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Originally sent October 5
Combo class reunion

Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs sent this great re-cap of the recent combo (classes '49~'52) reunion and thought many of you would enjoy....if you haven't already received it. I know a lot of pictures were taken and hope to have some posted on the blog....soon! gjw

Hi Classmates,
In my humble opinion, the reunion was GREAT! Many of the regulars were back, some regulars were missed this year because of health problems, and several people we haven't seen in years were back. We had 110 at the dinner, 30 plus at the Meet & Greet Session Saturday morning, and 15 or so at the Sunday breakfast. Surprisingly, at Annie's on Monday, ten showed up...the place to be on Monday night, I guess.

We reserved Friday night for individual classes to meet in small groups. 1950 and 1951 had nothing scheduled; 1950 met at the Bridges and 1952 met at the Golden Corral. About 20 were at the 1952 dinner; I have no idea how many were at the Bridges, but from what I hear it might have been the best part of the reunion for the 49'ers. These small groups give us a chance to sit down and really visit with one another.

Our old high school building is still being refurbished. It looks as if the auditorium will be completed soon; it is truly beautiful. However, no matter what the city does to our school, the echoes of locker doors slamming, students yelling to each other, teachers lecturing still echo through the halls. Are we haunting the place? I for one love going back there and am most eager for the kiosk with our stories to be set up.

The "new" Lawton Country Club was a wonderful place for the all-class dinner. The food was excellent; however, they ran out before all had been served. Several had to wait before additional food was brought out. Also, they forgot to put out our salads! Jo is addressing the problem head on. In talking with people from other groups who have had events there, the food problem was not unique to our group. The Country is a beautiful facility, but they absolutely need to improve their food service.

First time in years we have had a working PA system, but the crowd was so noisy, the speaker still couldn't be heard. We were able to mention those that had traveled the farthest: Bert Click, 1700 miles from Chico, CA and Lawrence Fanning, 800 miles from Owens Crossroads, AL. Of course, Ray and I, 1500 miles from Madera, CA. Ray Roper, the emcee, didn't try to compete with the crowd to present other Wolverwards.
Trying to be a matchmaker, he had all the single women stand, then asked the single men to stand. Quite a few women stood, but Tommy Sheets was the only man with courage to stand. Missed your chance, guys.

The Sunday morning breakfast was another chance for small group visits. It was fun! Lots of laughing, lots of story telling. Fred Burch again told of his former drug problem. If you weren't there Friday night or Sunday morning, you will have to ask him about it. He will be happy to share his experience.

Saturday night Jo and I were recognized for our six years of handling the yearly reunion dinners. Because of spouses' health reasons and because we are just plain tired, this our last year. No one has volunteered to take over. Too bad. Is this the end?

Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine. Best wishes and good health to you all,
Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52

Tommye & Jo have done a fantastic job all these years and Tommyes' assessment of the reunion being 'great' was most accurate! It is hoped someone will step forward to keep this event alive and going. Some have already mentioned 'plans' to be in attendance next year for the 60th reunion (for some).

Regards to all from the home-town...where 'we got it goin on'! Georgia

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