis Byron Caldwell, lll, 64, Norman, passed on February 1 after bout with cancer. He was LHS class 1967. He is survived by his wife Charlotte Kay (Landers); numerous siblings and extended family. Service was February 8 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at: www

Gale M. Champiomont, 83, Ocean Springs, MS, passed on February 2. Gale was LHS class 1949 and was in the band. He was retired from the US Air Force and the US Postal Service. His wife Ruth preceded him in death. He is survived by a daughter and a son; a brother Don Champiomont; extended family. Services were in MS.
Obit and guest book at:

Richard Lee Stokes, 64, Cibolo, TX, passed on February 2. Richard was LHS class 1968. He worked in the Lawton Public School system and also Civil Service. He was married to Eva (Garcia). He is survived by a son Kevin; daughter Brandi; extended family. Services were February 6 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at:

Helen Louise (Light) Bunch, 97, of Lawton, passed on January 26 and services were January 30. Helen is mom of classmates Judy (Bunch) Glasby and Linda (Bunch) Hadden. She is also survived by numerous grand and great-grand children.
Obit and guest book at: www

Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.


Been an unusually cold and snowy winter for us here in the home town. The 6-8 inch snow on February 2 was beautiful. Got more over next week, now sunshine and some 'heat' returning!
Happy Valentines to you all! Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent January 30

Its been a while for the news (don't ask), so some of this few weeks old, but thought LHS'ers would still want to know. Also have new mail program I am not used to...sigh!

Marilyn Morris writes....."I remember standing in line with my mother to buy my schoolbooks, [at Ratcliffes] I think for the 3rd grade, the first time my dad was stationed at Fort Sill. That must have been 1948. I'm amazed that it was there for so long."

Mary (Harris) Thompson writes...."Always enjoyed going into Ratcliffes, thought all that paper and books smelled good. As I recall that's where we bought our school books."

"Very sad closings of two Lawton businesses. I remember we bought all our school books at Ratcliffes when I moved to Lawton in 1960 and started school at Tomlinson Jr. High School."
Nancy Jane Long, '65

"I got a job helping out during a summer between high school terms with preparations for the school-book rush at Ratcliffe's. They needed more help, so my mother, Sylvia Matthew, went to work there as well. She stayed on for thirty years, retiring as assistant manager. When we buried her on her 88th birthday in the family plot in Walters Cemetery, Gale and Martha Sadler came to say good-bye. Ratcliffe's -- part of the old Lawton."
Murdoch Matthew

Herb Jacobs - 'Where Are They Now' - Sunday Constitution, December 22, page 4-C: great story on the one and only John Tyree. Tyree was a character in his own right, but his career playing football for LHS and then continuing his education, illness, and coaching took him to many places. OSU, SW State, Cameron, Pomona, CA, Texas. It's a good story. John is LHS class 1957.

Herbs Sunday column of December 29, page 7-C is great read about 1954 LHS grad Ron Ramming. Ron was a great tennis player in school [he won 70 trophies during his Junior and Senior years at LHS], also playing during his time in the army. Ron came back to Lawton in the '60's and these days he plays golf. Another good story.

Richard 'Dick' Neptune is featured on the front page of the Monday Constitution, December 23. The article chronicles his profession as a photographer, entering the Lawton Public Schools as an instructor, eventually becoming Superintendent of LPS.
Richard is LHS class 1952. All good reads. Try getting these articles at

Wedding bells rang over the holidays for '57 LHS'er Ron Hartline and bride Leitha Lewis. Congrats guys!

And major congrats to good friends Jim Powers, '55, and his bride LuAnn (Cobb) who celebrated their 54th anniversary on December 28. And, they just welcomed their second great-grandchild on January 7. Baby girl!

Great to visit with Mike Lehew.......up from Texas for a holiday visit. Mike is LHS class '68.
Also a New Years day land-line from good friend Charles Darling. A surprise and most enjoyable visit! Charles and Jackie are doing well and smelling the roses.....[literally] as they live just around the corner from the start of the Rose Bowl Parade out Pasadena way!

'59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks and hubby Wayne are just home from a Christmas cruise around the Mexican Rivera and Central America. It was a family affair with kids, grand-kids. Fun time had by all.

January 1, Lawton Constitution, front page, great picture of '59 classmate Joan (Lee) Houghton and hubby Jerry celebrating the arrival of the New Year. Too bad the paper messed up their name. But, 'we' knew who it was!!!

Jerry Boucher suggested looking at 'Lawton Then and Now' on face book to get lot of pictures of old Lawton and new Lawton.

Belated Happy (December) Birthday wishes to: Mike Thompson; Houston Gill - my great-niece (LHS Class 2016)!

Happy (January) Birthday wishes to: Beverly (Gaston) Shelton; Diz Martinez; Pat (Anderson) Lehew.

NOTE: I don't know if any of you watch American Restorations (Ricks Restorations - Las Vegas) on the History channel but we love old machines and it's fun to see the old 'stuff' people bring in and the great job Rick does on restoring them. On a recently aired episode, a fellow brought in something that stirred my memory - one of those old foot/shoe x-ray machines like the one that Dutchers Shoe Store had when they were over on D street. Supposed to try on new shoe, stick foot under there, and it 'lit-up' to show feet in shoes. Billed as 'accurate fit'.
I remember it well, sitting against the west wall. We [Gill] kids had been admonished by dad to not under any circumstances stick our feet under there as it couldn't be a good thing! Well, as it turned out, dad was right. It was x-ray and some years before we knew the damage that could be done. I never heard of anyone suffering any ill effects from the machine and I can now admit.... I did manage to stick my feet in a time or so and sneak a few quick glances.
Rick did great job on the machine, removed the x-ray element & fixed it with harmless x-ray photo of someones feet!? Enjoyed seeing the old machine.

I appreciate 'greetings' from LHS'ers: Charles Gilbert, '54; Bob Keiningham; Judy Lee Jenkins; Willie Guest; Susan (Hankins) Ellington; Jack Rhodes; Sherry (Asbery) Wiley; Ed Hesler, Jr.; Sharon (Godfrey) McLawhorn; Ron and Marilyn Poole; Wayne and Judy Kniffin; Phil Wilder; John Smith; Frank Gribble, lll; Karelin (Cole) Seitz; Don Wooley; Lou & Barbara Green.


My dear and long time friend Shirley (Brittain) Russell, '58, is fighting a re-occurrence of cancer. She is at home with hospice. I know they would appreciate your prayers.

Another dear friend, Sue (Chalk) Briggs, '64, will have possibly surgery first part of February. Sue has been fighting cancer some years. She would also appreciate your prayers.


Jacquline 'Jackye' Rose (Robinson) Cox, 79, of Lawton passed on January 24 after a several year battle with Alzheimers. Jackye was LHS class 1952. Services were on January 28. Jackye was married to Weldon Cox who passed in 1998. She is survived by two daughters and their families; a sister Martha.
Obit and guest book at:

Note: Jackye was a great gal. She & my Bill went to grade school together and he says she was a real 'hoot'. Jackye & I were provisionals together in the Lawton Junior Service League. She was fun!! Sorry to lose her.

Cherry L. (Ledgerwood) Porter, 88, of Lawton passed on January 1. She was a grad of LHS - 42 or 43? Survivors include 2 daughters, numerous grand and great-grand children, extended family. Cherry was married to Tom Porter who with his brothers was Porter Brothers builders here in Lawton area. He preceded her in death. Services were January 4.
Obit and guest book at:

Lester Ray Suttle, 86, of Lawton, passed on December 27. Lester was LHS class 1945. Lester was a nice person and a familiar face at the Lawton post office for many, many, years. He is survived by wife Esther (Scherler); a daughter, a son, numerous grandchildren and extended family. A memorial service was held on January 4.
Obit and guest book at:

**Beverly (Beachamp) Shoffner, 75, Colleyville, TX, passed at her home on December 17 after a short bout with cancer (brain tumor). Beverly was LHS class 1956. She is survived by husband Dutch Shoffner; two sons Alan and Andy and their families; numerous grandchildren; a brother Barry Beachamp, Lawton. Services were December 22 in Grapevine, TX.
Obit and guest book at J.E. Foust Funeral Home - Grapevine, TX.

Sadly, Beverlys husband Lt. Gen (rtrd) Wilson A. 'Dutch' Shoffner, 75, Colleyville, TX, passed on January 3. He had been ill for some time. Dutch was from Ryan, OK, attended Cameron and OSU. His service was January 8 in Grapevine with burial to be in Arlington National Cemetery.
Obit and guest book at:

**This from a classmate: "It’s a terrible and very sudden loss. Beverly was on the Tatler staff, worked for the Lawton Constitution, graduated from Cameron and OU. She was undoubtedly the kindest person to any and all and will be incredibly missed."
Mary (Simpson) Milby

Janis Ann (Reese) Rich, 66, of Lawton, passed on December 18. Janis was LHS class 1965. She is survived by 3 sons and their families; a daughter and her family; a twin brother Don; numerous grandchildren and extended family. A memorial service was held December 28.
Obit and guest book at:> or

Our sympathies and prayers are with these who have lost loved ones and friends.


The New Year is off and running! I hope I can keep up with it! Regards to all............ Georgia

Monday, January 6, 2014

LHS News
Originally sent December 19

Vreda (Decker) Schieman emails that she & hubby Gordon are still in Salida, CO and if there are any 1951 grads around, they would love to meet them.

The University of Oklahoma is establishing an endowment chair in honor of Lawton native Paul Massad. A million dollar grant from the Webster Family of CA will make possible the Paul D. Massad Chair in Strategic Communication in the Gaylord College of Journalism. Paul has a nearly 60 year association with OU. Paul is LHS class 1955.
Congratulations Paul!

It's sad that Lawton has lost two of its old landmark businesses recently. Surplus City/Surplus Salvage - across from Lawton Airport on SW 11th street - closed its doors on Saturday November 30 after more than 5 decades.
Kenneth 'Dozie' Davis got into retail early as manager of the post exchange (1928 - 1942). Returning
to Lawton in 1945 after a stint in the US Navy, Dozie went into business for himself. He was active in the business until he passed in 1994.
His son Kenneth 'Jay' Davis returned to Lawton from NM in 1990 and has run the business since with his daughter Jennifer taking over the past 5 years. Jay Davis is a good friend and LHS class 1955.
Good article Lawton Constitution, Sunday November 24, E - 1.

And, Ratcliffes/Sadlers Book Store will close soon. Sadler began an association with Ratcliffes back in 1940 when Gale Sadler went to work for Lee Ratcliffe. They became partners on 1947. The Sadlers became sole owners in 1988.
I bought many a Nancy Drew mystery novel at Ratcliffes when they were on 'D' street (west of the Dome).

The Lawton Heritage Association is offering its 2013 Christmas ornament. This years ornament features Roosevelt/Ron Stephens Stadium located at 1400 NW Dearborn. Back in the day the stadium was the site for all of the LHS football games. The stadium was built by the WPA (Work Progress Administration) in 1935-36. Native rock from the Wichita Mountains was brought in for the structure. LHS games, later Eisenhower and Cameron, played there until mid 1960's. Originally Roosevelt Stadium, the name was later changed to Ron Stephens Stadium in honor of Stephens who had been the Comanche County administrator for the WPA.
Ornaments are very nicely done, in gift type box, only $15. Available at the Museum of the Great Plains (580) 581-3460; Massad's Gifts (580) 357-4500; and the Mattie Beal Home (very limited hours).

Sing Happy (December) Birthday to: Sue (Chalk) Briggs; Janice (Vaughn) Salisbury; Bill Stamps; Sharon (Anderson) Berndt.


Gene Grogan, 81, passed November 20 at his home in Potomac, Maryland (suburb of DC). Gene had battled Alzheimers for some time. He was husband of Jan (Rice) Grogan who is LHS class 1954. Jan writes that they "will have a celebration of his life at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC on December 7th, the anniversary of our wedding 56 years ago."

Roberta (Wheeler) Hadley, 72, of Lawton, passed on November 29 from diabetes and a stroke back in October. Roberta was LHS Class 1959. She is survived by her husband of 56 years Craig Hadley, '60; a son; 2 daughters; 11 grandchildren; 2 brothers; 2 sisters. Services were December 4.
Obit and guest book at:

Burt Chesley Montague MD, 79, of Lawton, passed at his home on December 2 after lengthy battle with cancer. 'Ches' was LHS Class 1952. He had a long and distinguished career in the medical field. He is survived by his wife Jeannie (Lee) Strait Montague; numerous children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A Memorial service was held December 9 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at:

Frederick W. 'Fred' Leippe, 81, of Lawton passed on December 6. Fred attended Washington and McKinley grade schools and was LHS class 1952.
He is survived by his wife Loraine Grace (Wittig); 2 daughters and their families; 4 grandchildren; extended family including 2 brothers and 1 sister. A Memorial service was held December 14.
Obit and guest book at:

Dorothy B. (Brown) Ramsey, 88, of Lawton, passed on December 11. She was LHS class 1943. She was married to Raymond D. "Ray" Ramsey. He preceded her in death iin 1992. She is survived by large extended family. Services were December 16.
Obit and guest book at:

Robert Wayne "Bobby" Botts, 58, of Lawton, passed on December 10 after short battle with cancer. Robert was LHS class 1974. Robert or 'Bobbert' as we called him, was a friend. We will miss him as well as others who have left us.
Obit and guest book at:

Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.


This will be the last newsletter of this year so I will wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year -2014 - full of family, good health, and good friends.

"And to all a good night".......Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent November 19

Bob Keiningham wites......"Sorry to hear about my buddy Jack Shanklin ... he tried to teach me how to dress all the way through High School! I turned 78 in April, but reading about old friends being that old still provides a little shock and awe!"

Ron Poole & wife Marilyn are now at home in Austin, TX. I have his contact info for those who may need it. He also wants to know if other '55 grads in the Austin area??

Myrna Kay (Langley) Daley, '56, writes...."After 25 years with a local accounting firm I finally retired. I spent the month of September in China. Had not planned to stay quite so long, but a typhoon arrived while I was in Hong Kong and the airport closed so my departure was delayed for 5 days. The best part of any trip is getting home."

Janette (Hanes), '54, has just helped Peggy (Elledge) Long, '54, move the last of her (Peggys) belongings to Santa Fe. Peggy has been in process of moving for some time, but now has it done!!

And with Peggy settled, Janette (Hanes) headed back to Lawton to begin her own move back to the home town. So, we lose one, but gain one. Welcome home Janette.

Also, Susan (Hankins) Ellington will be leaving her long time residence in Las Cruces, NM. She will be moving to Santa Fe in next few months. She describes her new SF home as "territorial style with a small front courtyard." Picture looked great! Getting to be a nice 'community' of former Lawtonians in SF. Some full time, some part-timers.

Gerda (Keas) Campbell, '60, won the State title &amp; traveling trophy in a 36 Hole Net golf tournament played at Lake Hefner-North Golf Course in Oklahoma City. This tournament was for any woman 50 &amp; over in the state of Oklahoma. The trophy has been 'traveling' since 1959. Congrats Gerda! Photo.

David Whitwell did a 30 minute interview with Moscow (yes, Russia) via Skype back in October. Oct. 14 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, in which the Russians played a big part. It was the biggest political event of the 19th century, as it ended Napoleon's attempt to take over all of Europe. They asked to interview David on the subject of the military bands involved. btw...David has 38 books listed on Amazon (centered on music).
Note: didn't know about the battle of Leipzig, but October 14 is a very special day as was my Moms birthday...she would have been 92.

My Bill and I traveled to BIG D on OU/TX week-end. While the outcome of the game wasn't as we hoped, we did have opportunity to connect with several former Lawtonians/classmates now living in Dallas. Bob Drewry, '52, and wife Karen were doing great as was Ron Jones, '55, who had just returned (literally 2:00am that Friday morn) from a tour of Italy. He came home with a bad case of laryngitis so made it difficult for him to tell us what a great time he had! Also visited with Nancy (Klass), '55, and hubby Bryan Medlock.

Great article in Lawton paper of October 15, page 8-A ....Jerry Strickland, '57, and his collection of vintage cars. Jerry is 'Strickland Racing of Cache'. Great color pictures showing his '66 Corvette Stingray Convertible; a '73 Dodge Dart Swinger; a '57 Chevy Bel Air hardtop. Also a history of Jerrys collecting and restoring the cars. Super cars, good read, and if you are in Cache the cars are nicely displayed on Cache Road in a building next to the Dollar General store.

'59 classmate George Bridges, my Bill, '52, my brother George Gill, '63 and several others spent 8 days in Costa Rico fishing for Tarpon. Big time had by all and since catch and messy cleaning of fish! Photo.

Also fishing, Mitch Braley, '57, and his son David just made a major haul while at Corpus Christi. Photo.

Great front page article about classmate Edward Charles Ellenbrook, '56, and his love of the Wichita Mountains. Charles has written numerous articles, trail guides, and maps of the Wichita Mtns and area. He writes a monthly column for the Lawton paper as well. Lawton Constitution, November 18.

Belated Happy (October) Birthdays: Hankins (Ellington) and Mary (Harris) Thompson, both '56ers; Earl Barton. Happy (November) Birthdays: Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52; George Gill, '63; Barbara (Ferguson) Perry, '50; Judy (Matthews) Johnson, '58.

Don Merrick, '53, and bride Saundra (Buzbee), '60, just celebrated their Golden 50th (Oct). They live in Lawton, but an army career saw many moves for the family over the years. FYI - Saundra is the artist who created the wonderful 'Old Lawton' watercolor prints featuring the old landmarks of Lawton yesteryear. Major Congrats!

Am attaching several photos to this email of above mentioned classmates.


Burt Chesley Montague, '52, of Lawton, is dealing with renal cancer and is currently at home with hospice. Don Sherry, '52, Lawton, is ill and currently at home with hospice.

Edith (Lawrence) Caha, '52, had a freak accident resulting in both her legs being broken. She is currently at Cedar Crest Manor here in Lawton.

Darlene Dean, wife of Eugene Dean, '52, is quite ill and with hospice.
Numerous other classmates are experiencing health issues and your prayers would be appreciated.


Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs will host a 'Celebration of Life' for hubby Ray Hobbs and will welcome friends at her new Lawton home. The celebration will be on Saturday November 30 at 4105 NW Meadowbrook, 2:00pm ~ 5:00pm. Tommye says there will be no program or service, just an opportunity for friends and family to get together, reminisce, and celebrate Ray's life. Light lunch, lots of memorabilia, pictures, DVD. Ray passed August 20 in Lawton.


Jim Warkentin, 76, passed November 8 in Florida after a short battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia this past August. Jim was LHS class 1955. He is survived by wife Carmen; a daughter Keri Lynn &amp; family; a son Ted &amp; family; sister Judy (Warkentin) Bryan; a brother Jack Warkentin. There was no service. Obit in Lawton paper November 18. www

Shirlene Marie (Boyd) Pinchback, 74, of Lawton, passed on November 5. Shirlene is LHS class 1957. She is survived by husband Larry; three sons and their families; extended family. Service was Nov. 8 in Lawton. Obit and guest book at:

Julie (Kent) Mays, 69, of Lawton, passed on November 1. Julie was LHS class 1962. She is survived by a daughter Clea and family including a granddaughter; a cousin Joan Williams& husband Clancey; extended family. Julie was a lovely person, she will be missed by many.
Obit and guest book at: www

Theadore F. "Teddy" Wise, 70, of Lawton, passed on October 19. A memorial service was held October 24. Teddy was LHS class 1961. Teddy was an 'army brat' and later had a distinguished career of his own in the military and also as a freelance photographer.
Extended obit and guest book at: www

David L. Davis passed at his home in Dallas, TX. His daughter Michelle sent that he had died peacefully in his sleep. She did not send exact date or if any service, but his passing has been very recent (October). Believe David was class 1952 or may have left before graduation? He was married to Claudette (Palmer) - also class of 1952 - and she passed several years ago.

Charlene (Lewis) Wigington, 93, Lawton, passed on November 7. She is mom of classmates Dan Wigington, Ron Wigington, and Sylvia (Wigington) Crockett. Services were November 12 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at: www

Our sympathies and prayers are always with those who have lost loved ones.


Lawton High once again 'Home of Champions' as [under coach Randy Breeze] they finished the season 10-0, sewing up the District football title and finishing off the Wolverines 11th unbeaten regular season in school history. Go Wolverines!

Halloween was scary, now we press on to turkey and dressing, then in no time.....Santa Claus! Time flies! Regards to all.......Georgia

Friday, November 1, 2013

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 10

I have a '59 classmate - PATSY (Sherratt) Theobald - and for some strange reason I insist on calling her Nancy. I did so (again) in last news & I apologize & will see if I can get my brain in gear!

From the eMail bag:
Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman sends....."a 'hello' to longtime friend and neighbor of the past, Kenneth Easton. I hope to get home before long and would love to see some of those Lawton schools kids."

Ron Poole, class '55, and wife Marilyn send word that they are moving from the Seattle area to Austin Texas on Sept 30th. Their email will remain same.

Tom Burroughs, '56, writes....."I had the opportunity to talk with Pat Adair and see the pix from Canada. I had been to all the places she showed me but was nice to see them again. It has been several months since my wife (Phyllis) passed away and I'm still adjusting. I also talked with Charlotte McGill today in California and she is doing well and doing lots of traveling. Both these gals were a big part of my growing up years and it is always nice to touch base."
btw.....Tom would like to visit with any classmates via email or snail mail.

Laci Franks, 18 year old granddaughter of classmate Shirley (Edgmon) Franks, '55, has enlisted in the US Navy & is headed to Great Lakes Basic training in November! Anchors Away Laci!

Bruce Knowles up Alaska way writes....."Our summer is coming to an end, we had frost last week [end of Aug] and leaves are turning colors. I thought I would send you some flowers our friend grew. They are Delphiniums; that what you get with 24 hours of sunlight."

Sept. 2013..... Jeane Virginia (Stockton) O’Brien, class of 1961 retired from USAA, San Antonio, after 19 years, 7 months and 19 days. LHS classmates at the retirement party: Neta (Sparkman) Callihan, ’65; Dee (Dever) Brame (and spouse Charlie), ’65; and George Glasby, '57 (and spouse Carol), ’59. Jeane and hubby of 47 years, Jim, are selling their home in Canyon Lake TX and moving to Florida, Myakka City area near Tampa. All the best...enjoy!

Had nice visit with Janette (Hanes), '54, she has found a house and is in process of moving 'home' to Lawton. Welcome!!

I attended the Friday night event for the recent class 1958 reunion. Great crowd, lot of '58ers and all seemed to be having a good time. Numerous from 'other years' as well. There should be pictures posted on Facebook under Lawton High class 1958 or some similar tag.

And, Ed Harp has photo album of pictures at joint reunion held back on August 2-3. Email Ed and he will tell you how to access. He is still hoping to get some pictures from the Friday night event at Ramon Johns house.

Congratulations to Senior Chance Moody who was crowned LHS Homecoming Queen on Thursday evening (Oct. 3).

Sing belated Happy (September) Birthday to Bill Scott, '59; Ron Jones, '55.

Also a Happy 60th Anniversary (Sept) to Bill and Joyce (Allison) Gentry. Bill is class '52, Joyce is class '53. Major congrats guys! btw...the happy couple was pictured in the Oklahoman under Anniversaries - Sept. 21.

And...hats 'n horns for Happy (October) Birthdays: Suzanne (Jones) Crawford; Marilyn (Lewis) Smith; Tom Dillon; Wayne Parks; Jim Powers; Princess (Gill) Turner.


Mike Wyant, '57, is continuing to improve [slowly] after a hospital stay following a couple of very bad falls causing damage to his low back plus malfunction and ultimate replacement of his defibrillator. Mike, I know all join me in wishing you a good recovery.


Jack Cherry Shanklin, 79, of Houston, TX, passed on September 30 after a battle with cancer. Jack was LHS class 1952. Jack was one of 7 children and is survived by current wife Debbie; 2 sons and their families; 3 daughters and their families; 8 grandchildren, extended family. He is also survived by brother Bob Shanklin of Lawton; sister Jane Jones of Lawton; brother Jerry Shanklin of Spring, TX. A memorial service was held in Houston on October 3.

Farris Lindsey, 72, of Walters, passed on September 27. Services were September 30. Farris was LHS class 1959. Farris is survived by wife Mary (Langford); 3 sons; 2 brothers and extended family. Extended obit and guest book at: www

Lt. Col. Don Van Dyke, DVM, 80, of Ft. Worth, TX passed on September 9. Don was LHS class 1951. Graveside services with full military honors were held September 11 in Comanche. Don is survived by a brother Jack Van Dyke and extended family.
Online guest book at:

Ernest "Louis" Boyce, 81, of Edmond, passed on August 31 after a long battle with Parkinsons. Louis was LHS class 1950. He was very involved with the FFA and his four man team won 3 State wide livestock show judgings. He is survived by wife Betty (Wood), '55; three grown children and their families; extended family. Betty has moved to a Senior Living Village of 62 and older in Edmond. Extended obit and guest book at: www.

Genevieve "Gents" Stamps Latham, 94, of Lawton passed on October 2. There will be a grave side service at 1:00pm, Tuesday October 15, at Highland Cemetery in Lawton. Gents is the mother of LHS classmates Bill Stamps, Jr; Sue (Stamps) Johnson; 5 grandchildren and large extended family.
Obit and guest book at: www

Elna C. "Peggy" (Davie) Raley, 97, of Norman passed on October 3. Services were October 8 in Lawton. Peggy is mother of LHS classmates Tom Raley; Patricia (Raley) Welch; grand and great grandchildren and extended family.
Obit and guest book at: www

Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.


Regards to all............Georgia

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

......LHS News......
Originally sent September 6

I doubt few know - or care - BUT...the Lava Lamp is 50 years old!  Yes!  The design was created by a British inventor and former WW11 pilot Edward Craven-Walker. It was first marketed as an "exotic conversation piece" by a British company back in 1963. The lamp came to be a real icon or 'symbol' of the '60's. It has been much copied since, but original - and working- ones can still be found occasionally in antique and junk shops.
And for you with inquiring minds....the lamps are based on two liquids of slightly different density which will not mix.  The heavier liquid sinks to the bottom, but when heated by the lamp light its density decreases and it floats to the top!  Viola!~

From the eMail bag:

Someone is looking for friend Leonard Gregory.  He was married at one time to '59 classmate Jolene Narmore.  They divorced and do not know where-abouts of either.  If you have info, please share with me.  Thanks!

"I am sorry to hear of the end of The Tattler Miss Vanita Lee and writing for The Tattler are two of the very few things in my LHS experience that significantly changed my life for the better."
John Waller

Photo of Lewis Chandler in Gredos, Spain participating in 'Vaughan Town'. He is now back in US of A and taking off again for points in CO, ending with a few days in Santa Fe before returning to OK. Photo above.

Pat (Adair) Vowell, '57, just back from trip to visit family in Canada took some spectacular pictures. 

Murdoch Matthew also celebrated an August Birthday.......82 years young!!!! Many happy returns!

Class 1958 reunion coming up fast!  September 20-21.  For details or info contact Ken Easton at:

Appreciate emails from:  Nancy (Sherratt) Theobald; Sameera (Hamra) Murad; Peggy (Stockton) Cravens; Bill Buntyn; Fran (Jacks) Wehner; Ron Hagler;  Sonja (Reynolds) Homan.


Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52,  writes that both her sons have the disease hemophilia that also affected Dolores brother David Warner, '56, and eventually caused his passing.  Dolores youngest son David, 47,  is preparing for a liver transplant as soon as possible.  They would appreciate your prayers.


Ann (Taff) Wassel, 75, Dallas, TX, passed August 12.  Ann was LHS class 1956. She is survived by husband John William Wassel (he attended LHS as Bill Woods and was class '55); a son and 4 grandchildren and extended family. 
There will be a Memorial service at 12:00 noon, Saturday September 7, St. John's Episcopal Church, 848 Harter Road, Dallas.  

Mary Kathleen 'Kathy' (Fields) Phillips, 62, Chattanooga, OK, passed on September 4. She attended Wilson grade school and was LHS class 1969. She is survived by husband Ron; 2 sons; extended family. The family will greet friends from 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm Sunday September 8 at Becker Funeral Home. 
Services will be 10:00am, Monday Sept. 9, Calvary Baptist church in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Pauline (Harrold) Young, 94, Lawton, passed on September 1 after a long illness.  Pauline attended Emerson grade school and was LHS class 1937.  She is survived by a daughter Phyllis Ann of the home and large extended family. She will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with her husband LTC (ret) John C. Young.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Patricia 'Patsy' Joy (Metcalf) Phelps, 69, of Lawton, passed on August 31. Patsy was LHS class 1962.  She is survived by  her husband of fifty years Ray; a daughter Sally; extended family.  Graveside services were held September 4.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones as well as with those undergoing treatments and surgeries.


Hope to see some of you at the '58 reunion!  Regards.....Georgia