Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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Originally sent February 13

Memories continue......

"The blurb about Dutcher's brought back a flood of memories. I worked for Glen Dutcher my Jr. and Sr. years and between customers I stuck my feet into that x-ray fitting machine a thousand times! Mr. Dutcher was one of the finest men I ever knew. I made fifty-cents an hour after school and on Saturdays which, of course, I promptly took next door to Ramey's pool hall to lose on those pin ball machines!"
Bob Keiningham

"Loved the newsletter and the MEMORIES about Ratcliffe's Book Store. I worked there while going to Cameron and recall the many hours worked during the school-book rush. I worked with Sylvia Matthews, Murdoch Matthew's mom, and still make several of recipes she gave me. Sylvia, Gale and Martha were jewels."
Jeane Virginia (Stockton ) O'Brien, '61

"I was 12 when my folks had the Fabric Shop (next door to Eddie Morris Men’s Store, Sara Jane’s [Morris-Wade] dad, was about ½ block from Radcliffe’s. I hung out in their Hobby Dept. when Robert Forbis ran it. When Robert went to OU he recommended me to replace him. I was heavy into model airplanes so it was perfect, an employee discount for models and the money to blow on them! But, I saved $168 (huge money for a 13 year old) and bought my first motorcycle. It was a pre-war British Villers that was later owned by Marvin “Zeke” Carter, Bill Drewry, and finally converted to power a Go Kart by Frank Rinehart. The motorcycle and model airplane thing stuck as I now collect motorcycles and have built and restored several airplanes.
I remember downtown was an exciting place to be with crowded streets and sidewalks. Kind of like today’s open air mall, only better. Alice Aurell’s folks had a Shoe Store next door to Ratcliffe’s with an x-ray machine. Across the street, Ron and Don Hagler’s brother [Trevor] had Trevor’s Hobby Shop with Cushman Motor Scooters and other fascinating stuff. It was a fun time and a great place to grow up. Too bad LBJ’s Urban Renewal Plan changed it forever."
Steve Colwell, class of 57, Lago Vista, TX and Placerville, CA

"We are spending January and February in Yuma, Arizona. We are two of many, many, snowbirds! With temps in the low 80's why not? I worked at Dutchers shoe store for a year in 1958 and 1959. It was a very pleasant place to work. Don't remember the x-ray machine."
Patsy (Sherratt) Theobald, '59

Susan (Hankins) Ellington said she 'got in a hurry' and took a terrible fall. Fortunately nothing broken but a picture of her face looked like she had gone 10 rounds with Sugar Ray! Arm and other 'parts' also scraped pretty badly! Mercy!!! Heal quick!!! btw...she still has not made final move to Santa Fe...but soon!

Globe trotting Lewis Chandler is off again.......he's headed to Mexico for a few weeks then looking at spending the winter down there beginning next December! Ole!~

Happy (February) Birthday wishes out to: Alice (Aurell) Choice; Don Champiomont (on Valentines Day); Jim Andrews; Belva (Hollingshead) Williams; these four of us all on 16th - Sima (Stein) Kaplan; P.R. Ramey; Bob Atkins; yours truly - Georgia.

And Happy 39th Anniversary on Valentines Day to Johnna (Gordon) and Wayne Parks! Major congrats dear friends.

Appreciate emails from: Janet and Gene Copeland; Tempe (Tip Cockrell) Brown; Jerry (Sasser) Childs (still in Africa, over 30 years now).

Seen while out and about the home town: Glenda (Doan) Stanton; Spencer Stanley; Zeke Carter; Nick Garrett; Bill Drewry; Ramon John (hard at work); Janette (Hanes); Al & Mary Lynn (Marler) Winham.


LHS received a call from a lady in Tulsa area who has found a 1980 LHS class ring. Initials are LAM. Checking shows only person with those initials is Leanna Martindale. If anyone knows Leanna or her where-a-bouts, please call Karen Beavers (LHS) at (580) 357-8214 or (580) 355-5170. Thanks!


Bussie Wyatt is recovering nicely from heart valve replacement surgery.

Kenneth Easton had a 'mild' stroke few weeks after a knee replacement. He is recovering slowly but seemingly well.

Pat (Dunn) Doughty will be having eye surgery soon.

Pat (Banks) White has been under the weather is now doing much better.

Other classmates continue with treatment for various illnesses. Join me in keeping them in prayer.


Paula (Hertzog) Elam, 42, of Chickasha, passed on February 6. Paula was LHS class 1990 and daughter of '64 classmate Janie (Bardsher) Hertzog and father was Don Hertzog (deceased). Services were February 10. Obit and guest book at: www .beckerfuneral.com

A longtime and dear friend Shirley (Brittain) Crumpton Russell, 73, passed on February 1 after a battle with cancer. Shirley was LHS class 1958. Services were February 6 in Lawton. Shirley is survived by husband Ronnie Russell; daughter Shelly Crumpton; sons Scott Crumpton and Lance Crumpton; sister Barbara 'Bunny' Lavender; former brother-in-law Dr. Robert 'Bob' Crumpton; cousins and their families - Ed Hesler, Jr.; Bob Atkins; Jim McConhahay; Patty, Pam, Eugene; large extended family. She will be missed by her family and many friends who loved her.
Obit and guest book at: www .grayfuneral.com

Louis Byron Caldwell, lll, 64, Norman, passed on February 1 after bout with cancer. He was LHS class 1967. He is survived by his wife Charlotte Kay (Landers); numerous siblings and extended family. Service was February 8 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at: www .beckerfuneral.com

Gale M. Champiomont, 83, Ocean Springs, MS, passed on February 2. Gale was LHS class 1949 and was in the band. He was retired from the US Air Force and the US Postal Service. His wife Ruth preceded him in death. He is survived by a daughter and a son; a brother Don Champiomont; extended family. Services were in MS.
Obit and guest book at: www.bradfordokeefe.com

Richard Lee Stokes, 64, Cibolo, TX, passed on February 2. Richard was LHS class 1968. He worked in the Lawton Public School system and also Civil Service. He was married to Eva (Garcia). He is survived by a son Kevin; daughter Brandi; extended family. Services were February 6 in Lawton.
Obit and guest book at: www.beckerfuneral.com

Helen Louise (Light) Bunch, 97, of Lawton, passed on January 26 and services were January 30. Helen is mom of classmates Judy (Bunch) Glasby and Linda (Bunch) Hadden. She is also survived by numerous grand and great-grand children.
Obit and guest book at: www .grayfuneral.com

Our sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.


Been an unusually cold and snowy winter for us here in the home town. The 6-8 inch snow on February 2 was beautiful. Got more over next week, now sunshine and some 'heat' returning!
Happy Valentines to you all! Georgia


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