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Originally sent July 23

OK..... warn you up front......this is gonna sound like an episode of General Hospital...BUT.....we're at THAT age! So 'they' say! Parts are wearing out!!! Thankfully we have modern meds/surgeries to fix a lot of problems!

I received this email from Carlana on Monday and I don't think she will mind if I share it:
Mike is doing better this morning [Monday]; he has been moved to a private room on the cardiac care unit floor @ United Regional Health Center here in WF. He still has the chest tube in; they just don't feel comfortable with removing it yet. Because of all his existing lung problems, he is on blood thinning medication so you can only imagine the problems that created last Wednesday morning when they had to operate! His surgery went well and his heart is healing; if we can just get all the other issues resolved and under control, he will begin to gain strength. Thanks for all the messages I have received and for the many, many prayers being offered in our behalf. We have felt the power of God surrounding us through this from the first day!
This is such encouraging news and I know all will join me in continuing to keep Mike and Carlana in prayers as well as others who are experiencing health problems.

Had an email from '59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton. Her news was great as she celebrates one year cancer free.

And Frank Hankins - class '57 - who had heart surgery recently sent this update:
"I went to see my cardiologist today, he was very pleased at my progress and said it was okay to ride the riding mower. I go back in three months; so I'm just doing my re-hab for now.
My appetite is slowly coming back and food is tasting better. Frank"

Frank sent a great picture of himself on his mower but it was quite large and I had no luck shrinking it so I didn't send it. My computer expertise is limited! Hey, I had trouble trying to master that old clickity-clack Underwood in Mrs. Roundtrees' typing class!

Jerry Doughty, class '55, had heart surgery about a week ago. Two stints. Jerry lives in Lawton with wife Pat (Dunn), class '59. Understand he is doing well.

Email from '59 classmate Kay (Haines) Young up Tulsa way. Kay is doing good. Been visiting daughters, traveling, went to France recently! Granddaughters coming to visit soon. Kay has had some health problems so great to hear!

Ed Harp, class '54, Ed has a newsletter similar to this for the class of 1954. If you would like to receive their news, let me know. Will probably pass some of it along anyway. Ed mentioned that some were considering....after we 'Wolverines' reach our 50th anniversary of graduation, that 'we' be called 'Golden Wolverines'. Think this was referred to in a class '55 CD? Anyway, told Ed...sounds good to me! Golden 'Oldie' Wolverines!

Ed sent his latest newsletter which included a note from '54 grad Sue (Dunnington) Dinges Burpo. Sue D said her granddaughter Hayley Emma Erwin is LHS student body President this year! I believe Hayley is also granddaughter of Trellys (Wilson) Erwin (class '58) and Bill Erwin (class '51 -sadly he is deceased).

After last news with comments on Medicine Park...received this email from friend Earl Barton:
[years ago] My mother bought the old Sen. Thomas cabin that is a couple of doors down from the hotel. When she died we contacted Meredith Thomas and she bought it and lived there until she sold it and moved back to California where she died soon after.

I did not know this and appreciate Earl for sharing....btw.....Meredith (Thomas) Bomberger, class '55, was a granddaughter of Medicine Park founder Elmer Thomas and a close fried of Earl and Marilyn (Simpson) Barton, class '55. Meredith was also sister to Koehler Thomas and Bill Thomas - both LHS'ers, sadly Meredith passed away in 2005.

Another great article in Tuesday July 22 Lawton Constitution by Charles Ellenbrook, class '56. About the butterflies that inhabited our Wichita Mountains and also the annual butterfly count. Couple of beautiful (color) pictures accompanied the story as well as results of count and pictures of those who counted! I noted some personal friends among the counters!
Charles writes once a month for the paper, always great articles.

Its a HOT summer here in the 'home-town'........hope you are staying cool.....Georgia

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