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Originally sent April 15

My little bro, George Gill, '64, just returned from S. America where he fished and hunted with great success. '59 classmate George Bridges was also on the trip. They [several others] lodged in and around Montevideo and were impressed with the city and the history! And, the fish chowder. George also fished the Amazon couple years ago. Lot of stories!!! Back at his home on Texhoma, the Striper are biting. George caught 3 weighed over 8# each, Saturday week ago. (see pix)

Wife Chris caught first one of the 'season' prior to that, plus a lure in her finger. A trip to the ER to cut it out! Didn't slow her down! have pix of finger, but will spare you the gory details of catching fish! haha!!

Donald 'Don' Dayton, '57, and Margie Johns-Dayton, '58, will be celebrating their 53rd anniversary on April 18 and Don had his 73rd birthday on April 6th. Double Happy and major congrats guys!

Minette (Zak) Page says the committee is still interested in any items from the OLD LHS days. If you have items you would like to donate to the memory room, please contact Minette at:

Some remembrances......

"I will never forget Mrs. Mackey. She was the best music teacher!! I learned a lot from her about music and pronunciation while singing. She was also a very nice person."

Becky Roberts

"What a revelation! A '41 LHS student also got a D. My high school physics teacher apparently routinely handed out D's to academically sound students other than me. In 3 years of high school and 9 years of higher education I always got A's, B's and an occastional C. I was valedictorian at one college and Magna Cum Laude at another. I never received a F in any of my classwork and only one D complements of Miss Lily Stafford. After all these years of carrying that one regret, that sure helps to put things in a more balanced perspective.Thanks for sharing."

Gene Morris

Glad 'we' could put Genes [obviously exceptional] mind at ease!!!!!

"Miss Stafford, I still quote her today for giving me an F in Physics...To this day, whenever I want anyone to prove something to me...I just quote Lily by saying as she did so ruefully andin a commanding voice as she hovered above me: "LET ME SEE THAT DATUM!!!", all the while, peering through those thick myopic rimless glasses and that crown of curly gray hair...... bless her heart... Nino Martinez, Class of '55. Seventh from the bottom in 1955 graduating Class...yesss!"

Miss Stafford taught physics and chemistry and my Bill made an 'F' in Miss Staffords chemistry class! . Bill is class '52 and in Staffords classes with Richard Neptune, Bob Hillis, Ches Montague, Don Sherry, Bob Drewry. (poor Miss Stafford). Bill took off 2 weeks in the fall to go deer hunting in CO with his dad. He came back, very far behind in Miss Staffords class & never got caught up. A grade of 'F' was result!!! Miss Stafford cut NO slack! These same guys also locked Miss Stafford in her room during a lunch period. On purpose! days! What little pranksters! Not sure they have changed much! ahaha!

Speaking of Bob Drewry, had a nice visit a few days ago. He was in Lawton along with wife Karen. Bob was our next door neighbor for some 30+ years till he pulled up stakes & moved to Big D!


Jon Beldsoe, '55, wrote about his brother......."Hergart, and I just returned from Greenville, SC where we visited with Chad [Bledsoe], '53, and Dianne. Chad is slowly, but very noticeably recuperating from heart surgery and over 2 months in local hospitals. For those wishing to contact him, his address is: 34 Tindal Ave., Greenville, SC 29605."


Lynda L. (Suggs) Jack, 74, of Lawton, passed April 11. Lynda is LHS class 1956. She is survived by a daughter; 2 sons; numerous grandchildren and extended family including a sister, Billie Marie (Suggs) Penn, class 1957. Services will be 1:00pm, Monday April 16, at Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be at Post Cemetery, Fort Sill.Extended obit and guest book at:

Don Hertzog, 67, of Lawton, passed on April 12. He was LHS class 1962. He is survived by wife Janie (Bardshear), class 1964; 3 daughters; 1 son; numerous grandchildren and extended family.Services will be 2:00pm, Monday April 16, at Letita Baptist church (east of Lawton). Burial will follow in Letitia Cemetery (east of Lawton).

Extended obit and guest book at:

David Willard Newcombe, 83, of Abiline passed on April 9. He was LHS class 1947. He is survived by wife Sue (Latham); a daughter Nancy; brother Ralph; sister Mary Margaret Neely. He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother Eddie Newcombe.Services were in April 11 in Abilene.

Extended obit and guest book at:

We have lost one of our truly golden Wolverines....John Raoul Valdez, 98, of Lawton, passed on April 8. Services were April 11. Born in Eldorado, OK, Johns family moved to Lawton & he graduated LHS in 1931.

Extended obit and Guest book at:

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and those who have health issues.


Lot of storms in Oklahoma this past week. They brought needed rain but also loss with hail and tornados. Sun shining today......regards to all.......Georgia

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