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Originally sent April 4

I noted last Monday paper the passing of Margaret E. Niemczyk, 89, of Lawton. I believe she is the mother of '58 grad Mike Niemczyk - listed as Gary Michael of San Francisco. Also a son, James A. "Jim" Niemczyk of Lawton. Graveside services for Margaret were this past Wednesday, April 2, at Fort Sill Post Cemetery. So very sorry to hear of her passing & sorry to be late getting this out!!

I had a great email from class '61 grad Roy House (Roy is sister to our '59 classmate Mary Lee (House). Roy said I could 'share'.......
"Let me start out by saying that I have really enjoyed reading your LHS newsletter; it's wonderful reading and hearing about my classmates."Kudos" to you for your dedication of producing great updates . I'm not sure if this would be of interest to fill in your newsletter, but you be the judge. It's a story about a classmate of ours, Bill Drewry. It was about 1955 when the Drewrys lived on the corner of Cherry and Laird that I first met Bill.We lived about two blocks from them on Birch.He was several years older than I and a lot BIGGER. He had an old motorcycle, a Villiers as I recall, and every night he would work on it in his garage. It was a cantankerous piece which may or may not start at any given time.He never seemed to mind my coming over and watching him work on it though.I was so enthralled and mesmerized by anything that had an engine on a frame and propelled itself that I just had to "borrow" it. I might add that it was without his knowing. One morning I slowly and quietly pushed it out of his garage and over to my house.(my parents had gone to work already) It became futile trying to start it with the kick-starter so I pushed to a nearby neighbors driveway that had a very steep slope and I could coast down it and kick it in gear.I finally managed to get it going and commenced to cruz around town. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic back then!! After a couple of hours I thought it best to return it to Bills house, but when I was pushing up his drive-way I looked up and to my horror saw Bill standing there at the door looking at me. I just knew my world was about to come to an end. Anyway I managed to muster up enough courage and pushed it on up to the garage past him.He just stood there,probably trying to decide what to do to me,or maybe he was about to reach Critical Mass,I'm not sure. I honestly cannot remember what he said, but he must have seen how red my face was and figured I probably had pushed it further than I had ridden it,and him knowing how crazy I was about motorcycles that he let me off with-out tearing me a new one. I've never forgotten this story and have told it several times over the years, and I'd like to say to Bill if he ever gets a chance to read this, THANKS........for your understanding man. I know this is rather long, although I cut out a lot of details, so if you want to use it as a filler, do so....thanks, ....Roy House
PS If anyone wants to contact me,please do."
Roy added this bit in another email: "I delivered the newspaper to all of Fields & Dunning edition for years.I knew Joe Scott, Dick Bullock, Lyntha Nicklas, Joanna Cargill, the Ashlock girls, oh I could go on for-ever, Ann Shepard, Judy Gibson, Ginda Kenzie, Mayland Wolverton, etc .They all lived in that area. I've lived in Claremore,Ok now for the past thirty years and own an auto repair business for the last twenty-seven.I come home fairly often,not often enough as my sister says,and I keep in touch with several good friends,Wayne Littlefield, Ed Forsyth, and others.
btw.......You can contact Roy at royascardoc@sbcglobal.net

Chatted with '59 classmate LaMartha Cook at local lunch spot last week and spoke with Sid Ahlschiager - class '57 & wife Jackie (Spradlin) - also '57, at local cafeteria. Sid said "to be sure" I told everyone I saw him and that he only went back [for more] twice! I counted, hes right!
OK Sid....done deal!

Bill smoked all day today (Friday), its the annual rib cook for the local GOP ~ BBQ! If you want some real hickory smoked ribs ( I tried them this afternoon - quality control) YUM-E! .....you would be most welcome! 6:00pm Saturday at the Worley Center at the Great Plains Tech School here in Lawton. Only $20.00 per person!btw...did see name of some '59 classmates on the list to attend!

Best regards to all..........Georgia

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