Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Originally sent March 16

Sorry to have some bad news, just got this and wanted to get this out as service is today in Wichita, KS!
"It's Roby (Browers) Park (1957) here. Wanted to let you know Sheridan (Brandon) Drowatzky (1956) died March 11, 2009. We were good friends at Lawton High and we have kept in touch by email. She had congestive heart failure February 28, 2009 and pneumonia. They took her to the hospital by ambulance and she died on March 11, 2009 there at the hospital. She had just had a pacemaker implanted about a year ago and I have had three pacemakers and two pacemaker defibrillator so we talked a lot about that.
Ernie, her husband, is devastated and I know he will miss her and so will I."
There is an extended obit and guest book at:

Also had an email from someone wanting to contact class '79 grads. Are there any out there? Anyone doing a newsletter or other keeping track? If so, let me know. can post your contact info at the LHS School site. <>
Go to top of page and click on Alumni. It would be a BIG help to all putting together reunions if classmates would fill in their data. ALL LHS grads.

All for now........Georgia

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