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Originally sent December 23

This little 'elf' has been mighty busy as I'm sure most have... some comments concerning recently
sent items and few new ones.

Dee (Vanderpool) Glass, 52, recalls that she and Nancy English met at a dance at Ft. Sill and enjoyed a short friendship before Nancy went east to school.

Frankie (Kurtz) Browning needs a [good] picture of a 1955 LHS class ring. If you can help Frankie out, please contact her at:

More little known 'news' about LHS classmates.....these two tidbits from Lewis Chandler....

#1. "Jimmy Hannigan and I slipped over the English fence one summer night and took a quiet swim. Probably around midnight. Someone else was with us, but it escapes me now."

#2. "Tommy [Nyrop] and I were going down Gore to the Catholic Church for a boy scout meeting one evening and Tommy demonstrated how far he could spit. He had a way of folding his tongue and then blew as hard as he could. I'd say a good 15 feet. He was pretty good."

NOTE: I spoke with Tom who didn't want to call attention to his talent! But did verify that he could indeed SPIT a long distance and had won several 'spitting' events back in the day!

Funny, all these 'stories and exploits' finally being told here in later years as we reach 'maturity'! True? You decide!

"Your mention of the Old South Cafeteria brought back memories of my childhood. My father had us in church every Sunday at First Methodist when it was just each of the Lawton/Central Junior and Senior High. So it was a big treat to get out of church and race down to the cafeteria. I remember the lines were clear out the front door and long. We developed a resolve that we had to beat the Baptists to get a spot in line.
I remember the old wooden chairs on the tiled floor. I remember my dad having to order for me. I used to love their blueberry pie. Gee what memories."
Bob Looney

"My mother worked at the Old South Cafeteria between '47-'52. As a latch key kid, I remember having some good, hearty meals on my mom's ticket. Sam, any chance of seeing pictures of it?"
Gene Morris

NOTE: Appreciate Sam Joyner for sharing his picture of the Old South!


Allen Dayton sent this information on Leva.....

Leva Mae (Cameron) Harris, 86, passed on December 4 at her home in Virginia.
She was a salutatorian of the LHS class of 1942 and worked as a teller at the Security Bank.
She is survived by her husband of 62 years, Doug; 3 daughters; 1 son; numerous grand and great-grand children. Extended obit at:

Funeral services were December 19 for Bobbie (Ketchum) Shaw, 83, of Lawton. She passed on December 16. She was LHS grad but not sure of year. Survivors include a son and a sister.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also, Robert 'Bob' Pierce, 89, of Lake Kiowa, OK passed on December 20 at a Gainsville, TX rehab center. Bob graduated LHS but do not know the year. He married the prettiest girl in the Senior class - Joyce Inez (Harris). She is deceased. Services were December 23 with burial in Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton.
Bob is survived by 2 sisters; 3 granddaughters; extended family.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also passing, Pauline (Belt) Tannery, 87, of Lawton. Pauline passed on December 18 and services were December 21. She is mom of Dick W. Tannery, class '62 and Judy (Tannery) Podrecca, class '66.
Extended obit and guest book at:


So many have sent Christmas greetings via email and snail mail & I just want to say how much I appreciate it and enjoy hearing from classmates. I am happy that all seem to enjoy the news and I look forward to the New Year and hopefully most news will be good news.

I want to sent warmest wishes to each and every one of you for a very Merry Christmas with family and loved ones and a blest New Year!

Waitin on Santa here in the home town! Georgia

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