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Originally sent August 27

Good morning all........
This great note with a happy ending from
Janie Lou (Williams) Adams Dupler:

"I am now married to Bill Dupler, class of 63. I quit school, my junior year at Lawton High - Feb. '64. Bill married Jan Pollan, class of 66, and they would have been married 45 years, but she lost her life it Lupus in Oct. 2005. At that time, my husband Alan Adams, from Amarillo, TX was very ill with cancer and he lost his life Feb. 2006. After a year or so, Bill and I found comfort in sharing our grief and after a time fell in love and were married at the First Christian Church, here in Lawton on July 1, 2007. I work at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home and have for 25 years."
Then Janey goes on to say..." I entered a pie in the Oklahoma State Fair Pie Bake Off, sponsored by Pillsbury and won First Place. I have never been so shocked. The pie was then entered in the National contest and I won 1st Runner Up. The entire contest was so much fun, the Lawton Constitution did two different pictures and articles and KSWO did a new piece and I am still listed on the Pillsbury web sight under State Fair Pie Winners. I did attach the picture at the Oklahoma State Fair 2010." (see above)

I am hereby officially volunteering to help Janey with the tasting portion of her pie productions!

"I agree with LHS'ers that saw the Buchart Gardens. Saw them 3Times while living in S.Francisco and Seattle area. The flowers just take your breath away,so beautiful. I was fortunate enough to find video's in the wonderful gift shop, so now have two of them."
Verna (Brammer) Zeiders, '52

"Hi, Just a note that I am in Pagosa Springs, Colorado till mid- October. You never know if some class mates are vacationing in Colorado and connect for coffee. I am a "workamper" at Pagosa Riverside Campground. That means I get my site in exchange for 20 hours of work each week. I love meting people and helping make their vacation pleasant. Ya all just call my cell phone 760-362-2937 if your in the area. Life is good and God is Great!"
Charlotte Magill, class of '56

The weather continues to reek havoc on classmates.....

Ed Goodgion (Max) who lives in Manassas, VA sent this note:
"Now we're waiting for the aftershock. When the quake hit in Virginia yesterday [Tuesday], the first thought many of us had was "9-11 ... again"? But I couldn't see any terrorists in the forest behind my house, and the house was still standing so I figured it had to be a large low flying aircraft from Quantico or something like that. We've not had an earthquake here in 117 years, so that thought never occurred to me until I received a call from my son 300 miles away in NC, where they felt it too. Manassas is about 50 miles from the epicenter and escaped with little damage, although there was some in D.C. Vee Deanya was out of town, but the dog and I were a little worried. We're told the aftershock should hit sometime this afternoon, but if our house survived the original tremors, we should have nothing to worry about now. So we're back to business as usual."

And, Janette Hanes spoke with Carol (Hankins) Pokporny shortly after the quake. Carol who also lives close to DC said everything was 'OK'.

This from Murdoch Matthew, '49
..."No. 3s [earthquakes] aren't very big, but people there might have noticed it. I wrote Charley Crabtree, LHS Class of 59 or so, to see if he'd noticed the little No. 2s between Oklahoma City and Norman. He's living north of Norman now, taking care of family business, while continuing to work by Internet for his company in southern California.

As you probably heard, the East Coast tremor was all the news yesterday. I was sitting at my desk when everything sort of waved back and forth about half an inch for almost a minute. I check the California earthquake maps daily to see what my kids in San Francisco might be experiencing. There are a lot of earthquakes in the ocean off Eureka, where Bert Click's son was working until recently. So I knew what it was, but had to wait for it to hit the news to find out where the center was -- Virginia.

Now we're promised a hurricane for Sunday, one aimed right at the low point of Manhattan Island at the moment. It'll probably shift one way or the other before it lands. We had 7 inches of rain one day last week from a tropical storm stalled over Pennsylvania; where we live, in Northern Queens, Irene shouldn't be any worse than that. We'll see, of course.
My cousin in a Dallas suburb has been confined to her house from 10am to 4pm by the heat recently. Nothing so dire here, although the humidity on that day of rain, coupled with lower temperatures, made things very unpleasantly clammy."

Excessive heat continues in OK.....was 109 on Wed following days of same and expecting days of same with NO rain in sight. Thur & Fri dropped to 103 - 104. The ground is so hot, some of the night lows are only in the 80's.

'59 classmate Richard Densley, who lives down Ft. Worth way, said he was planning a patio BBQ and wouldn't have to use the grill!


LaRue (Locke) Hogate, '59, has finished her treatment for cancer, post check-up good and at this point she is doing well down in the Texas Hill Country!

Sarah (Olsen) Vaughn, '56, son Jim, emailed that Sarah returned to her home on August 22, she will receive no more treatment for the cancer as it has spread too far. She will be giving up her email, so if you would like to contact her, the number is: (405) 672-4427; her address is: 3007 Del View Dr. Apt. A, Del City, Oklahoma 73115.
Do it soon.

Sorry to report the passing of Daniel 'Danny' Ray McLain, 70, of Lawton. Danny passed August 24. He was LHS class 1960. He is survived by a son Danny; two daughters, Jana and T.J; two sisters and extended family.
Graveside services will be 10:30am, Monday August 29 at Marlow Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Carl Taylor of Georgia. Carl passed on June 23 after about a years battle and unsuccessful stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma. Carl was married to our '59 classmate Monna (Muncey). I know many had opportunity to meet Carl as he & Monna attended our class '59 reunion back in 2009. Very nice gentleman. Monna asks to be remembered on your prayer list.

Please join me in remembering in prayer, those who have lost loved ones, those who are ill and taking treatment, and those who are on the east coast, in possible dangers and for sure, inconvenience.


Hope to make some new friends and take some pictures this evening (Sat) as we plan to attend the class 1947 reunion.
Regards to all.....Georgia

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