Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Originally sent Nov. 16

I am so sorry to report that Jerry Weaver, class '56, passed away on Saturday evening, Nov. 15. Jerry is brother of '59 classmate Sharon (Weaver) Burgamy. Sharon had just written on Friday to say he was quite ill. Jerry also has an older brother Warren who lives in Duncan.
Jerry was 71, lived in Groves TX, and retired from Gulf Oil. He leaves wife Irene, several children, grand children and great grand children.
If you would like, you may send cards to the family at: Sharon Burgamy, PO Box 774, Bertram, TX 78605. Or if you want to call, Sharon's cell phone is 512-762-5983.

Also wanted to note the passing of some other LHS alumns.....Albert Henry McKenzie, Sr., 82, of Lawton passed Nov. 12. He was a LHS grad.

Also passing, Darrel Lee Ronhausen, 43, of McKinney, TX passed Nov. 12. Darrell was a 1983 LHS grad.

And, an email Friday from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser). She wrote to say that tests have indicated her husband Ron Childs has prostate cancer. Ron & Jerry, who are missionaries in Africa, are currently in the US visiting with family and taking care of business. Ron will have further tests and then a course of treatment will be recommended.
Jerry and her family would appreciate your prayers.
I know our prayers will be with those who have family members with health problems as well as those who have lost loved ones.

'59 classmate Dr. Jack Rhodes wrote to say that he & wife Glenda made a short trip to the 'home-town' recently and had opportunity to dine at Burgess Grill & Salas. (two of my favs) Jack went on to say that he thought Lawton was more "bustling" and looking good!!!! Jack is planning to be at our 50th next year. Look forward to seeing him and others!!!!

Have emails from several who were familiar with Aunt Bills Brown candy. One from Sue (Stamps) Johnson who said she still had an original copy of the recipe (5 pages) in handwriting of her friend Carolyn (Hennessee) Bass. Sadly Carolyn passed in 2005.
Sue was getting a copy of the mag to see if same and said she hadn't made it in years but might 'break-down' this year & do it!

And, my sister-in-law, Lugene, got a copy of Bon Appetit to look at 'history' and see if recipe was the same.

Let me just say...if any of you make this candy and need a 'quality control taste person'.....I'm your gal!

Class of 1959 will meet tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 17, Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm to work further on plans for 50th reunion next year! Would like to see any and all '59 grads who can attend. If you have been working on locating classmates, please being any info you have as we will begin to coordinate. This will be last meeting until after first of year! See you Monday!

Gorgeous day today......Regards to all.......Georgia

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