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Tom Bullock, '50, and wife Barbara were recent recipients of the 2011 Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Arts Award. An excerpt from the presentation was..."if you want a job done and done well, call Tom and Barbara Bullock". Congratulations guys!

In 2011, David Whitwell (PhD. 1963), received the California Music Education Assoc Hall of Fame Award for lifetime achievement in music education. David has received many awards and honors throughout his distinguished career as a conductor, composer, and scholar. He retired in 2005. He has published more than 127 articles and 39 books, some of which are still available on
David and wife Giselle (a fellow CUM alum and music therapist (BA 1963) have moved to Austin, TX to be near one of their sons. David continues to conduct across the country and foreign countries as well.
Great article can be found in the Catholic University (Wash DC) School of Music Newsletter - Feb. 2012 or visit>
David says....." ... I forgot to mention that officially I am Class of '55, but I went through school with the kids of the Class of '56. The reason for this confusion is that in the summer before my Jr year I received a scholarship from the University of Michigan and, on the principle of "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," I telescoped my Jr and Sr years into one year and thus left Lawton a year ahead of time."

Don't forget....Gale McCray, '60, will join several other storytellers of renown at the Duncan Storytelling Festival on Friday March 9, TONIGHT! 6:30pm at the Seniors Center, 1101 7th Street in Duncan, OK.

Had nice visit with Anna Clare (Swanson) Kuchta....we swapped stories about school and classmates.
Her mom was principal at Washington for year or two during my tenure there! Anna Clare said her mom left Washington & taught for several years.
btw....discussing incidents at Washington, Anna Clare said she was responsible for breaking the leg of classmate Woody Wolverton!!! Zow! I told her most I had was a scar on back of my head from Nick Garrett! He hit me with a metal buckle on a cap! (Nick is now an attorney here in Lawton). I may sue!

Sonya (Reynolds) Holman writes that her brother - Rocky Patterson, '44, and his wife Ferne (Schrader) '42, have been happily married for 67 years! Rocky gave Ferne 67 roses for the celebration! BIG bouquet and major congrats!

Pat (Sheppard) Holcomb also celebrated a February bday - 23rd. And, Byrl Hunt, '62 turned '17' on 29th. (Leap Year) That's like 68 in our years!!!!!!! And Tommy Lynn (Powers) Johnson, '51, celebrated her bday on the 20th of Feb. with a week in Cabo San Lucas, MX with hubby Bill.


Craig Hadley, '60, has been in hosp with very serious heart problems. He is 'better' and has gone home.

Sue (Otis) Wigington is home but still cannot have company.

Wes Hamm, '63, was recently diagnosed with sarcoma and had a malignant tumor removed from his upper thigh. He has also had some other surgery procedures to prepare him for radiation treatment.

Linden Riley, '51, is now a resident at the VA Center here in Lawton. He has difficulty walking but has good attitude and enjoys friends visits. His wife Jo (VanStone) has had several falls lately, the latest caused a fractured skull, concussion, and hospital stay. She is doing rehab and says she is 'doing better'.


Mike Morris, 70, Lawton, passed on February 28. He was LHS class 1960. He is survived by two sons; numerous grandchildren; several siblings and extended family.
Services were March 6 with burial in Highland Cemetery.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Also, William Eugene "Bill" Cofer, 84, of Lawton, passed on February 27. Services were March 2. Bill was a teacher/coach at LHS and Tomlinson Jr. High. I was told he coached tennis at LHS.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Please join me in keeping in prayers all these with health issues and loss of loved ones.


Have enjoyed some beautiful spring days, but winter returned with [needed] rain & strong winds before dawn Thursday! Cold....but short duration expected! Regards to all.....Georgia

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