Tuesday, March 24, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 23

Just some reminders:

ALL LHS classes included reunion: More and more are expressing intent to be at Medicine Park on April 18, 3:00pm, The Old Plantation. LOT of response!
Let Geneva know if you plan to attend. WGM1943@aol.com

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

LHS classes '49-'50-'51-'52. Saturday September 26, 2009. More later!

LHS class 1959 - 50th reunion - October 2-3. More later.

Check the link below....Dedicated to all my readers.....thanks ED.

All for now...........Georgia

Sunday, March 22, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 20

Sorry we have lost more classmates......
Karl Henry Leippe, 74, of Marlow, passed on March 14. Karl was a '53 grad or LHS and worked for LPS in the print shop at the Media Center for many years. After retiring he moved to Marlow. Karl is brother of '52 grad Fred Leippe.
Graveside services will be Tuesday March 24 at Highland Cemetery in Lawton.
On line guest book at: <www.callawaysmithcobb.com>

Also passing, Marthelle E. (Sullivan) Merritt, 87, of Lawton. Marthelle passed on March 17. She was a '39 grad of LHS and attended Cameron. Services will be Friday March 20, Centenary Methodist, 10:00am.
Nice lengthy obit and guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Classmate update ~ GOOD news.......
Arrrrrrrh! Well, after the great picture of 'Skipper' Glen Thomason and his boat went out....had an email from Glen to let me (and Yvonne) know.... that was an 'older' picture of his Windjammer. He now has a cabin cruiser!
Glen is having way too much fun!

Received this email from Ed Harps' wife Carole....
"He's doing very well, and the surgery was completely successful! All three of our sons and two daughters-in-law have been very loving and supportive.Our oldest son even programmed our Direct TV to record space shuttle and International Space Station events, and you know how he likes all that NASA stuff."

(Ed had aortic valve replacement on Tuesday)

From Marilyn Morris:
"I went to see JoNell (Dlugosch) Dickson at home last week. She was still wearing her neck brace and her left arm was still in a soft cast, but she looks wonderful. No wrinkles or lines. But I told her that was the hard way to get a face lift! In the "miracle" department: When their car collided with the horse, the emergency vehicles were already responding to a car on fire a little way down the road, so they were able to reach the Dicksons in a very short time. And they were amazed that Ronnie and Jo Nell were able to open their car doors to escape when their car caught on fire; by all reasoning, they should not have been able to do so." Regards, Marilyn
(the story about this bizarre car wreck was sent in Feb and is archived on WolverNet blog)

btw......Marilyn Celeste Morris is a multi-times published author, check out her latest work at: www.publishamerica.com

Look forward to visiting with some of you at Medicine Park on April 18......Georgia

Thursday, March 19, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 16

Sorry to have some bad news, just got this and wanted to get this out as service is today in Wichita, KS!
"It's Roby (Browers) Park (1957) here. Wanted to let you know Sheridan (Brandon) Drowatzky (1956) died March 11, 2009. We were good friends at Lawton High and we have kept in touch by email. She had congestive heart failure February 28, 2009 and pneumonia. They took her to the hospital by ambulance and she died on March 11, 2009 there at the hospital. She had just had a pacemaker implanted about a year ago and I have had three pacemakers and two pacemaker defibrillator so we talked a lot about that.
Ernie, her husband, is devastated and I know he will miss her and so will I."
There is an extended obit and guest book at: http://www.cozinememorial.com/contact.html

Also had an email from someone wanting to contact class '79 grads. Are there any out there? Anyone doing a newsletter or other keeping track? If so, let me know.

btw....you can post your contact info at the LHS School site. <www.lhswolverines.org>
Go to top of page and click on Alumni. It would be a BIG help to all putting together reunions if classmates would fill in their data. ALL LHS grads.

All for now........Georgia

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 15

So sorry to report the passing of Shirley Wooley, 91, of Lawton. Mrs. Wooley passed on March 11 and services were March 13 in Lawton. Shirley is mom to Don Wooley, class '64; also a daughter Patricia and a daughter Kathy.
Several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Wooleys are personal friends of mine and Bill and Mrs. Wooley was a remarkable lady. Born in Nebraska, moved to Minnesota and graduated high school there, hitch-hiked with a girl friend to S. Dakota, camped out, toured the area and monument, went home. WWll started & she went to CA and worked as a real 'Rosie the Riveter', making planes for our troops and helping the war effort. There she met her future hubby Frank Wooley who was from eastern Oklahoma & came to be in Lawton where they owned and operated the Armadillo Pawn Shop. Many more stories ensued. So sorry for her passing, she will be missed by a lot of people.
Guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Classmates......Hope you will join me & keep Ed Harp, class '54, in your prayers. He is scheduled to have an aortic heart valve replacement and one bypass this next Tuesday. Ed says this is pretty much same as Barbara Bush just had.
Wishing Ed all the best.

And also remember Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, class '52, she is having knee replaced next week. The better to kick Ray!!!!! haha! Just kidding! Rays a great guy!

Good news from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs who thanks everyone for the prayers while hubby Ron has been undergoing chemo treatments. He is still under care but much better.They are currently in Sri Lanka with kids and grand kids and sent the great pix above. Jerry on left, Ron on right, and one of the grand kids in between.

Had opportunity last week to visit briefly with Don Hall.

And, ran into Linden Riley and wife Jo lunching at Burgess! Such nice people, always very pleasant to visit with...!
I know....not good grammar!

Heads-up: Speaking of Linden and Jo.....'their' class(es) are busy putting together their annual get together. Here's what I have received so you can mark your calendar: Saturday September 26, 2009. LHS classes '49-'50-'51-'52 will meet at 'The Event', 1001 SW A in Lawton for a 'Western BBQ Dinner'. Gee Haw! 6:00pm social hour; 7:00pm dinner. Hors d'oeuvres will be catered by classmates and dinner will be catered by 'The Event', featuring brisket, potato salad, baked beans...etc.
Only $18.00 per person, reservation due by Sept. 12. So...polish up yer boots & dust off yer hat - western or country attire optional; casual definitely!
For more information contact: Jo Riley, 224 NW Northwood Avenue, Lawton, Ok 73507.(580) 357-7157; email: jomama632@sbcgloal.net or contact Tommye Hobbs, 305 N. Granada, Madera, CA 93637; (559) 718-6735; email: tomehobs@gmail.com

Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs had computer problems so she sent this to Kay (Kimball) Scott, who sent it to moi......this 'news' and great picture above:
"The photo is of Glen Thomason, class of 56, on his cabin cruiser on the Potomac River . He has the greatest retirement of anyone I know. He lives in a waterfront home on the Potomac about 15 miles from Montross, VA where he does a lot of fishing, crabbing, and has an oyster farm. He wrote that he is in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and his group was on standby status to help out the Coast Guard during the Inauguration. The Coast Guard was occupied with guarding the Potomac River and bridges for security."
I think we should all go visit Glen!

Mostly GOOD news for a change! .........regards.......Georgia

Thursday, March 12, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 10

Guys, sorry, nothing but sad news but wanted to get these out in a timely manner.

Betty West, 90, of McKinney, TX. Mrs. West passed March 9. She is the mom of our '59 classmate Bruce West and also daughters, Connie and Dee.
Services will be in Lawton on Wednesday March 11, Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel, 3:00pm.Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Also passing, Bonnie Leora Pursley, 86, of Lawton. Mrs. Pursley passed on March 9. She is mom to '57 LHS grad Jerry Pursley and also a daughter Sharon. Mrs. Pursley was also a grad of LHS but do not know year.
Services will be Thursday March 12, Becker Funeral Home Memorial Chapel, 10:00am, with burial at Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Have more people new to the 'news'. To remind....previously sent news and photos posted at the blog:

Hope the next 'news' has happier news! Regards to all........Georgia

Friday, March 6, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 4

Sorry to report the passing of Martha Ellen (Clancy) Foster, 94, of Lawton. Mrs. Foster passed March 3. She is the mother of our '59 classmate Damon Foster. Also, daughter Adrian (Foster) Drew. Services will be Friday March 6, at University church of Christ in Lawton, 10:00am. Burial will at Sunset Memorial Gardens under the direction of Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home.
Extended obit and guest book at: <http://www.grayfuneral.com/>

Also sad to report the passing of Helen R. Leu, 88, of Lawton. She passed on March 1. Helen is a LHS grad, class of 1938 and is the mom of '59 classmate Larry Joe Thompson and another son, David. Services will be Saturday March 7, at Becker Funeral Home Chapel, 1:30pm.
A subsequent brief grave side service will be held at Flower Mound Cemetery.
Funeral home visitation hours will be 8:00am ~ 9:00pm Thursday - Friday and until 1:00pm on Saturday.
If you care to send a memorial, the family has expressed either flowers or donations, as each prefers. The suggested organization if you care to make a memorial donation is the National Stroke Association - 9707 East Easter Ln., Centennial, CO 80112.
An extended obit and guest book at: http://www.beckerfuneral.com/sitemaker/sites/becker0/obit.cgi?user=helen-leu

LHS class 1969 is planning a 40th reunion. Set for Friday and Saturday July 3-4, 2009. For information call Marilyn Kitzrow at (580) 357-3818; Dwight Meadors at (580) 581-1671or LHS (580) 355-5170.

ALL LHS classes included reunion: More and more are expressing intent to be at Medicine Park on April 18, 3:00pm, The Old Plantation.
Let Geneva know if you plan to attend. WGM1943@aol.com

Some have asked about information on Medicine Park. This is a good site:<http://www.medicinepark.com/>

Regards from the 'home town'.........Georgia

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 1

Sorry, this is mostly sad news....Always hate to report losses, but...so you know:

Dr. Rodney L. Worthen, 85, of Lawton passed on Feb. 24. Worthen graduated LHS in 1941, attended OU, joined Navy in 1943 until 1946. Earned degree from Baylor School of Dentistry in 1950 & began his dental practice in Lawton in 1951. Survivors include wife Fannie Lou, sons Dr. Rodney ll and Rande.
Services will be Monday March 2, First Baptist church, 12:30am.
An extended obit and guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Also passing, Mary Ruth Massad, 80, of Lawton. Ruth passed Feb. 26. Ruth was a LHS grad but not sure of year? Probably 1946-47? A longtime business person in Lawton, she was most recently a partner in Massad's Gift Shop in downtown Lawton which opened in 1981.
Ruth is survived by sisters Blanche Massad and Lenore Hamra; brothers William, Paul, and Larry; a sister Ann Massad.
Services for Ruth will be Monday March 2, First United Methodist church, 11:00am.
An extended obit and guest book at: <www.grayfuneral.com>

Another loss....June "Fine Fine" (Crow) Whitehead, 71, of Lawton. June passed Feb. 22. She was LHS class '55, and retired as a secretary at Central Junior High after many years. She is survived by sons Tommy and Brian; six grandchildren. She was preceded in death by husband Tommy L. Whitehead.
Services were in Lawton on Feb. 24.
Guest book at: <www.beckerfuneral.com>

Also passing, Billy J. Smith, 80, of Lawton. Billy passed Feb. 27. Billy grew up in Carnegie and Mt. View and is brother-in-law of our '59 classmate Marilyn (Lewis) Smith - brother of her hubby Richard. Billy is also survived by two sisters, Dortha and Oneeda.
Graveside services will be Monday March 2, Mt. View Cemetery, 2:00pm under direction of Ray and Martha's Funeral Home in Mt. View.
So very sorry for these losses.

The 'news' circulation is growing by leaps and bounds. Welcome to all!

Class '59 'reunion planning committee' (use that term loosely)...haaha! Making progress. If you have any info on '59 grad please send along to Carlana and copy to me. Thanks!
We will meet again on Tuesday March 10...same time, same bat channel!

Spring gotta be on the way........Georgia