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Originally sent June 27

Lon Parks, class '53, is MAJOR biking enthusiast. Last month he and fellow 'bikers' - Joe Cox and Terry Spradley - rode their bikes from Lawton, America to Breckenridge, CO. Keep in mind, all three men are in their 70's. Lon is 77. They took only wallets, cell phones, and a few changes of clothes in saddlebags. They peddled about 60 miles a day for 11 days to make the approx 675 mile trip. They drove back. Quite an accomplishment and a great read in Lawton Constitution, Saturday June 23, B section. Lon is LHS class 1953.
Photo below shows Lon of left, Joe Cox on right.

With our Nations bday fast approaching, brother Mike Gill will be opening his BigShot Fireworks stand this week. Mike, who is LHS class '71, has been making and working with fireworks since Junior High. In the past, Mike made some of the fireworks shot at the Statue of Liberty during the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976. And, he did the fireworks for a Donny & Marie Osmond show in Norman, OK some years ago. Mike is lifetime member of the Pyrotechnics Guild International. If you need something to light up the sky or just wanna say 'hi', Mike can fix you up! He stocks wide variety of consumer fireworks and has vast knowledge of them all! He is located 5 miles west of 82nd street on old Cache road.

This message..... "Hi Classmates, Jo [Riley] and I have been getting inquiries as to when and where the next LHS 49, 50, 51, 52 Reunion will be. We both have too much on our plates to continue "hosting" the reunions. However, we saved all our information on a flash drive and printed an extra set of labels. We were hoping someone would take over, but so far we have had no volunteers. Please won't someone volunteer? Spread the word to those who do not have email. What a shame if there are no more reunions." Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52
Can contact Tommye at:

"Diane (Daniels) and I spent our 33rd anniversary in New York at the end of last month. She sang in a 300 voice choir for a Memorial Day concert. For anniversary night we had dinner on a glass boat in New York Harbor. It was Fleet Week and there was over 16 tall ships with lights in rigging at night. The Statue of Liberty in the moonlight is awesome. We came home by way of Niagara Falls. Had a great time there getting wet over, under and around the falls." Ed Adams, '59

My husband and I are on our way to the Oregon Coast for two months. Our hometown, St. George, Utah, can get to 115 temperatures in the summer and the Oregon Coast is so cool. We completed a transatlantic cruise in April to the British Isles and France. One of our tours was the Normandy Beaches. It was very memorable and Point Du Hoc and Juno Beach has been left like the days of June, 1944!"
Patsy (Sherratt) Theobald, '59

 "I lived across the street (Elm) from the Bullocks. I remember the cave very well. Dick and I played in often. I remember the Bullocks owned a midget racecar and stored it in their garage on Elm. I remember once, Bill fired it up and ran it all over that part of Lawton. Bill was the wild one of all them. What a kick. Always something happening."
Gordon Griswold, '58.
 Remember 'wild' is in eye of beholder also! ahhahahha

 It's in the National news, but '59 classmate Phil Wilder - a resident of CO - sends this report:
"I'm sure you are aware of the Forest fire west of Colorado Spring. Thought I would bring you up to date: 5100 acres burned so far, the fire started Sat. afternoon off Hwy 24 west of CO Spg. For those familiar with this area is heavily forested and in a canyon that is hard to get to. So far 5100 acres have burned west of I-25 to Manitou Springs and North to the Air Force Academy. All Air Force support personnel have been relocated to Fort Carson, and I assume the cadets will be located in the Denver Area. There are over 2000 fire fighters involved along with 4 C130 planes and 25 helicopters dropping water and slurry on the fire. It is a raging fire and has covered the area with thick smoke that looks like the bowels of Hell. One reason the fire is so hard to fight is the steep slope of the canyons and the hot temps. It has been over 100 for the last 10 days and less than 8% humidity. So far over 10,000 people in Colo Springs and the surrounding areas have been evacuated. Pray for them!"

There are numerous former LHS grads and Lawtonians in CO. All those living or visiting in CO will be in our prayers!

Herb Jacobs continues with great columns on LHS. Sunday Constitution, June 24, page 6-C, "Dosser Witnessed Home of Champions Lore", features an interview with '62 grad, Dr. Pete Dosser. Dosser - son of educators Glenn and Midred Dosser - was in town for his 50th reunion. Again, lot of memories, familiar names, and Petes perspective on how LHS became known as 'Home of Champions'.

 Sing Happy June Birthday to my Bill [Williams].....!!!!


 I just learned that Larry Muncy passed in Ridgecrest, CA on June 14. Larry was LHS class 1962. He and his wife of 43 years, Linda, were full time RV'ers and were in CA visiting their kids when Larry passed. Larry was brother to our '59 classmate Monna (Muncy) Taylor.

Larry Edward Graham, 65, of Norman passed on June 21 after a short fight with cancer. Services were June 25 in Norman. Larry graduated LHS but I do not know the year. 1963-64? He is survived by wife Dixie (Argo); a daughter and a son and several grandchildren.
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.havenbrookfuneralhome.com/

Garland E. Dezell, Sr., 85, of Lawton, passed on June 21. Services were June 26. Garland was LHS grad but again, do not know what year. He is survived by 3 sons; 3 daughters 11 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Jo Ann (Stuever).
Extended obit and guest book at: http://www.beckerfuneral.com/


The 'home-town' is HOT! Unfortunately, I don't mean in a good way!!!! 107 at 5:15pm Tuesday, same today. Have a safe 4th and stay cool......Georgia

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