Thursday, April 30, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 27

Sorry to report the loss of yet another '59 classmate.This was in last Saturday Lawton paper.....passing of Garry D. Rollins, 67, of Borrego Springs, CA. (pix at right)Gary passed on March 30 and a memorial service will be held May 9 at his home in CA.
The obit says Garry was a '59 grad of LHS but I cannot find his name on the graduation roster or in the yearbooks of '58 or '59. He joined the Navy so he may have enlisted before graduation. He is survived by wife Debbie, two sons; four brothers and a sister & his mom Ruby, still of Lawton.

Numerous emails from those who attended the All Class reunion. Some to Geneva, some to me.This is my fav sent to Geneva......
[excerpt]...."Geneva: Thanks so very much for pulling together the class reunion. All of us had a blast. It was so much fun seeing every one. I didn't think anyone would know that many of other classes. Thanks again for a wonderful time. I stole some rocks from the Wichita MTs, scared Pat to Death. She just knew we would get arrested and fined. I just had to have a few. It is funny where we live, it appears our rocks look like the rocks in OK."

Shall remain anonymous...just in case authorities are looking for HER. haha!!!

I appreciate Preston McPhail sending me the pictures he took. They are also posted on the blog.

Speaking of the reunion....I had a nice visit with Lexa (Carden). She is sister to our '59 classmate Lance Carden. I don't think I am speaking out of school here to pass along that Lance is getting married in August. His first wife passed. Wishing Lance all the best and hope he will be joining us for our 50th in October!!!!

Also enjoyed visiting with Keith Givens. Keith lives in Wichita Falls and is cousin to our '59 classmate Rex Givens and Dee Givens - husband of Babs.

Ron Hagler was doing some research and ran across a map showing the outbreaks of the Swine flu around the world. If interested take a look.,-45&spn=92.320899,188.085938&z=2&source=embed

I know we have some classmates currently vacationing in Mexico...hope all goes well with them. Also classmates in Ireland and Rome. Maybe get some pics later?

'59 classmate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens was up from Texas last week and several of us got together at ABC for a lunch and several hour visit! Most enjoyable. Babs' darling daughter Janice joined us & visited a while before duty called and she had to return to her real estate job! Joining '59'ers, Gwen Phelps, Kay Strickland, Johnna Parks and myself was Donna (Aust) Littlefield, '62 and coming through & stopping for visits, Beth (Faulkner) Garrett, '61 and Sally Beth (Bassel) Wiseman, also '59 & her sister Patricia, '67.

I had opportunity last few days to visit (via phone) with '59 classmates Barbara (Robertson) Stanko in MI and Jack Atkins in TX. Great to visit with them. They are hoping to be at the reunion this October and 'we' hope so too!
Things been a hoppin in the 'home town'! Georgia

Friday, April 24, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 21

Classmates, the all class reunion at Medicine Park Saturday afternoon was a HUGE success! Some 100+ attended and enjoyed several hours of great visiting, eating, & looking around MP. Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, '62, and Wynn Ann (Moore) Wright, '63, deserve a BIG bouquet of thanks and appreciation for getting this ball rolling.
I have already seen several who attended and they all think it was SUPER.

It was decided (by those in attendance) that 'we' will do it again NEXT year - 2010 - the FIRST SATURDAY AFTER EASTER SUNDAY! I looked at a 2010 calendar on the Internet - and if correct - Easter in 2010 will be April 4. That means the next All class reunion will be Saturday, April 10, 2010! You have plenty of time to get ready!

Amazingly, most attending were from out-of-town. Talking with those from class '56, '57, '58, who have had their 50th's recently, very small attendance from 'locals'. Strangely, many 'locals' seem to have no interest in getting together. Sad, because a lot of great reminiscing and fun catching-up goes on.Hope the class of 1959 - local and out-of-towners - will be coming 'home' this October.
The 50th only happens once and may hang up the reunion books after this one!

Lot of grads from the '50's decade, but the early '60's were well represented Saturday night.

I met & visited with Kelly Longfellow, '95, yes...1995! Kelly is working hard to get an LHS Alumni Association going. I hope each grad will contact Kelly - dues are only $20. a year - and help get this organization up and going strong. Can be a valuable asset for LHS grads and they hope to be able to award scholarships in the future. They will have a new web site soon. Contact Kelly at:

Dean Henderson, '57, came from Enid and he said he had not been in Medicine Park for about 50 years! He was impressed with the 'restoration' of the park.

It was especially good to see '59 classmate Jerry Morgan. Wonderful that he is out & about after a very serious stroke in fall of 2007. His good friend Geneva McIntosh was his wheels to get him down here from up OKC way!

Enjoyed visiting with Mary Jane (Osborne) Hogard, '56, although she lives not far from here, been a long time since I've seen her. And Rae Ann (Best) McDonald, '54, was a big surprise. She moved back here year or two ago after some 18 years away but I hadn't seen her. Enjoyed talking with her.
btw...she said brother Wesley is almost a hermit!

'Mr. Reunion' aka Doyce Grayson, '57, came up from Grapevine and he looked major 'fit' after heart problems and surgery last year! He & wife Diane camped out over at School House slough at Lake Lawtonka (in their motor home - no real roughing it, haha). They motored over the mountain in their new electric car/cart! LHS RED!

I tried to get a picture of everyone there but I know some got away before I snapped the shutter. The picture/slideshow is on the blog....right hand side, near top of page, right under our Alama Mater, will see link. Click, viola!~

NOW....a note about the pictures....have not gotten names on them yet! know who you are! hahaha! <>

Preston McPhail, '59, also took a lot of pictures and said he will share, so I will add his to the blog when I get them. And, Peggy (Stockton) Cravens, '59, came up from Austin, she took pictures also & hopefully will be able to share.

I know I missed photoing the Tompkins girls....Norma Jean, '56; Pat, '59; and Mary, '52, were all there. As was Joan (Scott) Boyles, '59... from Duncan as are Norma Jean & Pat.

Missed Nancy Herritt......I know there are others I didn't get as well! Drat! Hope Preston & Peggy can fill in! I hope I got the year everyone graduated correct? Some...I do not know for sure what year they graduated!?

More on the reunion soon! Meanwhile, I hope you will visit the blog & enjoy the pictures.

Ron Hagler sent me darling pictures of his dog 'Sugar' out enjoying the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets. Attaching one picture for your enjoyment!
(see above)

Regards to all.....Georgia

Sunday, April 19, 2009

...LHS News......
Originally sent April 17

Just a few items in this Friday morn....

Once again loss of classmates.Troy A. Gilley, 80, of Lawton passed April 15. Troy is LHS grad but do not know year. Troy served in the army and worked at Goodyear before retirement.
Services will be this Saturday, April 18, at First Baptist church, 10:00am. Burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at: <>

Also received this item from Earlene & Bob..... "Broken Arrow ? Ronald C. McCord, 63, IBM systems engineer, died Sunday. Memorial service 1:00pm Wednesday, Arrow Heights Baptist Church."
Services handled by Floral Haven Funeral. Ron was the son of Chester/Ruth McCord (both deceased) and brother of Linda who lives in Texas. Picked the obit out of the Tulsa World and sorry to say I have no further details. He was an LHS grad but not sure of the year. His mother was our cousin.
Earlene Hulley ('50)
Think he was living in Broken Arrow? And, from this, assume he passed 12th, so service this past Wed. Ronnie graduated LHS in 1963.
So sorry for these losses of loved ones.

I received a call this morn from Carol (Hankins)...some of the '54 girls were off to Norman to lunch with Mary Elizabeth (Angus) Sherman. BUT...Carol said they would be back this afternoon and some of them were getting together TONIGHT about 6:30, Mikes Sports Grill on Gore. ALL are invited to meet, visit, eat/drink this eve. Getting ready for Saturday at Medicine Park.

Received several emails in regard to the 'article' on smiling and durability of marriage. Bob Spradlin suggested that a lot of smiling is done by people who are *insane*!!!! I told Bob...marriage and insanity....possible correlation!!???hahahaaaaa.......

See some of you tonight, others tomorrow......Regards, Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent April 16

Sorry this brings some sad someone 'our age' [sadly] these things become more frequent. But, good news too! Read on.....

Received word that the son and his youngest daughter of Phoebe (Burnett) Burke were drowned in a boating accident. Not sure where accident occurred or when, but believe Easter week-end. Phoebe and husband Glenn live in S. California, about 2 hours from San Diego. Phoebe also has two daughters. Phoebe was a '52 grad of LHS, played tennis, was cheerleader, and V-Pres of Wolverettes in '52.

I wrote recently that Virginia (Doan) Neumann was quite ill with cancer. I received a call on Monday (April 13) from Marcille Covey and an email from Pat White that Virginia passed away at her home in Georgia. On Monday, Marcille thought about a week before. Virginia had just celebrated her 75th birthday. Virginia is a '52 grad of LHS and was sister to Glenda (Doan) Stanton. She was also sister to Doc Doan who passed away some while back.

Sorry to report the passing of Dorothy Maxine (Miller) Prescott, 86, of Lawton, after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Prescott passed on April 12. She moved to Lawton in 1932 & attended school here, married Coleman Prescott in 1940. She is the mom of '59 classmate Jeanie (Prescott) Keith. Also mom of another daughter Peggy; two sons, Jackie Lee and Anthony.
Services will be Friday April 17, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel, 11:00am. Burial will be at Highland Cemetery.
An on line guest book is at : <>
I know our sympathies are with all these families in their loss.

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, class '52, has been in hospital for about a week. Sadly she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She went home Wednesday while they decide on a course of treatment. She was in good spirits when I talked with her first of week and I know she would appreciate your prayers and support. If you want to send Dee a card, her address is #4 NW 55th St., Lawton, OK 73505.

GOOD news dept......'59 classmate Pat (Dunn) Doughty and hubby Jerry Doughty celebrated their golden 50th this past week-end!Major congrats! (not sure what year Jerry graduated?)

Had a wonderful surprise encounter Wednesday at Burgess Grill. Bill & I stopped by for one of Mrs. B's great burgers and ran into Carol (Hankins) Pokorny, twins Janice (Hanes) Brummet and Janette (Hanes), and Jane (Taylor) Green, all class '54. They had just come in from Phoenix and Santa Fe for the reunion on Saturday! They are also visiting with family and friends - Peggy (Elledge) Long for one! Janice lives in Florida & is in process of moving to Phoenix area where Janette lives. Carol lives in Virginia and Jane lives in Lawton.They will be at reunion then they plan to back track to Santa Fe and Phoenix before Carol goes back to Virginia! Just great to see them, we had a fun visit!

btw.....Janice & Janette's older sister Mary used to babysit me!!!! We all got our start in the 'old neighborhood' - 600 block on Euclid. I lived at 601, Hanes lived next door, Smitty Barnes next house; Jay Davis across the street on the south; and Paul Grose along there some where??? Ah......the good 'ol days...especially since I was the youngest!!!!hahhahaaa!!

Ran across an article I thought I would share. Not ascribing to this, just passing along for entertainment/humor value!Seems that psychologists have found that how much people smile in old photographs can predict their later success in marriage! They suggest if you want to know whether your marriage will survive, look at your spouse's yearbook photos. In one test, the researchers looked at people's college yearbook photos, and rated their smile intensity from 1 to 10. None of the people who fell within the top 10 percent of smile strength had divorced, while within the bottom 10 percent of smilers, almost one in four had a marriage that ended, the researchers say. (Scoring was based on the stretch in two muscles: one that pulls up on the mouth, and one that creates wrinkles around the eyes.) In a second trial, the research team asked people over age 65 to provide photos from their childhood (the average age in the pictures was 10 years old). The researchers scored each person's smile, and found that only 11 percent of the biggest smilers had been divorced, while 31 percent of the frowners had experienced a broken marriage. Overall, the results indicate that people who frown in photos are five times more likely to get a divorce than people who smile. While the connection is striking, the researchers stress that they can't conclude anything about the cause of the correlation.

If you are headed to Medicine Park this week-end, you might want to make a stop by the Refuge Visitor Center. It's a great place in and of itself, but right now they have an exhibit of the Oklahoma Junior Duck Stamp competition. Some 420 stamp entries from all over the state are now on display in the center Gallery, through May 3. The center is open 7 days a week, 8:00am ~ 6:00pm.

Gonna be a great 'reunion' this Saturday...hope to see YOU there! Yes, I plan to take some remember to SMILE! You will look better in the pictures and apparently it will keep you out of divorce court! tee hee!

Weather shows high in upper 60's, low 70's - possibility of light scattered showers! Should be pleasant. Regards.......Georgia

Thursday, April 16, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 11

The LHS News continues to 'grow'. Have added several new names to list in past 2-3 weeks. I appreciate all the kind words and happy that readers enjoy! For some of you, this will be your first 'copy' of the news.
Remember, previously sent news is archived along with other features at the WolverNet blog:

Sorry to report the passing of Staff Sgt. Richard W. Cook, 58, of Lawton. He passed April 3. Richard is a 1969 grad of LHS, joining the Air Force shortly after graduation. He later graduated from Cameron. Services were April 6 in Lawton and he was buried with honors at the Ft. Sill National Cemetery at Elgin.

Well, the past couple of weeks I have had my own mini-reunion....of sorts!
I received a couple of phone calls that were fun. Fellow '59 classmate Ronnie Ellenburg called me from OR and we had a great visit. It has been years since I visited with Ronnie & he got me up to speed and checked about the upcoming '59 reunion.

And, another '59 classmate and Washington alum, blue-bird/campfire buddy, Stella (Price) Naifeh called from Dallas and I enjoyed the visit with her. Stella has been back in the states for about a year now, but she & hubby spent over 3 years in the Phillippines with the Peace Corp. Very interesting and hope we hear more about it this fall at our 50th reunion. Stella was doing great & she & Ron both said they were planning to be here in October.

Also, visiting 'home' last week, '59 classmate Beverly (Spradlin) Raley was here from Florida. Some of the '59 gals got together at Burgess. Thanks to Marcus Wilcoxson who took the picture! He was dining at the table next to us!
(pix at right)

And a surprise visit from '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs. We celebrated her April Fool Day birthday at Bianco's! No foolin! (pix at right).
Hey, the class of '59 is movin and shakin! obvious jokes!

Bonnie Hix says a planned reception to celebrate Washington Grade School's 100th birthday has been put on 'hold'. May be next fall (or spring 2010) before any type of event!

Geneva McIntosh says looks like at least 90+ will be in attendance for the ALL LHS class reunion next Saturday (18th) out at Medicine Park.
ALL LHS classes are invited to the informal get together which kicks off about 3:00pm at the Plantation!
Food & drink are 'dutch treat'. Visiting and seeing old classmates....PRICELESS! Deadline for reservations was April 4 but if you think you might be able to get here, contact Geneva at

Plans continue for the class 1959 - 50 year reunion October 2-3. The first snail mail info will be going out toward end of April/first of May!

Hope all your eggs are chocolate and all your beans ...jellied!
Happy Easter! Georgia

Saturday, April 4, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 2

Very sorry to report the passing of Roy "Butch" Adams, Jr. , 66, of Enid. Roy passed March 30. Butch was a childhood friend of my brother George and I remember him from an early age! He was always busy and as he grew up, he was a truck driver, taught school (Spanish) was on the Lawton Police dept.
He was currently active in a prison ministry where he attended in Enid. He attended Washington School, graduated LHS in '61, and later graduated from Cameron.
Butch is survived by one son, Roy Adams lll; two daughters Lori and Katherine. Butch is brother of Johnna (Adams) Hopper, class 54.
A memorial service will be held at 11:00am, Saturday April 4, at New Hope United Methodist church in Enid.Services conducted by Anderson Burris Funeral Home in Enid.
Obit and guest book at: <>

Also passing, Devon (Helms) Stricklin, 75, of Duncan passed March 26. Devon is a 1951 grad of LHS. Services were Monday March 30 in Duncan.
Obit and guest book at <>

And, Wanda Lee (Totty) Lockwood, 79, of Lawton. Wanda passed March 27 and services were Tuesday March 31 in Lawton. Wanda is a 1948 grad of LHS. Obit and guest book at <>

"The knee replacement surgery was a howling success. Out of the hospital on the 4th day and into the re-hab center. One week and one day after the surgery, I was home! Thanks for all your well wishes, prayers, cards, flowers, and food. It's great to have friends. Love to all, Tommye" (Boudreaux) Hobbs - '52

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, '52, is having some health issues and is having tests done. May possibly have surgery. She would appreciate your prayers and support. Dee is a sweetie and I know we will all keep her in our thoughts.

"This is a reminder for those who haven't responded and for those who have, that the LHS get together for April 18, 2009 at The Old Plantation in Medicine Park, is still a go. We need a RSVP by April 4th, if plan on attending or changed your plans to attend. Geneva (Harris) McIntosh, '62."

....."Would you please send a message to the Class of 56 to please show up, on the 18th. Tell them I am expecting them. Thanks, Doyce Grayson. SEE YOU THERE!"

FYI:.....the ALL LHS Classes Reunion starts at 3:00pm, Saturday April 18, The Plantation (old hotel) at Medicine Park. Food & beverage(s) - dutch treat!

Folks, this next 'item' (see below from Kelly) is from the LHS Alumni Association. A fairly new organization - started by LHS grads - that is trying hard to get off the ground. Please read the following & if you can help, would be greatly appreciated. PLUS, if you haven't, you need to see about becoming an alumni member. Only $20. a year! Hopefully, it will be a good resource in years to come. To help w/testing or to join, contact Kelly Longfellow, '95, at:

From Kelly:We have testing coming up Tuesday and Wednesday - April 21 and 22 - and we need some test monitors. They wouldn't have to give the tests, just be there to monitor and possibly hand out papers, etc. It would be from 9:00am - 10:40am. We are asking some of the PTSA members but thought might be a perfect way to incorporate some of the alumni also.

btw...the Lady Sooners are rolling on.

OK Doyce, I'm lots younger than '56, but I hope to see you on 18th!!! Georgia

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 26

Sorry to report the passing of another of our really golden Wolverines....
Cecil P. Lawson, 81, of Lawton passed March 23. Cecil is a 1944 grad of LHS. Services will be Friday March 27 at First United Methodist church, 10:00am, burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Lengthy obit and guest book at: <>

I had a nice snail-mail note from Glenda (Doan) Stanton. Glenda asked me to pass this info along......her sister Virginia (Doan) Neumann, class of '52, is battling breast and lung cancer. Glenda asks for your prayers and says Virginia would love to hear from any that would like to say 'hi'. No calls as she has difficulty talking, but letters or cards would be greatly enjoyed.
To say hello and let her know you are thinking of her, write: Virginia Neumann, 679 Bearden Rd., Monroe, GA 30655.

'59 classmate Eddie 'Art' Coulson has written to get us caught up on his whereabouts the last few years. Eddie is living in Phoenix and is planning to be here for the BIG 5-0 reunion in October. Eddie would like to touch base with any classmate(s) that would like to email/visit.

This email from Ed Harp, class '54.......
"It's great to be home again and I will share the wonderful e-mails I've received as soon as possible. Carole read them all to me and I appreciate them very much. The surgery went very well. I was just delayed in coming home by four days while the surgeon fine-tuned the medication to prevent atrial fibrillation.
Johnna (Adams) Hopper just spent four days in the hospital while they adjusted medications to straighten her atrial fibrillation out. I have to say you are a terrific group and I'm extremely proud to be your classmate. Here's one quick story: The surgeon used a bovine valve to replace my aortic valve. This inspired our oldest son to present me with a stuffed white bull with pink spots. He got Carole to stitch some red threads into the chest. He says the name of the bull is Hugh Heifer. I told him that I understand he can't help doing things like this, not with the Smartass Gene coming to him from BOTH parents. I just looked up to the top of my monitor and see that there is an even smaller stuffed bull staring back at me. I called Carole, who's out getting prescriptions filled, and she says she knows who put it there but isn't telling. The reason I hadn't noticed before is that it's sitting right where a small walrus has been. That was given to me by my former supervisor.
I can't stand it. Best regards, Ed"

Ed does a monthly newsletter for his class of 1954. If you would like Ed to add you to his list, email:

Next two items not exactly LHS news, but I thought would be of interest:
Edna Hennessee of Lawton is one of seven Oklahoma women who was inducted into the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place at 3:00 today in the House Chamber at the State Capitol, followed by a reception in the 4th floor Rotunda.
Established in 1982, the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame recognizes Oklahoma women who are pioneers in their field or in projects that benefit Oklahoma, who have made a significant contribution to the State of Oklahoma, who serve or have served as role models to other Oklahoma women, who are 'unsung heroes' who have made a difference in the lives of Oklahomans or Americans because of their actions, who have championed other women, women's issues, or who have served as public policy advocates for issues important to women.

btw.....Edna is well known in these parts (Aloe Vera products) & we go way back! She was a nurse early on and was in the delivery room with my mom at the Angus Hospital/Clinic when I was born. When, you ask? Can't remember!!!!

The Lady Sooners beat Georgia Tech 69-50 Tuesday night to advance to the Sweet 16 in Oklahoma City on Sunday, joining the OU men who play in their Sweet 16 game Friday night in Memphis.

Bracing for one more (hopefully last) winter blast this week-end. Georgia