Tuesday, July 22, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent July 18

Guys, I am having some kind of computer glitch with my mail program. Wanted to get this out and have other news as soon as can figure out what is wrong?

Just received word that '59 classmate Carlana (Fitch) husband, Mike Murray, had a heart attack this past Tuesday and had four bypasses yesterday - Wednesday. He remains in ICU in Wichita Falls but Carlana says she is some encouraged. Carlana asks you to remember Mike and her in your prayers. I certainly will and will let all know if I receive any update.

Welcome Home to '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks and hubby Wayne - class '60. They have arrived from 15+ years of living in Houston with many, many, many, boxes of treasures to find places for in their new local digs! So happy to have them back with us.

I talked with Ken Easton earlier this eve and know the class '58 was having reunion meeting tonight - Thursday. He said response was really good, mostly out-of-towners. Hoping more 'locals' will respond soon! He is going to send me results of tonights meeting and I will share!

All for now.....Georgia

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