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Originally sent March 7

Dorothy (Dawson) DeMoro was all stocked up on candles, batteries, food stuff, ready to battle the second winter snow storm!  (she survived).  I know other classmates have also been impacted by the weather.  Dorothy was hanging tight as she is departing mid March for a Caribbean cruise.  Sounds like great change to me! Bon Voyage!~

Robin (Alford) Adams, '52,  is off soon to Japan. I belive Robin does some missionary
 work but she also lived in Japan in the '50s when her father was stationed there.

Mike Wyant, '57, has a new book, just published.  'Nasha Bil Hoga' follows the route of a young Navajo boy who escapes the Ft. Sill Indian school to return to his home in the Navajo Nation of Arizona. The front cover photo was taken by Mike about 5 years ago. Check it out on Amazon:

Classmate Allen Johnson just did what a lot of us should do....a BIG [estate] $ale at his home here in Lawton.  But he had good motivation.  Allen plans to depart the hometown and move to Tulsa fairly soon.  Be closer to son and grandkids.  

Paul Massad was recently honored by the Oklahoma Heritage Association and presented the 'Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award' at the State Capitol.  The award honors individuals who have demonstrated volunteer and civic efforts that grow pride in their community and have helped created a legacy for future generations. Paul has been at OU over 50 years and has helped raise millions to enhance the states offerings and opportunities.  Congratulations!  Paul is LHS class 1955.

'49 classmate Ken Bridges joined other 1953 LSU classmates on February 16 for a reunion in Baton Rouge to celebrate 60 years since their basketball team advanced to the NCAA finals (final four).  Bridges later returned to Lawton to teach and coach.  Great read in Herb Jacobs - 'Where Are They Now' column of Sunday March 3, page 7-C.

'57 classmates and buds, Mitch Braley and Bill Lacy, traveled to DeKalb, TX and visited the site and wreckage of the plane that went down in 1985 carrying pop singer Ricky Nelson.  Mitch lives close by in Simms, TX. The pilots survived the crash, Nelson and other band members were killed. (see photo above of Bill at site).

 Some details on the class 1963 ~ 50th reunion - May 17-18th.  Ballroom of the Apache Casino Hotel on Friday night (east Gore). Saturday morning will include a Memorial to deceased classmates, with a release of balloons and ringing of the LHS bell that was a gift from class '63. Saturday evening will be at McCasland Ballroom at Cameron - buffet and dancing.  Contact Janet (Burt) Terry - (580) 529-3208 or .

Reunion set by class 1954 - August 2-3-4 - continues to grow with class '53 and now official '52, planning to join in.....more info as it progresses.  Contact Jannete (Hanes)

Class of 1968 will be holding their 45th reunion on September 20-21. Details and info from Eddie Hamra (580) 353-5800 or email

Ones I am aware of:  Jim Andrews, class '58 a February Birthday and Happy March Birthdays to bro
Tim Gill, class '70; Johnna (Gordon) Parks, class '59; Mary Lou (Holt) Daniels, class '41. ******************

Max Goodgion is home after 6 week stay in hospital for  'Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm' surgery or Triple A surgery they call it. Max seems to be doing well.

Sue (Chalk) Briggs appreciates all the concern, prayers,encouragement, as she is back from check-up per recent cancer surgery!  So thankful that report at this time is all good!

An email from Mike Wyant to let us know his brother Roger Wyant has been in critical condition.  Roger suffered a really bad stroke about 3 - 4 years ago and progress has been difficult.  Roger is in the hospital (OKC) and our hope is that something can be done to help his current condition. 


Robert Dawson of Corpus Christi, TX passed on January 27.  A memorial service was held in Corpus on February 2.  Robert would have been LHS class 1950, but he quit to join the army.  He later got his GED.  He is survived by wife Phyllis, two sons Frank and David, and a sister, classmate Dorothy (Dawson) DeMoro.

Our thoughts and sympathies are always with those who have lost loved ones as well as prayers for those still re-cooping.


Yours truly continues with PT on the new knee.  The PT classes are quite a surprising 'social' event (haha) with a cross section of classmates and other locals.  Lot of interesting conversations, catching-up, etc.  Would love to share...but...
what is said at PT, stays at PT! Regards to all..........Georgia

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