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Originally sent July 28

Very sorry to report the passing of Sherryl Diane Lewis, class '62. Sherryl passed on June 18 at Norman where she had been living for the past several years. Sherryl is sister to Michael W. Lewis, class of '57.
I know our sympathies are with this family.

We have several classmates recovering from injuries....
LaJune (Givens) Lewis, class '54, fell the first part of July and broke her hip and collar bone. She has had surgery, is doing alright but recovery and rehab may be somewhat slow. LaJune is sister of Keith Givens.
If you would care to send a card or make a call of encouragement LaJune will probably be at this facility at least another month: Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation, 910 Midwestern Parkway, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
Phone: (940) 767-5500. Rm. 112

Also, '59 classmate Marilyn (Lewis) Smith broke her wrist. She is managing and getting better.

And another '59 classmate, Dan Glascock, fell last week and broke a bone in his hand!!! He had surgery this past Thursday, pins inserted, a cast that looks like a 'hockey mitt', and 4-5 weeks of re-coop/mend.
Marilyn and Dan chalk these 'problems' up to....'being this age'....when all starts falling apart!!!! They may be on to something!!?

Still more broke 'parts' as Sara (Leister) Bridges fell this past week-end and broke a leg which was surgically repaired on Sunday. She is doing 'ok' at this point.
I know you join me in wishing all these classmates a speedy recovery!!!

Another great article by Herb Jacobs in Sunday Constitution (July 26). Sundays article titled - 'Lawton High's 1962 Athletic Success Amazing' - talks about '62 being the year LHS won five State Championships: basketball, football, track, girls tennis, and baseball and became "the year Lawton High School earned the nickname 'Home of Champions'." (may have to disagree with Herb on that point....LHS has always been a home of champions).

Names jumping off the page ...Wes Hamm, Scott Long, Bill Thomas, Bill Fargo, led by basketball coach Ken Bridges earned the first and only basketball championship!

In girls tennis, coach Jack Spears leading Judy Waid, Mary Ann Ashlock (her sister Julie was class '59 and also a player), Lexa Carden (sister of Lance, '59), Shirley Stanley.

In track, coach Jim Phillips, names of Vincent Johnson, Mike Kiesewetter, Ken Sullivan, Bill Thomas, Jim McCracken, Jim Hamilton, Richard Chapman, Ed Oelschlaeger, Al Joern (sadly, recently deceased).

Baseball under coach 'Bo' Bowman: Pete Dosser, Dick Tannery, Scott Long, Steve Spaulding, Byrl Hunt, Ton McCord, Jimmy Dean, Don Reichle, Joe Rodriguez.

Bob Bodenhamer coached his football team to victory with: Bobby Booth, Gene Cagle, Ed Oelschlaeger, Ken Sullivan, Scott Long, Wes Hamm, Mike Morgan, Doug Kemper, Jim Abercrombie, Jim Matthews.

In addition, in that 1961-62 season like none other......Cameron won the Junior Rose Bowl and Lawton Eisenhower opened and quickly became a major player on the state front! Good read and lots of LHS 'sports history'.

LHS class 1974 will host their 35th reunion this September 4-5. They have two busy days planned including football game, after game mixer, golf tournament, Sat night event at Museum of Great Plains.
For details and info, contact:Bonnie Guzman: Debbie (Dayton) Duggar: Judy (Joyner) Dial: Debbie Hunter Chavez: and Julie Shelton McGee:

Sharing a great picture taken recently of two gals of 1960 visiting in the 'home town'. (above).L-r: Carol (Barnes) Glick and Marilyn (Thompson) Seely.

From Lawton, America...........Georgia

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