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......LHS News......
Originally sent April 28

Bruce Knowles, '62, writes from his home in AK that he is sure spring is on the way as the 8-9 FOOT snow drifts around his 'cabin' are now just 6-7 FEET! btw...Bruce is headed to the lower 48 to attend his 50th reunion here in Lawton, America in June! We hope to see Bruce at the local watering hole of Biancos. A fav of Bruce &  others!

Reminder: Class 1962 - 50th Reunion - June 1-2. Kaye Lee (Thompson) McCarley is asking.....please send in those reservations NOW. Contact Kaye at You can also catch Kaye on Facebook.

Need to make a correction. Don Hertzog who recently passed was LHS class 1962, not '63 as previously stated.

 Email: "This is Tommy Newman who lived on the corner Taylor & 13th Streets. Carol Allison and I have 44 years of marriage and now live in the Kansas City area."

Gale McCray writes that '60's classmates Johnny Parrish, Jerry Hurst, Jack Hunsucker, and Preston Holsinger and his wife Sandy attended his performance of One Man Looks at Baseball at the 4th Annual Duncan Storytelling Festival in March. Gale also just wrapped up a run in Damn Yankees with Bedford Theater in Bedford, TX. Gale says...."Doing all this performing keeps me out of pool halls, honky tonks, and away from loose women. ..... I loved Ramey's Pool Hall."
You can catch Gale on UTube by typing in his name.

Also emails with kind words and other 'info' from: Peggy (Stockton) Cravens; Ed Adams; Larry Fanning; Dorothy DeMoro; Phil Wilder; Richard Densley; Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman; Charles Darling; Wayne Kniffin; Paul Anderson; Mike Lehew; Delores (Warner) Mueller;LaRue (Locke) Hogate; Jerry Morgan.


 Remembrances continue - obviously Miss Stafford made an impression, one way or other:
"I got tears in my eyes reading about Lilly Stafford. I thought I was the only one."
 James Fullerton

 "My sister and brother maxed Lilly Stafford's classes....I made a D in her easiest (ha) class...geology....even with a D I still remember some facts! Lilly was quite a lady...[btw].. Just spent a week in Capitol Reef, Utah...and I is all sandstone!"
Vreda Schieman, class of 51

.... "I never had her for a teacher but was very familiar with her ways and personallity. In 1955 and 56, I was a paper boy for the Lawton Constitition and Morning Press. Miss Stafford was one of my customers. In those days, the paper had to be porched and she was very perticular as to where on the porch. If it was not exactly where she wanted it, she would call the paper and complain. We also had to collect the money for the papers we delivered. Collections were always on or near the first of the month. She would never pay on my first attempt but would say in a very gruff way, "come back later I'm busy right now". She eventually paid but was very cantankerous about it. A few years later and no longer delivering papers, [I was] with my Dad and ran into her. My Dad had been one of her students at the old LHS. She told my Dad, I was the best paper boy she ever had. Go figure."
Glenn Nolan, '62

"Koehler Thomas says "Half of his chemistry workbook was eaten by acid in Miss Stafford's 1949 Chemistry Class and that he received a D, lucky at that."
Sue Thomas

 "I read with amusement about all the guys who flunked Miss Stafford's class! Fortunately, I never had to take it, as I KNOW I would have gotten an F. Thanks, Doris Joyner"

 "I am one of Miss Stafford's suffering souls. I took both Physics and Chemistry from her. The worst grade that I received was from the fifth six week period where I received a 62 (an F) from her. However, I recovered and passed the semester. The good news was that the Physics courses I took at OU were a cinch and I aced them. She was great and I wish we had more like her."
Al Dayton, Class of 1952

 "Miss Lily was demanding but undoubtedly the best teacher I had at LHS. Testimony to her influence on students who went on to study science and medicine: she was given a new Chevy in 1949 by grateful former students. She proudly drove that car the rest of her life."
Jan (Rice) Grogan, '54

"Any who can remember me in high school will tell you I was not very high on getting an education. Somehow I ended up taking chemistry from Miss Stafford. How I got out of her class with a D is a mystery, for it was not from hard work and perseverance. One day she was late coming to class. I was at her desk and saw the magnifying glass she used to read small print. I took the glass out and screwed the lens holder back in place. I put the glass in my sock. Sometime later in class she picked up her magnifier to read something, tried to focus and got nowhere. She poked her finger through the opening and no lens. She was not a happy camper. The lens in my sock got hotter and hotter. But no one squealed on me. I have only told this to my closest friends, but now I guess it is safe for it to become public knowledge. I am amazed at the number of students that got low grades in her class to went on to become scientists. I am a retired Insurance Claims Adjuster and Paramedic, now living in Heeney, Colorado, high in the Rockies at 8000 feet in a log cabin next to Green Mountain Reservoir. The Gore Range is to my west and the Williams Fork Range to my east. Spring is happening steady by jerks. The snow is melting and the lake will soon be full."
 Stanton Young, '54


Sadly, we continue to lose classmates:
Ann J. (Server) Harrouff, 89, of Lawton passed on April 25. Ann was LHS class 1941. She is survived by a son Gregg and his family; 2 granddaughters and extended family. Special visitation will be Sunday April 29, 5:00pm - 7:00pm at Ritter Gray Funeral Home. Services will be 10:00am, Monday April 30, Centenary United Methodist church with burial following at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Karen Michelle Kriz, 51, of Lawton passed on April 25. Services were April 28. Karen was LHS class 1979. She is survived by her mother Betty (Lewis) Kriz; a brother Stephen; numerous nieces and nephews. Extended obit and guest book at:

James F. Freeman, 79, of Lawton passed on April 21. Jim was LHS class 1950. Services were April 26. He is survived by wife Karen Sue (Duncan); 4 sons; a daughter; numerous step-children; grandchildren and extended family. Extended obit and guest book at:

John Henry Pipes, 87, of Lawton passed on April 19. Services were April 24. John was grad of LHS early '40's. Not sure of the year. He was married to Barbara 'Babs' Ruth (Hutchins) - Babs passed in June of 2011. She was LHS class 1946. He is survived by a daughter Kathy; son Kevin; several grandchildren and extended family. He was also preceded in death by a son David Pipes.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Dr. Patrick Robert Pitchford, 69, of Tulsa, passed on April 15. Pat was LHS class 1960. He also graduated OU in 1964 and Baylor School of Dentistry in 1968. Pat is survived by wife Marciana 'Marci'; six children, numerous grand children; brothers Harry Pitchford of Lawton and Pat and Holley Pitchford. Extended obit and guest book at:

J. Susan (Hackner) Novak, 60, of Lawton passed on March 25. Services were March 30. Susan was LHS class 1969. She is survived by a son; a daughter; sister Linda Doolin and Paulette Canfield; several grandchildren and extended family. Extended obit and guest book at:


 Have lots more news and some pictures but will have to wait for future 'newsletter'......regards for now...Georgia

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

......LHS News......

Originally sent April 15

My little bro, George Gill, '64, just returned from S. America where he fished and hunted with great success. '59 classmate George Bridges was also on the trip. They [several others] lodged in and around Montevideo and were impressed with the city and the history! And, the fish chowder. George also fished the Amazon couple years ago. Lot of stories!!! Back at his home on Texhoma, the Striper are biting. George caught 3 weighed over 8# each, Saturday week ago. (see pix)

Wife Chris caught first one of the 'season' prior to that, plus a lure in her finger. A trip to the ER to cut it out! Didn't slow her down! have pix of finger, but will spare you the gory details of catching fish! haha!!

Donald 'Don' Dayton, '57, and Margie Johns-Dayton, '58, will be celebrating their 53rd anniversary on April 18 and Don had his 73rd birthday on April 6th. Double Happy and major congrats guys!

Minette (Zak) Page says the committee is still interested in any items from the OLD LHS days. If you have items you would like to donate to the memory room, please contact Minette at:

Some remembrances......

"I will never forget Mrs. Mackey. She was the best music teacher!! I learned a lot from her about music and pronunciation while singing. She was also a very nice person."

Becky Roberts

"What a revelation! A '41 LHS student also got a D. My high school physics teacher apparently routinely handed out D's to academically sound students other than me. In 3 years of high school and 9 years of higher education I always got A's, B's and an occastional C. I was valedictorian at one college and Magna Cum Laude at another. I never received a F in any of my classwork and only one D complements of Miss Lily Stafford. After all these years of carrying that one regret, that sure helps to put things in a more balanced perspective.Thanks for sharing."

Gene Morris

Glad 'we' could put Genes [obviously exceptional] mind at ease!!!!!

"Miss Stafford, I still quote her today for giving me an F in Physics...To this day, whenever I want anyone to prove something to me...I just quote Lily by saying as she did so ruefully andin a commanding voice as she hovered above me: "LET ME SEE THAT DATUM!!!", all the while, peering through those thick myopic rimless glasses and that crown of curly gray hair...... bless her heart... Nino Martinez, Class of '55. Seventh from the bottom in 1955 graduating Class...yesss!"

Miss Stafford taught physics and chemistry and my Bill made an 'F' in Miss Staffords chemistry class! . Bill is class '52 and in Staffords classes with Richard Neptune, Bob Hillis, Ches Montague, Don Sherry, Bob Drewry. (poor Miss Stafford). Bill took off 2 weeks in the fall to go deer hunting in CO with his dad. He came back, very far behind in Miss Staffords class & never got caught up. A grade of 'F' was result!!! Miss Stafford cut NO slack! These same guys also locked Miss Stafford in her room during a lunch period. On purpose! days! What little pranksters! Not sure they have changed much! ahaha!

Speaking of Bob Drewry, had a nice visit a few days ago. He was in Lawton along with wife Karen. Bob was our next door neighbor for some 30+ years till he pulled up stakes & moved to Big D!


Jon Beldsoe, '55, wrote about his brother......."Hergart, and I just returned from Greenville, SC where we visited with Chad [Bledsoe], '53, and Dianne. Chad is slowly, but very noticeably recuperating from heart surgery and over 2 months in local hospitals. For those wishing to contact him, his address is: 34 Tindal Ave., Greenville, SC 29605."


Lynda L. (Suggs) Jack, 74, of Lawton, passed April 11. Lynda is LHS class 1956. She is survived by a daughter; 2 sons; numerous grandchildren and extended family including a sister, Billie Marie (Suggs) Penn, class 1957. Services will be 1:00pm, Monday April 16, at Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be at Post Cemetery, Fort Sill.Extended obit and guest book at:

Don Hertzog, 67, of Lawton, passed on April 12. He was LHS class 1962. He is survived by wife Janie (Bardshear), class 1964; 3 daughters; 1 son; numerous grandchildren and extended family.Services will be 2:00pm, Monday April 16, at Letita Baptist church (east of Lawton). Burial will follow in Letitia Cemetery (east of Lawton).

Extended obit and guest book at:

David Willard Newcombe, 83, of Abiline passed on April 9. He was LHS class 1947. He is survived by wife Sue (Latham); a daughter Nancy; brother Ralph; sister Mary Margaret Neely. He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother Eddie Newcombe.Services were in April 11 in Abilene.

Extended obit and guest book at:

We have lost one of our truly golden Wolverines....John Raoul Valdez, 98, of Lawton, passed on April 8. Services were April 11. Born in Eldorado, OK, Johns family moved to Lawton & he graduated LHS in 1931.

Extended obit and Guest book at:

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and those who have health issues.


Lot of storms in Oklahoma this past week. They brought needed rain but also loss with hail and tornados. Sun shining today......regards to all.......Georgia

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

......LHS News......
Originally sent April 7


'64 classmate Doug Waddell-Gerald, has lived in Anchorage, AK almost since graduation. He sent some great pictures a few days ago of a young moose who paid a visit! Not a visitor most of us have opportunity to see. They have such sweet faces! I love 'critters'! (see pix).

Received land line from Jack Tuberville - went by 'Jackie' in school. Jack attended Woodrow Wilson, Tomlinson, would have been LHS grad but moved after Junior High years! He ran across the WolverNet blog & just touched base to ask about a few classmates he remembered.
He was curious about what happened to Paula Harbaugh; Steve Bertleson, and Randy Rigby. Randy I knew, but the other two I do not. If you have any info, pass it along to me & I'll let Jack know. Also, someone may have an update on Gen. Rigsby!
btw....Jack lives just outside Knoxville, TN and is retired from the TN Valley Authority.

Also had a nice phone visit with Ed Cagle. He is LHS class 1941! He was recalling he was a 'straight A' student and had his record ruined with an D from Lily Stafford. I have heard of many whose grade point was sabotaged by Miss Stafford! pssssttttt....Ed will be 89 in July!

Susan (Hankins) Ellington and hubby Newby sent some beautiful pictures of SNOW they had Monday evening in NM. She said it was melting fast and if temp didn't drop, fruit tress should be OK. (see pix).

Mike Wyant, '57, sent some great pictures from 'back-in-the-day', ie: 1950's. Brings back memories!

I know I will miss bday people but.....'59 classmates and good friends, Johnna (Gordon) Parks celebrated a birthday on March 27; Jerry (Sasser) Childs celebrated her birthday on April 1. No foolin!
Gwen (Wood) Phelps on April 8; Suzy (Gill) Salas, '64, on April 17.
Paul Soper, '63, also celebrated his birthday on March 26 and he didn't mind telling us....he's 67!

Paul added that he has been going through some of his old family albums and came across his fathers 1928 'L' letter sweater from Lawton High Football. Paul also found his dad's gold All Victorious ring which each player received that year.
Paul went on to say...." I also had the pleasure of playing football at Lawton High when we were all victorious in 1962 as a junior, when Lawton High became Home of the Champions."

LHS grad Juanita Mitchell Perkins turned 101 on March 27. Visited with her and her health is excellent!!! Amazing! She is mom of Bob Mitchell, class '54, who is deceased. Daughter-in-law is Janice (Callicot) Mitchell, class '58. She is close friend of Monta.......

And the BIG birthday for Monta (Sanders) Burt who will celebrate her 100th on April 27. Monta is LHS class 1930 and mom to classmates: Jo (Burt), '49; Wanda (Burt) Shanklin, '50, deceased; R.A. Burt, '58; Janet (Burt) Terry, '63. Monta resides in Lawton at the Village on Lee.
Monta is a sweet lady and we wish her many happy returns!


Mary Ann (Martin) Boucher asks for your continued prayers as she is still battling leukemia. Mary is class of '61 and is married to '59 classmate Jerry Boucher.

Tom Bullock,
'50, is also fighting cancer that is fairly wide-spread. A course of treatment is being prepared and all are optimistic and hoping the best for Tom. We are so used to seeing Toms smiling face and warm greetings around town. Usually at an 'eating' establishment! Looking forward to seeing him soon.


Once again we have lost numerous classmates and others:

Ella (Carlton) Mackey, 98, of Lawton passed on April 6. Ella taught music in the LPS for many years beginning in about 1950. She is survived by son John Mackey; daughters Janis Chaconas and Sue Ann Saffa; numerous grand children and extended family. Services will be at 2:00pm, Monday April 9, Centenary United Methodist church. Burial will follow at Highland Cemetery.
Lengthy obit and the family invites you to share memories on the guest book at:

Terry K. Bell, 77, of Lawton passed on April 1 after a lengthy illness. Terry was LHS class 1953.
He is survived by wife Janice (Parker); 2 daughters; a son; numerous grand children and step children and grand-children. Services were April 5.
Extended obit and guest book at:

*NOTE: Good story about Terry in Lawton paper April 5, page 1-B Sports section. Terry was a horse breeder and considered an expert in the field of Quarter horses. He had numerous winners of world renown over the years. Terry was set to be [will be] inducted into the Oklahoma Horse Racing Hall of Fame next week in OKC. Personally, I'll always remember Terry for a terrific sense of humor and ability to 'tell a story'.

Victory Levenia (Dangerfield) Brewer, 74, of Lawton passed on April 1. She was LHS class 1956. She is survived by her husband of 55 years, Allen Brewer; 2 daughters; a son; numerous grandchildren.
Services were April 5.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Debra J. (Waddell) Solomon, 54, of Lawton. Debra passed April 1 and services were April 5. Debra was LHS class 1977. She is survived by 2 sons; her mother; numerous grandchildren and extended family.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Naomi "Ruth" (Green) Kurtz, 76, of Baytown, TX passed on March 25. Services were March 30 in Baytown. Naomi was LHS class 1954. She is survived by 2 sons; siblings: Jack Green, JoAnn Hebert, Dorothy Stewart, and Luther Green, '57.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Randlett Parker, Sr., 92, Lawton, passed March 28. Services were March 31. Mr. parker was father of '59 classmate Randlett (Randy) Parker Jr.; also children Ramona, Michael, Tommy, Steven. Numerous grandchildren and extended family.
Mr. Parker led a very interesting life and his obit reflects that:

Our thoughts and prayers are with these who have lost loved ones and also with those who continue with health issues and treatment.


Looks like weather will be beautiful for the Easter bunny this Sunday! Wishing you jelly beans and chocolate eggs!

Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring! Georgia

Saturday, April 7, 2012

......LHS News......
Originally sent March 24

Afraid more sad than glad, but news none the less......

"The Millers were two of my favorite teachers. Mr Miller taught biology and Mrs Miller taught algebra. Lovely people."
Marilyn (Thompson) Seely

Bert Click was really reveling in the past with these great comments.....
"Hello Georgia. Your lead article caught my eye. Ronnie [Scott] was a half-back as a sophomore and dated Beverly Hillis at the time. I had a crush on Beverly, but her parents thought I was too old for her! Guess that's what we thought back then. Also dated Aleta Hillis and my friend Dan Inglis dated Betty Hillis. There was quite a Hillis clan around Lawton at that time. Beverly Hillis and Tommy Lynn [Powers] were best friends and always walked past my house going to town, wearing those ever-lovin' short shorts! Bert"

Don Williams is asking if there are any plans for a class 1953 reunion....soon? A contact for class '53?


Wilbert Lee Lloyd, 73, of Lawton, passed on March 22. Wilbert was LHS class 1957. He is survived by a sister Donna (Lloyd) Gatliff (class '59); numerous nieces and nephews. The family will greet friends from 3:00pm - 6:00pm on Sunday March 25 at Becker Funeral Home. Services will be 3:00pm Monday March 26 at Becker Funeral Home Chapel with burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Pamela 'Pam' Marie (Nudge) Mills, 66, of Lawton, passed on March 21. Pam was LHS class 1964.
She is survived by her mom; a daughter; a son; several grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held at 2:00pm on Tuesday March 27, Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Ronald Ashley Cagle, 65, of Lawton, passed on March 18. He was LHS class 1964. He is survived by his father Ed Cagle; 4 children and numerous grandchildren; a twin brother Gene and brothers Stephen and Fielding. He was preceded in death by his wife Kathy (Williams) in 2011. Services will be private.
Extended obit and guest book at:

Glenn Lee Ousley, 65, Kenefick, TX, passed on March 11 and grave side services were March 20 east of Lawton. Glen was LHS class 1968. He is survived by wife Mary; 3 daughters and numerous grandchildren.
Obit in Lawton paper of March 18.

Yvonne (Kidd) Hooker, 83, passed March 15 in Nashville, TN I believe she was LHS class of 1947. She had a terrible disease for the last 8-10 years called Wagner’s disease, which required dialysis quite often. She was also unable to talk the last two years. A recent diagnosis of liver cancer shortened her life. She is survived by a daughter, Jan Phillips.
Note: I grew up attending church with Yvonne. She was a beautiful, sweet girl. So sorry to hear of her passing. She was a very close friend to
Bette (Smith) Scott.


Much needed rain has fallen in Oklahoma. Surely we will have 'May flowers'. Redbuds are already beautiful
! Wishing each of you have a springtime filled with flowers! Georgia