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Originally sent July 28

More 'lost' classmates.......anyone know whereabouts of John Gomer Jones?

The 50th Anniversary Cookbook compiled by the Museum of the Great Plains is now in stock at the Museum 'store'. It's only $9.95 and has great recipes from many Lawtonians and some classmates. I have already purchased my copy & it is very well done! Bon Appetit!

'59 classmate Gloria (Lamb) Ervin and her hubby Lee recently celebrated their 51st anniversary! Enduring marriages are always a great milestone and testament to patience and long suffering! haha! Mostly, lots of love! Congrats guys!

They said it couldn't be done!!!! But, a classmate of '59 - Jerry Priest, and a classmate of '60 - Madelyn (Mitchell), tied the knot and just celebrated a 'golden fifty' with their two daughters and their families. Congrats guys!

Speaking of anniversaries (that I am aware of).....Bill and Janey (Johnston) Scott will celebrate 47 glorious years on August 1 and Dee and Babs (Yarmuk) Givens will celebrate their 'golden 50' on August 5. George & Chris Gill celebrate their 45 on August 12. Major congrats guys!!!!
And, yours truly and my Bill will celebrate 46 wonderful years on August 6 - Lawtons birthday. Looks like August was a good month!

Had a nice visit with Mary Miller - hubby Jimmy Miller taught 7th grade science - and Mrs. Millers sister June Barnett. Both ladies were teaching when 'we' were at Central. Both are widows now, but doing pretty well. Mrs. Barnett has had a terrible time with a shoulder & several (not very successful) surgeries over past few years, but hanging in there.

Johnna (Gordon) Parks and Sue (Chalk) Briggs have just returned from a few days in CA. They enjoyed the sites, shopping, cooler temps, and especially a behind-the-scenes tour of FOX studios. They visited the sets of House and Bones among others. They were joined by Sues' daughter - Adrienne - who came from Abu Dhabi where she is currently living. Adrienne works in the production end for numerous film making entities.

Ron Hagler, '57, sent a great picture of the Northern lights taken from the spacecraft!

Some are jokes, some are info, some wanting info, but appreciate recent emails from classmates: Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman; Peggy (Stockton) Cravens; Mitch Braley; Dan Glascock; LaRue (Locke) Hogate; Pat (Sheppard) Holcomb; Jerry Morgan; Larry Joe Thompson; Willie Guest; Phil Wilder; Nancy Ross; Sherry Wiley; Jerry & Kay (Pavillard) Otis; Peggy (Elledge) Long; Wayne & Judy Kniffin; Geraldine 'Cookie' Harnley; Henry 'Hank' Roberson; Michael W. Lewis; Jim Johnson; Vreda Corinne (Decker) Schieman; Judy (Adams) Scheer; Bill Northcutt; Marilyn (Gordon) Smith.


Spoke with an acquaintance who speaks with Roger Wyant most everyday and was told that Roger is doing much better and has 'turned the corner' in his recovering from a stroke. Good news indeed!

I visited with Jo (Van Stone) Riley, '51, and learned that her hubby Linden, '51, has been hospitalized for some three weeks (as of July 22). Linden has Alzheimers and has also suffered a stroke. Jo said he was doing as well as he can but fairly low. Address: 224 NW Northwood Ave., Lawton, OK 73507

'57 classmate and dear friend Shirley (Brittain) Russell has been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. She will have surgery in August. Address: 3002 NW Liberty, Lawton, OK 73505.

Sarah (Olsen)Vaughn, '56, who just started chemo for lung cancer, had a very adverse reaction to the chemo and at this writing (Thurs) is in room 9817 at St. Anthonys hospital in OKC.

I know all these with health problems would appreciate your prayers and encouragement.


Sorry to report loss of more classmates and friends.

In a terrible, terrible, tragedy, the service for Sue Scott was postponed. Her son Bobby had gone to OKC on Thursday (July 21) to retrieve her ashes for a private burial. On his return home, he had a car wreck and was killed. A memorial service for both Sue and Bobby will be held at 11:00am, Monday August 1, Centenary Methodist church. Bobby, 43, is survived by a son Daniel; an uncle Bill Scott and wife Janey.
Arrangements by Becker Funeral Home.

Raymond Crook, 83, of Lawton, passed on July 13. Raymond was LHS class of 1944 or maybe 45? He was also a '49 graduate of Cameron. He is survived by wife his wife Faye (Owensby); a daughter Lynn; two sons, Steve and Jeff; five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his first wife Mary (Clark). Services were Monday July 16 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guestbook at:

Note: I grew up attending church with Raymond & Mary. They were both lovely, kind, people. So sorry we have lost Raymond.

Also passing, Michael Ward Stanley, 51, of Lawton. Michael passed on July 20 and services were held July 23 in Lawton. Michael is a LHS grad, 1978. He is survived by a daughter; a son; numerous grandchildren. Also a sister Sylvia Weber and a sister Virginia Lucas, who was married to our '59 classmate David Lucas. David is deceased.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Hate that the news is sometimes sad, but unfortunately that is part of life. Makes one want to be sure and keep those friends and family we love close, and let them know - often - how special they are to us!

Special regards to all my classmates........Georgia

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