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Originally sent October 26

Do you know........the LHS Lore is 100!!!! And for the 100th edition of The Lore, the 25 member staff is working hard to produce an especially memorable edition of the yearbook. The 100th Lore is set to contain a mixture of pictures of the current school year and the best old photos culled from the last century of yearbooks. Including 'Huey' - the LHS Wolverine mascot - in all his forms. (did U know his name was Huey? - I didn't!).
You can pre-order the 100th edition of The Lore by calling the LHS office - (580) 355-5170; cost is $75.00 each.
btw...great story on LORE - page 5-A, Sunday Constitution, October 23.

Another great story from Herb Jacobs in same paper, page 6-C, talks about the 'Top 10' sports stories for 1954 & 1955. The story from 1954 was originally run in a column written by Lew Johnson. Will be lots of names you will recognize. Herb says....more to come, up through year 1963. Try

"Allen Isbell mentioned that he first experienced pizza at Bianco's. I too ate my first pizza in Lawton. I don't remember where. But I do remember the last time I saw Allen eating pizza. It was at Abilene Christian. We lived in the same dorm and early one morning he was standing still in his underwear in my room eating pizza left over from the night before for his breakfast! Allen likes pizza."
Clifton Ditmore, '53

Note: I gotta tell ya....back in the day...there was nothing better than Bianco's or Dantes' leftover pizza for breakfast! Think most of us have been there!!! Allen was ahead of his time. haha!

Yours truly was out of town and unable to attend either of the [old] LHS events. But, I did receive this nice note on the dedication from '59 classmate Carlana (Fitch) Murray who attended the Tuesday event:

"..... the opening of the new city hall building on Tuesday was very nice. Very nostalgic to sit in the 2nd row and reminisce about past assemblies, the school in general, etc. Many dignitaries there but the highlight (at least for me) was when Kenny Bridges and Peggy (Elledge) Long each spoke about the school and some of its former teachers........ Vanita Lee, Paul Wilson, Lena Japp, Lily Stafford, Marvin Bickett, Glenn Dosser, and others.
Also, a brass ensemble played prior to the actual ceremony, first time the stage had been used since the school closed. They closed their part of the program with a rousing rendition of "We're Loyal to you Lawton High!" All in all, a very nice way to end an afternoon!"
(color pix of event from newspaper - Carlana is in purple in second row, her mom - Mrs. Fitch - is on her left).
(also, black and white photo shows the restored 'stage').

My Bill & I journeyed to Texas - Big D - on OU/Texas week-end. Not for the game per se, but to see 'West Side Story' with tickets given to us as a gift from our daughter Leslie. The show Saturday night at the State Fair Music Hall was a wonderful production, with a cast of young people with agile limbs to make all the great dance moves as well as wonderful voices to sing! Really enjoyed it.
Meanwhile, we had opportunity to attended a pre-game party on Friday night at former Lawtonians Bob & Karen Drewrys lovely Dallas home. Bob & Karen were our next door neighbors prior to moving to Dallas. Numerous former Lawtonians there - Dr. Sam Hamra, Don Gaskins, Ron Jones, and others down from Lawton and surrounding Oklahoma areas. Great visit, delicious food, and Bob & Karen were sensitive hosts taking into consideration that not all their guests were OU fans [can't imagine]. They had plenty napkins/cups, etc., with OU, but also some orange 'hook 'em' horns' in use as well. Didn't do Texas any good! Lovely evening and always great to visit with long time and dear friends.

On Saturday, Bill joined Ron Jones and several other of the 'guys' to watch the OU game and lunch at Sam & Sonia Hamras' beautiful Dallas home. I did what any self-respecting female would do in Dallas ....I went shopping! Great time had by all.

Ron Jones was a wonderful host to us personally, having ask Ron about places to stay due to large influx of people, he went above and beyond, was extremely helpful and got us fixed up! Herb Jacobs was right...Ron knows Dallas!


So very sorry to report the passing of Venna Lee (Wallace) Cook, 87, of Cache. Venna Lee passed on October 15. She taught in the LPS for 43 years and I know many receiving this news took Home Ec from Mrs. Cook.
She is survived by hubby of 56 years, Robert; a son, Stephen; a daughter Shelly.
Services were October 19 in Lawton.
Extended obit and guest book at:

I hated to hear of the passing of Jack Atkins. Jack lived in Mabank, TX but died on October 14 while on a family vacation in Sonoma, CA. Jack was class 1959. Jack loved flying but had been grounded due to heart problems. Last Friday in CA, with an instructor, he took a glider flight, flying over mountains and valleys. He made a perfect landing. but suffered a fatal heart attack just as the plane stopped. Jack is survived by his wife of 48 years, Carol (Dyer); son Kenneth; daughter Audra; several grandchildren.
Services were Saturday October 22 in Mabank, TX. Jack is related to our '59 classmate George Bridges and I appreciate George sending this info to me & his sister Donna Waller for a follow-up.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also appreciate Bert Click, '49, for sending this info he ran across....
'49 classmate Leonard Alton "Len" Roe, 78, of Tavernier, FL, passed last year - September 2010. There is a lengthy obit at the link below.

Our sympathies are always with those who have lost loved ones.


After a viciously hot and dry summer, we remain dry but are having a lovely fall....cold coming in by little 'baby steps'. Regards to all........Georgia

Saturday, October 15, 2011

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 13

Short news, but wanted to get thing or two out. Lots more news on file....soon!

Wanda (Smith) Sunderland asked if anyone was heading up efforts for the LHS class '55 for donation of a chair in the renovated Old High School? She said she would be happy to do so or at least help. You can contact Wanda at:

Recent opportunity to visit with longtime friend and class mate Babs (Yarmuk) Givens. Joining in, Suzanne (Jones) Crawford, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith, Johnna (Gordon) Parks - some of the girls of '59. I know not everyone is into these golden friendships and 'reunions' but I have to say.....I just love 'em! And, you don't know what you are missing! Golden, oldie friends are most cherished! Had a great visit and lots of laughter!

Marilyn and hubby Richard were leaving the next morning for Santa Fe....a vacation and a celebration of Marilyns birthday!

Also, festive birthday wishes this month to Suzanne (Jones); another longtime friend - Tom Dillon, '63 an LHS'er down Dallas way; my sister Princess - LHS class '76; Wayne Parks, '60; Jim Powers, 55; and my mom Lucille Gill who turns 90 on October 14. Wow! Many happy returns to all!


Sorry to hear that Ray Hobbs is once again under medical care since his return to CA. I know we all wish the best for Ray.

So very sorry to report the passing of Paula (Williams) Johnson, 74, of Lawton. Paula passed on October 11, after a history of health issues. Paula was LHS class 1955. She is survived by son Kevin; daughter Denee; 3 grandchildren; a brother Ron Jim Williams.
Services will be 10:00am Friday October 14, at the Western Hills church of Christ, with burial to follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:
I have known Paula most of my life, attended church with her, registered guests at her wedding to Bobby Williams in 1957. So very sorry to lose a long time friend and a kind and gentle person.

Also sorry to report the passing of '59 classmate Jerry K. Martin, 71, of Lawton. Jerry passed on October 4 and services were October 8 in Lawton. Jerry had a long history of illness. He is survived by wife Sue (Marsh); a daughter Dee; 3 brothers - Buddy, Johnny, Bill; he was preceded in death by brother Perry Martin and a sister Barbara (Martin) Berg.
Extended obit and guest book at:

We also lost Linda Kay (Mullen) Thompson, 64, of Lawton. Linda passed on October 10 and a prayer service was held on October 12. Burial will be at a later date under direction of Comanche Nation Funeral Home in Lawton.
She was LHS class 1965. She is survived by her mother Charlotte Mullen; four sisters; numerous nieces and nephews.

Just received word of the passing of Lucille Ida (Preibe) Pate, 90, of Lawton. Lucille passed on September 27. She is mom of our '59 classmate Connie (Pate) Gray; another daughter Jackie (Pate) Kelly; numerous grand and great-grand children.
Guest book is at:

Please join me in keeping these families in your prayers.


Regards to all from the home town where weather has been beautiful! Georgia

Thursday, October 13, 2011

......LHS News......
Originally sent October 5
Combo class reunion

Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs sent this great re-cap of the recent combo (classes '49~'52) reunion and thought many of you would enjoy....if you haven't already received it. I know a lot of pictures were taken and hope to have some posted on the blog....soon! gjw

Hi Classmates,
In my humble opinion, the reunion was GREAT! Many of the regulars were back, some regulars were missed this year because of health problems, and several people we haven't seen in years were back. We had 110 at the dinner, 30 plus at the Meet & Greet Session Saturday morning, and 15 or so at the Sunday breakfast. Surprisingly, at Annie's on Monday, ten showed up...the place to be on Monday night, I guess.

We reserved Friday night for individual classes to meet in small groups. 1950 and 1951 had nothing scheduled; 1950 met at the Bridges and 1952 met at the Golden Corral. About 20 were at the 1952 dinner; I have no idea how many were at the Bridges, but from what I hear it might have been the best part of the reunion for the 49'ers. These small groups give us a chance to sit down and really visit with one another.

Our old high school building is still being refurbished. It looks as if the auditorium will be completed soon; it is truly beautiful. However, no matter what the city does to our school, the echoes of locker doors slamming, students yelling to each other, teachers lecturing still echo through the halls. Are we haunting the place? I for one love going back there and am most eager for the kiosk with our stories to be set up.

The "new" Lawton Country Club was a wonderful place for the all-class dinner. The food was excellent; however, they ran out before all had been served. Several had to wait before additional food was brought out. Also, they forgot to put out our salads! Jo is addressing the problem head on. In talking with people from other groups who have had events there, the food problem was not unique to our group. The Country is a beautiful facility, but they absolutely need to improve their food service.

First time in years we have had a working PA system, but the crowd was so noisy, the speaker still couldn't be heard. We were able to mention those that had traveled the farthest: Bert Click, 1700 miles from Chico, CA and Lawrence Fanning, 800 miles from Owens Crossroads, AL. Of course, Ray and I, 1500 miles from Madera, CA. Ray Roper, the emcee, didn't try to compete with the crowd to present other Wolverwards.
Trying to be a matchmaker, he had all the single women stand, then asked the single men to stand. Quite a few women stood, but Tommy Sheets was the only man with courage to stand. Missed your chance, guys.

The Sunday morning breakfast was another chance for small group visits. It was fun! Lots of laughing, lots of story telling. Fred Burch again told of his former drug problem. If you weren't there Friday night or Sunday morning, you will have to ask him about it. He will be happy to share his experience.

Saturday night Jo and I were recognized for our six years of handling the yearly reunion dinners. Because of spouses' health reasons and because we are just plain tired, this our last year. No one has volunteered to take over. Too bad. Is this the end?

Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine. Best wishes and good health to you all,
Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52

Tommye & Jo have done a fantastic job all these years and Tommyes' assessment of the reunion being 'great' was most accurate! It is hoped someone will step forward to keep this event alive and going. Some have already mentioned 'plans' to be in attendance next year for the 60th reunion (for some).

Regards to all from the home-town...where 'we got it goin on'! Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent October 2

Classmates: I have info on several items/events, sent by other classmates, and I have decided to just send out as I received it. So....look forward to it and back to 'original' format soon. gjw
Appreciate this from Peggy (Elledge) Long:

Dear Friends and LHS Graduates:
Phase One through Four of renovation of our [old] LHS into the new Lawton City Hall is finally completed……and it looks wonderful. The City of Lawton will be having an Open House to introduce it to the community and other interested people from 1:00-5:00pm on Friday, October 7.

They will then have a Building Dedication Ceremony at 5:00-6:00pm on Tuesday, October 11 before the first City Council meeting in the LHS Auditorium. James Brock, Class of 1948, will be Master of Ceremonies for the occasion. The auditorium has been restored as much as possible to its original d├ęcor as we remember it from our days there. The chairs are red velvet and in the style of the originals. You are all invited to attend either of the events.

Would also like to let you know that the first phase of the Oral History Project for LHS is nearing completion. I have interviewed 62 graduates from 1930 to the late 1940’s. Thirty of those have been edited and will be available for viewing on the interactive kiosk in the Archive Room which holds memorabilia from our days there. We have also decorated five lockers outside the room with mementos representing early LHS. I hope you will drop in sometime and see some of the interviews which are full of really old memories.

If you would like to be interviewed as we begin the second phase with an emphasis on the classes of 1950-1954, please give me a call at 580/248-4680 or 580/695-6625. I particularly want to know when out-of-towners are coming this way. Unfortunately, we can only video on week days as Jim Whitely, the camera man, works at the Museum of the Great Plains and is only available during the week.

Auditorium chairs are still available to be bought for $500. A plaque with your name or your family name will be affixed to the back of the chair and you can designate the copy. Also available are packets of 20 note cards with a wonderful engraving of the school on the front for $10. If you live out of town, please include $2. for postage. They are great for thank you notes or other personal messages.
Peggy (Elledge) Long, Class of 1954


It was also mentioned, the Class of 1954 is taking up donations to buy one of the auditorium chairs, which would be special since theirs was the last Senior class to graduate from that building. Please send your donation to '54 classmate Janette Hanes at 12314 West Westgate Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375 or call her at 602/881-1823 or e-mail her at JHANES@STELLAR.NET

Perhaps classes that graduated from the old building might also want to consider buying a chair?

I was told the dedication on October 11 was the more important of the two events, in case you can't do both.

Regards to all and hoping to see many of you at these events. This is the building many of us only knew as our [Central] Junior High. Georgia

Saturday, October 1, 2011

......LHS News......

Originally sent September 27

'Our' old stomping grounds goes NATIONAL - WAYNE'S makes top 10!! Waynes Drive Inn is named on the Huffington Post as one of the top 10 classic drive-inn restaurants. Chuck Abshere said he wasn't even aware of it until several came in and said they had seen Wayne's on the Post.
The list - released on September 6 - was written by Arthur Bovino of The Daily Meal and included drive-inn restaurants from eight different states. Bovino was most impressed with the wide selection and colorful names of some of the meals - especially the 'sissyburger'.
I rarely concur with anything on the liberal Post, but will have to agree with this..! Article in Sunday Constitution -September 25, Business section 1-B. Hope you can pull it up at:
Photo shows left: Joe, son of Chuck, and right: Chuck Abshere whose dad Wayne started the drive-inn back in 1950.

hummmmmm....look like writer Arthur Bovino's last name might be a clue to his 'burger' cravings!

NOTE: Once again, last minute notice that Washington School is going to have some kind of 'observance' this next Friday, September 30, at 2:00pm, marking the 100th Anniversary of the school. I was told that for some reason the principal - David DeHaven - is keeping this pretty much 'under wraps'?? So, I would suggest if you want more information you can call the Board of Ed - (580) 357-6900 or call Washington School - (580) 353-6299. I know it has been a struggle to get some kind of recognition for Washington Schools 100th year. Last years 'celebration' was abruptly cancelled at the very last minute. As a Washington alumn, I am disappointed this has been so badly handled.

btw...I was also told it was on the LPS web site but that it "was hidden" and hard to find it. They were right, I couldn't find it. The LPS web site has been revamped and maybe it's just me, but I think it's difficult to navigate. Here is Washington School site off the LPS site, good luck.

It's major congratulations for Neal and Dorothy (Stinnett) Goode who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. Neal was 1944 grad of St. Marys but Dorothy graduated LHS in 1947 and taught in the LHS business department from 1951 - 1956.

The combo class reunion this past week-end ~ classes '49-'52 ~ had a full house on Saturday night, from far and near! Congrats to those who put it together, very nicely done and all seemingly had a great time! More, along with pictures soon!


'59 classmate Tommy Hix is recovering very nicely from open heart surgery this summer.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Lodell B. Goochey Tate, 99, of Lawton. Lodell passed on September 18 and services were September 22 in Lawton. Lodell is mom of '55 classmate Jerry Goochey and also Beverly (Goochey) Thomas, class '51 - Beverly is deceased.
Extended obit and guest book at:


Fall has (officially) arrived and scorching heat of summer becoming faint memory as we have some beautiful days.
Regards to all.......Georgia