Saturday, November 29, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 24

I hate to have to pass along more sad news and news of numerous classmates who are having health issues, but I know many of you do want to know so you can be supportive.

Elaine Smith, 98, Lawton, passed on Sunday Nov. 23. Miss Smith graduated from LHS in 1929 as Valedictorian of her class. She taught school for 41 years - 17 at Cameron and 24 in LPS. She taught English when 'we' were at LHS. She retired from Eisenhower in 1975. With her sister Bernice - who also taught - they traveled extensively around the world and the US.
She is survived by Bernice.
Services will be Tuesday Nov. 25 at Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel, 2:00pm, with Dick Neptune - class '52 - officiating. Burial will be in the Highland Cemetery.
An online guest book is at: <>

Received word of the passing of LaVelle (Swinney) Boyd, 77, of Nashville on Nov. 19. I am assuming LaVelle was a LHS grad but do not know year? LaVelle is daughter of LHS teacher Mrs. B.C. Swinney who taught English II. LaVelle is sister of Carolyn Swinney, class '58. She is also survived by two daughters.
Obit and info at: <>

I know there are several classmates with serious health problems. I do not pass along such information unless I am asked to or told it is alright. One such is an email I received today from '59 classmate Patsy (Sheppard) Holcomb on her husband Larry.....
Georgia, I haven't written you before this because we were hoping for a better outcome for Larry. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several weeks ago and has been in the hospital on 2 different occasions for a week or more at a time. There is a pancreatic cancer specialist at OU Med Center who originally thought that a Whipple surgery could be done and then combine that with chemo would help extend his life. However, last week, the drs. did a Pet Scan on Larry and found 2 cancerous nodules in his lungs. Today they are doing a biopsy on the lung nodules to find out if they has matastized from the pancreatic cancer or if it is a separate lung cancer. At this time, the only option given to us is chemo once they decide what kind of cancer is in his lung. So if you want to, please notify others and solicit prayers for Larry. I know there are a lot of 1959 grads who remember Larry and his brother Bill who was killed our Sr. year. Larry graduated in 1961. Will keep you posted as things progress. Patsy

Also, Fred Burch is recovering from lower back surgery, about 2 weeks ago. Slow, but doing ok.

Richard Hopper is having colon surgery after a past same type surgery for cancer.

Jerry Phelps is recovering nicely from recent knee replacement.

Mary Lee (House) Coleman was walking in WalMart today after recent knee replacement. Doing great!

Visited with Jerry Boucher a few days ago and he is having 2nd knee replace soon.

I know you will join me in keeping all these classmates in your thoughts and prayers. As Marcille (Burns) Covey commented...."if these are the 'golden' years, they are surely tarnished!"

On a lighter note.....Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful times to 'see' classmates home for a visit.

Oh, gotta say Happy Birthday to my brother George today! He was born on Thanksgiving Day & it hits every so many years. Not this year...but he's still a BIG turkey!!!! hahahhaha, kidding! Love to U bro and many happy returns! He's a '63 LHS grad!

Regards to all.........Georgia

Monday, November 24, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 23

I am so very saddened to report the passing of Derrell G. Andrus, 77, of Lawton. Derrell is a LHS grad, class 1950. Derrell was a pharmacist (graduated SWS in 1954) and a long time personal friend as he worked with my Bill many years at the Earl Drug downtown before taking Earl Drug South in 1963.
Derrell was a great guy and will be missed by so many. Derrell passed on Nov. 18 after complications from an appendectomy. He is survived by his wife Anne, son Shawn & wife Jamie. He was proceeded in death by a son Guy Andrus.
Service will be Monday, Nov. 24, at Lawton Heights United Methodist church, 2:00pm. Burial at Highland Cemetery.
There is an on line guest book at: <>

'59 classmate Larry Waller and wife Donna (Bridges)...well, actually Donna sent the picture of a frequent visitor to their home in Lake City, CO. She says he will come up & try to eat out of your hand! Beautiful!

Want to mention again, Ed Harp, class '54, has a great newsletter (once a month) with all kinds of info on '54 classmates. Anyone who is interested can receive his newsletter! Just email Ed at: and ask to be added to his list. We sometimes share info but Ed gets a lot of comments from '54-ers that I don't get or repeat! His recent November newsletter was most informative!

Plans for class 1959 50th year reunion - Oct. 2-3, 2009 - are coming along! Those who are working to put it together have 'adjourned' until end of January! Meanwhile, if you know whereabouts of a '59 grad, please pass info along to me AND Carlana (Fitch) Murray who will be coordinating all the classmate contact info!

I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Georgia

Sunday, November 16, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 16

I am so sorry to report that Jerry Weaver, class '56, passed away on Saturday evening, Nov. 15. Jerry is brother of '59 classmate Sharon (Weaver) Burgamy. Sharon had just written on Friday to say he was quite ill. Jerry also has an older brother Warren who lives in Duncan.
Jerry was 71, lived in Groves TX, and retired from Gulf Oil. He leaves wife Irene, several children, grand children and great grand children.
If you would like, you may send cards to the family at: Sharon Burgamy, PO Box 774, Bertram, TX 78605. Or if you want to call, Sharon's cell phone is 512-762-5983.

Also wanted to note the passing of some other LHS alumns.....Albert Henry McKenzie, Sr., 82, of Lawton passed Nov. 12. He was a LHS grad.

Also passing, Darrel Lee Ronhausen, 43, of McKinney, TX passed Nov. 12. Darrell was a 1983 LHS grad.

And, an email Friday from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser). She wrote to say that tests have indicated her husband Ron Childs has prostate cancer. Ron & Jerry, who are missionaries in Africa, are currently in the US visiting with family and taking care of business. Ron will have further tests and then a course of treatment will be recommended.
Jerry and her family would appreciate your prayers.
I know our prayers will be with those who have family members with health problems as well as those who have lost loved ones.

'59 classmate Dr. Jack Rhodes wrote to say that he & wife Glenda made a short trip to the 'home-town' recently and had opportunity to dine at Burgess Grill & Salas. (two of my favs) Jack went on to say that he thought Lawton was more "bustling" and looking good!!!! Jack is planning to be at our 50th next year. Look forward to seeing him and others!!!!

Have emails from several who were familiar with Aunt Bills Brown candy. One from Sue (Stamps) Johnson who said she still had an original copy of the recipe (5 pages) in handwriting of her friend Carolyn (Hennessee) Bass. Sadly Carolyn passed in 2005.
Sue was getting a copy of the mag to see if same and said she hadn't made it in years but might 'break-down' this year & do it!

And, my sister-in-law, Lugene, got a copy of Bon Appetit to look at 'history' and see if recipe was the same.

Let me just say...if any of you make this candy and need a 'quality control taste person'.....I'm your gal!

Class of 1959 will meet tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 17, Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00pm to work further on plans for 50th reunion next year! Would like to see any and all '59 grads who can attend. If you have been working on locating classmates, please being any info you have as we will begin to coordinate. This will be last meeting until after first of year! See you Monday!

Gorgeous day today......Regards to all.......Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 11

I am sorry to report several losses in last few days.
Jim R. "Bo" Baughman, 64, of Lawton passed on Nov. 7. Jim attended Tomlinson Jr. High & was a LHS grad, I believe class '61.
He is brother of our '59 classmate Myrna (Baughman) Ostrum, who sadly passed very recently. Bo was a neat guy, we had good visits at Burgess Grill. Graveside services will be at 1:00pm on Wednesday Nov. 12, Ft. Sill National Cemetery at Elgin.
Bo is survived by a son Gerald Lee and his dad R. L.An online guest book is at: <>

Also passing, Dr. Byron Aycock, 92, of Lawton. Dr. Aycock was ear, nose throat doc to many of 'us' of the years. He was a LHS grad, class of 1933.
Doctor passed on Nov. 7 and a memorial service will be at 4:00pm Tuesday Nov. 11 (today), First United Methodist church here in Lawton. He was preceded in death by wife Doris but is survived by children Keith, Allan, Jane, & Andrea, and their spouses plus 11 grandchildren.
An on line guest book is available at: <>

Also passing, John Newton Redmon, 47, of OKC. John passed on Oct. 23.
He was a '79 grad of LHS and son of Manville and Deanna (Porter) Redmon. Deanna was LHS class '56. Sadly she died in 1999.

On a much lighter note.....Sue (Chalk) Briggs, class '64, traveled to LA recently where she had dinner with daughter Adrienne Briggs and Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) and attended a reception.
Adrienne is working on a project with Don.
btw....pick up the August 25-31 issue of Variety....the cover - front and back - is Adrienne's work and article page 27 features picture of Adrienne (a US film producer) and the project she is currently heading - "the Circle" - Middle East Int'l Film Festival. Break a leg!

In case you don't get it...pick up December issue of Bon Appetit. Page 95-96 has article - "Sweet Home Oklahoma". Gives some background and origin as well as recipe for Aunt Bills Brown Candy! IF you've never had Aunt Bills, you ain't lived! The yummiest of the yummy!

Gotta recall....the first time I ever had Aunt Bills was first Christmas Bill & I were married - 1965. Bills sister - Lugene (Williams) Mushrush, class '54, who is extraordinary cook - was living in Louisville, KY! Shortly before Christmas we received a box in mail with all kinds of great Christmas candies, white fruitcake, and Aunt Bills. It was all wonderful but the Aunt Bills was to die for!!!!

My mom had not been a candy maker so I appreciated Lugene for introducing me to such a delicious treat(s)! It's been down-hill ever since. The older copies of the recipe usually tell you it will take two people to 'beat the mixture'. It gets quite stiff and heavy. Lugene always made it by herself. Good luck, its worth it!

Hope all is going well for each of you.......Georgia

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent Nov. 5

I am so very sorry to report the passing of Jimmie Lee (Pannell) Evilsizer, 72. Jimmie Lee passed on Tuesday morning in Dallas where she had been living the past several years. Jimmie Lee is LHS class '54 and sister to Deloris (Pannell) Mansell, class '56. JL is also survived by a daughter in Dallas and special friend and caretaker Tom Dillon. I understand there is to be some kind of service in Lawton, maybe Friday or Saturday, but I have no details at this time.

Class 1959 will meet for another 50th reunion planning on Monday Nov. 17, 7:00pm, Milo-Gordon Honda. Hope any and all '59'ers will be there!

I am sending a picture that appeared in Lawton paper a few days ago...especially for those living far away from the 'home-town'. Beautiful fall ~ make you home-sick! The picture was taken at Rush Lake out on the refuge. (not posted here)

Regards to all....... Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent Oct. 29

I am so sorry to report the passing of Roger E. Salmon, 75 of Lawton. Roger is a '51 grad of LHS and is the brother of Don Salmon, class '57. Roger had no children and his wife Margo passed in 1998.
Don lives in Lawton. Roger had been having health problems some time and passed Saturday Oct. 25.
Services will be this Thursday Oct. 30, Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel at 10:00am. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens (west of Lawton).
An on line guest book is available at <>

Also passing on October 19 was Wilfred Ralph Niedo, 75, of Cache. Neido was a LHS grad but no year was given. I think he must have been class '51or '52? He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Jewell, and 8 daughters and spouses.
Burial with military honors was in Cache at the KCA Intertribal Cemetery.

Had opportunity to visit with Mike Lehew - class '68. He said their recent reunion was GREAT! Had the original music group "Brut".....with Dick Dooley, Robert Adair, Mark Reeves, Gary Capshaw, and Denny Baker.
They were the group back in the day!
If there are some individuals with pictures, will be glad to make a link on the WolverNet blog if you want to send pictures to me.

Marilyn Morris - class '56 - emailed recently to let me know that one of her books is now available as an ebook.
Check it out at:

Major congrats to '58 grad Janice Kay (Thompson) Lee. She and hubby Gerald Wayne Lee recently celebrated their golden 50th anniversary.
Janice has been a teacher in LPS, retiring in 1998.

Ed Harp - class '54 - does a monthly update for just class '54. I have some items in common but he oft has some I do not. So, if you would like to receive Ed's him at

Weather in the home town has been gorgeous. btw....gasoline hit $1.97 on Sunday!
Regards to all and hope you get lots of treats this Halloween!!! Georgia