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Originally sent August 12

I have had some inquiries from classmates of 1961. They are expressing interest in getting a newsletter or blog or some type of 'communication' going for the '61 class. If you have interest in doing me and I can point you in their direction.

From the eMail bag:
Have had a couple of great emails from Dave Johnson, one of my Bills classmates of '52. Dave & wife Martha live in Broken Arrow, OK. He had successful heart by-pass this past December. He sent some great remembrances of school days and cousins who were classmates of some of us. Cousins, Allen Johnson, Reddy Johnson, Mikel Johnson, Eddie Johnson (sadly, deceased) as is Charles Johnson.
He mentioned having Mrs. Waller as a fourth grade teacher at Emerson and he remains friends and in contact with several local classmates including Sara & Ken Bridges, Jane (Lacy), Pat (Banks), and Ralph Purvis in Texas.
One of his 'most favorite' memories is of the 'boarding house' that was located in the 600 block of B. This is before school cafeterias. Dave jogged Bills memory........Bill says, starting with 7th grade and going through about freshman year (until some could drive & had a car to go to a drive-inn or elsewhere) lunch, Dave and my Bill and numerous other of the kids at the High School/Central Jr. High would head out to eat lunch there. Bill says they ran like h-e-double toothpicks to see who could get there first to get a seat.
Lunch was served 'family style', all you could eat, and cost .65 cents! They later raised it to .75 cents! Bill said all the football boys ate there & they had boarders living there by a couple named Williams (no relation). Bill says it was 'great'!

"Just a note to let you know, after taking it easy for 8 weeks after back surgery, I am hard at work packing and throwing away 17 years of 'extra stuff' I have acquired at my present house. I have sold my house, and September 1st I will leave Lawton and go to McKinney, Tx to stay with my son, Mark, for 2-3 months. I am currently building a new house at Frisco Lakes, Texas, which is a Del Webb Active Adult Retirement Community built around the shores of Lake Lewisville. My house is located near the 11th hole of the l8th hole golf course. My grandkids are looking for a lightly used two-seater golf cart to "jazz up" for me, so if anyone has one for sale, let me know.
The OU-Texas Football game will take on new meaning for me when I move. I will look forward to receiving your LHS News along with the latest happenings in Lawton." Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley, '57

Certainly wish Mary Ann good luck....but gotta wonder who she's gonna root for..!!??

It's a golden 50th (August 7) for '59 classmate Geraldine (Greenlee) Bay and hubby Daymon (pix below). They live in Lawton. Wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations!

I have someone looking for a 1954 LHS Lore......if anyone has one they don't want, let me know! Thanks!

I know that Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert has been having a really 'rough' spot and I am sure she would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers.

A hot summer continues in the 'home town'........Georgia

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