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Originally sent July 27

I did learn that Al Terrill has pneumonia and remains (Sunday) in ICU and company is NOT allowed at this time.

Funeral service for former Lawton resident, William “Bill” H. Reed, 97, of Amarillo, Texas will be at 2:00pm, Tuesday, July 29, at the University Church of Christ in Lawton. Mr. Reed died on Friday, July 25, 2008 in Amarillo, TX.
Mr. Reed is father of Paula (Reed) Arvit - class '57 - son-in-law Paul, and daughter Mary (Reed) Harper - maybe class '65?, and her husband Loran.
Burial will be at Sunset Memorial Gardens under the direction of Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home. A special visitation will be held for family and friends from 6:00 - 8:00pm Monday, July 28, at the funeral home.
On line obit and guest book at: < >

Also the passing of Wynona G. Prestage, 79, of Tulsa. Mrs. Prestage passed away on Thursday, July 24 in Tulsa. She was born in Cache and was a graduate of LHS although does not give year. From age, would be in 1940's?
She is survived by a son Gary in Tulsa and a daughter Debra of Omaha, NE.
There will be a grave side service 10:00am on Monday July 28 at the Cache Cemetery in Cache and a memorial service at 10:00am Tuesday July 29 at Moore's Southlawn Chapel in Tulsa.

This from Carlana (Fitch) Murray on Saturday......"Just a quick note to let you know that Mike is now at home recovering (slowly) but it is encouraging to see a little progress each day! Now it is just a matter of gaining strength and "living right!" (No fried foods --I fully expect to see the value of McDonald's "sausage biscuit" stock go down drastically in the near future!)
Seriously, we both need to make changes in our lifestyle and this has opened our eyes to the urgency of doing so! Thanks to so many who have written and have assured us of their continued prayer; it means to very much to both of us.
So sorry to hear about Al; we were all neighbors in Meadowbrook addition many years ago and our children were in Western Hills elementary school together. Enjoyed working with Al and Kay in various PTA projects through the years.......Carlana"

I had opportunity to visit with Marilyn Celeste Morris - class '56 - on Saturday afternoon at her book signing in Lawton. (pix on right) Marilyn was doing great & autographed a book for me about her life as an 'army brat'. I look forward to reading it soon. Marilyn had quite a number looking at her books including good friend Sue (Chalk) Briggs - class '64 - while I was there! Marilyn was staying with former classmates while in Lawton and having a great time.

Unfortunately my Bill became ill late Saturday afternoon and we had to cancel plans for Saturday night reunion event! I know it was another great event and hopefully there will be pictures to prove it!! I will send some of the Friday night pictures in next 'news'.

Recently several '59 girls who have been friends from first grade on (2-3 of us before first grade), all Washington School classmates, Bluebirds, Campfire girls, etc. (pix below) We met in OKC for a couple of days to visit, recall the 'good-ol-days, and really had a great time. Babs (Yarmuk) Givens came from Dallas area; Nancy (Joyner) McKinnis lives in Edmond; Alice (Aurell) Choice came the farthest - from Denver; and from Lawton...Suzanne (Jones) Crawford, Marilyn (Lewis) Smith, and yours truly!
There were pictures of kids, grandkids, and Nancy brought a wonderful scrapbook that her mother kept of our Bluebird and Campfire exploits! (Mrs. J. she was our fearless-leader).
We also worked in some major culture as we toured the exhibit at he Oklahoma City Museum of Art: 'Roman Art from the Louvre'. Wonderful exhibit as was the permanent Chihuly glass exhibit we also toured. The Museum features a cafe where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and we had a great dinner in Bricktown on the river at Nonnas Friday evening. After dinner we took the riverboat ride which is another fun and enjoyable thing to do. Very pleasant in the evening after sunset. Saw the latest in the bronze sculpture pieces being added to the 'Land Run' series along the river. VERY impressive! Highly recommend it.

Saturday morn we managed to work in a tiny bit of breakfast, local produce markets, another great lunch, more visiting!!!!! Our hope is to do it again! Best part is being with long time and dear friends. (pictures at right: Marilyn Celeste Morris at her book signing; seated: left Alice Choice; right: Marilyn Smith; Standing left to right: Babs Givens, Suzanne Crawford, Georgia, Nancy McKinnis)

Keeping those with loss and health issues in my prayers....hope all will join me. Georgia
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Originally sent July 23

OK..... warn you up front......this is gonna sound like an episode of General Hospital...BUT.....we're at THAT age! So 'they' say! Parts are wearing out!!! Thankfully we have modern meds/surgeries to fix a lot of problems!

I received this email from Carlana on Monday and I don't think she will mind if I share it:
Mike is doing better this morning [Monday]; he has been moved to a private room on the cardiac care unit floor @ United Regional Health Center here in WF. He still has the chest tube in; they just don't feel comfortable with removing it yet. Because of all his existing lung problems, he is on blood thinning medication so you can only imagine the problems that created last Wednesday morning when they had to operate! His surgery went well and his heart is healing; if we can just get all the other issues resolved and under control, he will begin to gain strength. Thanks for all the messages I have received and for the many, many prayers being offered in our behalf. We have felt the power of God surrounding us through this from the first day!
This is such encouraging news and I know all will join me in continuing to keep Mike and Carlana in prayers as well as others who are experiencing health problems.

Had an email from '59 classmate Beverly (Gaston) Shelton. Her news was great as she celebrates one year cancer free.

And Frank Hankins - class '57 - who had heart surgery recently sent this update:
"I went to see my cardiologist today, he was very pleased at my progress and said it was okay to ride the riding mower. I go back in three months; so I'm just doing my re-hab for now.
My appetite is slowly coming back and food is tasting better. Frank"

Frank sent a great picture of himself on his mower but it was quite large and I had no luck shrinking it so I didn't send it. My computer expertise is limited! Hey, I had trouble trying to master that old clickity-clack Underwood in Mrs. Roundtrees' typing class!

Jerry Doughty, class '55, had heart surgery about a week ago. Two stints. Jerry lives in Lawton with wife Pat (Dunn), class '59. Understand he is doing well.

Email from '59 classmate Kay (Haines) Young up Tulsa way. Kay is doing good. Been visiting daughters, traveling, went to France recently! Granddaughters coming to visit soon. Kay has had some health problems so great to hear!

Ed Harp, class '54, Ed has a newsletter similar to this for the class of 1954. If you would like to receive their news, let me know. Will probably pass some of it along anyway. Ed mentioned that some were considering....after we 'Wolverines' reach our 50th anniversary of graduation, that 'we' be called 'Golden Wolverines'. Think this was referred to in a class '55 CD? Anyway, told Ed...sounds good to me! Golden 'Oldie' Wolverines!

Ed sent his latest newsletter which included a note from '54 grad Sue (Dunnington) Dinges Burpo. Sue D said her granddaughter Hayley Emma Erwin is LHS student body President this year! I believe Hayley is also granddaughter of Trellys (Wilson) Erwin (class '58) and Bill Erwin (class '51 -sadly he is deceased).

After last news with comments on Medicine Park...received this email from friend Earl Barton:
[years ago] My mother bought the old Sen. Thomas cabin that is a couple of doors down from the hotel. When she died we contacted Meredith Thomas and she bought it and lived there until she sold it and moved back to California where she died soon after.

I did not know this and appreciate Earl for sharing....btw.....Meredith (Thomas) Bomberger, class '55, was a granddaughter of Medicine Park founder Elmer Thomas and a close fried of Earl and Marilyn (Simpson) Barton, class '55. Meredith was also sister to Koehler Thomas and Bill Thomas - both LHS'ers, sadly Meredith passed away in 2005.

Another great article in Tuesday July 22 Lawton Constitution by Charles Ellenbrook, class '56. About the butterflies that inhabited our Wichita Mountains and also the annual butterfly count. Couple of beautiful (color) pictures accompanied the story as well as results of count and pictures of those who counted! I noted some personal friends among the counters!
Charles writes once a month for the paper, always great articles.

Its a HOT summer here in the 'home-town'........hope you are staying cool.....Georgia

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Originally sent July 18

Guys, I am having some kind of computer glitch with my mail program. Wanted to get this out and have other news as soon as can figure out what is wrong?

Just received word that '59 classmate Carlana (Fitch) husband, Mike Murray, had a heart attack this past Tuesday and had four bypasses yesterday - Wednesday. He remains in ICU in Wichita Falls but Carlana says she is some encouraged. Carlana asks you to remember Mike and her in your prayers. I certainly will and will let all know if I receive any update.

Welcome Home to '59 classmate Johnna (Gordon) Parks and hubby Wayne - class '60. They have arrived from 15+ years of living in Houston with many, many, many, boxes of treasures to find places for in their new local digs! So happy to have them back with us.

I talked with Ken Easton earlier this eve and know the class '58 was having reunion meeting tonight - Thursday. He said response was really good, mostly out-of-towners. Hoping more 'locals' will respond soon! He is going to send me results of tonights meeting and I will share!

All for now.....Georgia

Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Originally sent July 10

LHS grads - Charles ( class '63) and Jackie Darling ( class ?, younger than Charles) - of Pasadena, CA, found themselves in possession of one of the Medicine Park Centennial cookbooks. They sent me a letter - not email, a real, snail-mail, letter - talking about the cookbook and sharing memories and other recollections that were stirred by reading of the book. I think all of you will enjoy their comments:
"Among the tidbits that were news to us are 1) Medicine Park is the first such resort in Oklahoma; 2) the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge was the first wildlife refuge in the US (and second most popular); 3) the annual Easter Sunrise service is the longest running passion play in the country; 4) the old skating rink began as a dance hall; 5) Elmer Thomas was the founder of the community [and I am adding - he had grandchildren who were LHS grads, gw]; 6) Bonnie and Clyde and Pretty Boy Floyd and Al Capone were visitors along with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; 7) the Hutchins family link between Medicine Park and Doe Doe Park. Lots of history to digest."
Charles went on to say that he had a family connection to the Park also as his dad in the early to mid-fifties, opened a 'funky' retail store that sold 'curios' and picnic supplies to tourists. Charles thought it had been in a building that was next to the old hotel. Unfortunately, huge throngs of visitors did not materialize and the life of the store was short lived. The building where Charles dad had his store was destroyed by fire several years later.

Interject: On a personal note, my dad, also ran a 'business' in Medicine Park in the '30's in a building called the Apache Inn. It was (I believe) a little south of the old hotel and was also destroyed by fire (I think in the 40's?) There is still a very small part of a foundation (or steps?) where it is supposed to have been. gw

Charles goes on to share...."some of my fondest boyhood memories are of Medicine Park. The cobblestone buildings, skating rink, swinging bridge, and the Dam Cafe all held a special fascination. While parents manned the store, I would explore the narrow streets of this nearly magical place that looked like nothing I had ever seen. This was at a time Medicine Park was in one of its periodic economic slumps and there were signs of decay and abandonment. One transformative moment occurred when a jukebox in the hotel cafe boomed out the first "rock and roll" music I ever heard. Things have never been the same. There would be other firsts, but this one stuck for me.
Lake Lawtonka, Mt. Scott, Craterville Park, and buffalo herds just added to the exotic images that formed in my young head. Word that Medicine Park is being successfully revitalized is very welcome. I hope it prospers and is celebrated by generations to come."
I really enjoyed the letter and thank Charles and Jackie for sharing their thoughts on a historical and quaint part of our 'home-town' heritage.

The class of 1958 - 50 year reunion is having their Friday night event (Aug. 15) at the old dance hall/skating rink/Music Hall at Medicine Park! Be a great opportunity to see first hand what is going on at the Park while rekindling friendships with former classmates. For info on reunion: or visit: <>
There are quite a few '58-er's that have not been found. You might check this list and see if you have any info on any of the missing ones.
List at: <>

From the cookbook: "When you have helped to raise the standard of cooking, you have helped to raise the only thing in the world that really matters anyhow. We only have one or two wars in a lifetime, but we have three meals a day!"
From Will Rogers' 1931 introduction to the Beverly Hills Women's Club Cookbook.
It is said that Will Rogers visited Medicine Park several times in the 1920's with his friend Wiley Post.

btw......if you have interest, the cookbooks are still available at the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton. I do not know if they will mail but the address of Museum is: 601 NW Ferris, Lawton, OK 73507. Phone (580) 581-3460.

Regards to all........Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent July 7

There will be a memorial service for Gladys (Mason) Fullerton, 96, former Lawton resident and living in Claremore at time of her death on April 23. Mrs. Fullerton was born in Fletcher and after marriage to Charles Fullerton June 9, 1941, (at the Holy City chapel), she traveled and worked in other states but settled in Lawton retiring from Lawton Public Schools after 35 years teaching.
Charles passed in 1971, she later married George Stevens Murphy who passed away in 1980.
Mrs. Fullerton is survived by a son M.J. Fullerton of Pryor and a granddaughter Kasey Edwards of Torrance, CA..Service will be Friday July 12 at the Bethel United Methodist church, east of Lawton, 10:30am.
Mrs. Fullerton was my first grade teacher at Washington School. I remember her well and visited with her on occasion in later years. She was also an Aunt, by marriage, to Julia (Fullerton) Bell. Very sorry to hear of her passing - the obit is in Sunday paper - July 6.

Especially for those who live out of town or out of state:
In Sunday June 1 Lawton Constitution, a great story on two educators "honored for their service." Mary Sue Silk and Ella Mackey were honored by the Oklahoma Retired Educators Association for their many years of service as educators and advocates for the education profession. They were recognized as "very important members" during the recent annual OREA convention at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Mrs. Mackey was unable to attend but Mrs. Silk did attend.

Ella Mackey taught music in Oklahoma Public Schools for 33 years starting her career at the age of 19 in Wilson,OK, Consolidated School district between Okmulgee and Henryetta during the 1930's. Mackey said she was specifically told she was not to marry, play cards, or dance while teaching at that first job. She also had to play the piano for a church three week-ends out of every month as part of her teaching job. She didn't have a college degree when she started teaching, so Mackey taught during the school year and attended college during the summer semesters.
She later taught in other towns in OK and also at a school in San Marcos, TX.
In Lawton she taught at Taft Elementary and Tomlinson Middle School. One of Mrs. Mackeys favorite memories of her long career was starting a marching band in the tiny Mountain View school. She said they had never had a band and she started it and taught all the kids. A love of music has been a constant throughout her life. Mrs. Mackey was named LPS Teacher of the Year in 1960.

Mary Sue Silk has spent her entire 46 year career as a science teacher, administrator, and a school counselor in SW Oklahoma."I got my college degree in 1940", Mrs Silk says and "the first year I taught at Faxon. The next two years I taught at Cache. Then I was the high school principal at Chattanooga from 1943 to 1946."
When her husband [Wes Silk] returned from military service in 1946, they both became teachers at Lawton High School. In 1951 Mrs. Silk became a guidance counselor at Lawton High and was the director until her retirement in 1986.
Mrs. Silk said she especially enjoyed being a counselor..."I enjoyed helping [students] pick out courses to take and getting admitted to college, or helping them get a job."
She visited all of the US military academies as part of her duties as guidance counselor.
Mrs. Silk is past President of the Oklahoma Educators Association and served on the National Education Association Board of Directors.
They are both lovely ladies and still doing well.

Thought this might be of interest......Monday July 7 Lawton paper has an article about a temp exhibit currently at the Oklahoma Science Museum in OKC. "Field, Forest and Stream: The History of Oklahomans and the Ourdoors", features a section on Frank Rush and his early efforts to preserve the American Bison (buffalo) and the Texas Longhorn at the Wichita Mtn. Wildlife Refuge.
Rush was supervisor of the refuge from August 1907 (year OK became a state) - June 30, 1923. Probably for most of us, Rush is best remembered for Craterville Amusement Park.
Also featured, hunting gear of Wiley Post, whose family moved to Comanche County for a few years when Post was very young. Post is said to have attended Burns School - 5 miles south and 5 miles east of Sterling. Post was the pilot and was killed with Oklahomas favorite son, Will Rogers, in a crash at Point Barrow, Alaska in 1935. <>

Regards to all.........Georgia

Monday, July 7, 2008

......LHS News......
Originally sent June 30

I appreciate Marcille and Pat for sending this.....
Received word about the passing of Anna Marta (Stephen) Falter, 73. Anna Marta was class '52. I was told that Anna Marta had several strokes prior to her passing quietly at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia. Anna Marta was born December 19, 1934 to the late William A. and Henrietta P. Stephen in Lawton, Oklahoma. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Journalism and worked as a journalist with the Lawton Constitution and later for a newspaper in Michigan.
She met her husband, then a Lieutenant, at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and spent the next nearly 50years doing things that brought her great joy; traveling the world and meeting new friends. She was active in volunteer work, particularly on behalf of the enlisted members of the Army, and a strong supporter of the retired military community in Northern Virginia; Maryland and the District.
She is survived by her husband of 49 years, Major General Vincent E. Falter, retired, of the home in Reva, VA, two children; Vincent Eugene Falter, II of Warren Michigan and Shanghai, China and Laura Diane Burt of Reva and two grandchildren, Ian and Matthew Burt of Reva. A Visitation will be held Thursday, July 3, 2008 at 12:00 noon at Demaine Funeral Home, 5308 Backlick Rd., Springfield, Va, followed by a Funeral Service at 1:00pm in the Chapel, and Interment immediately following in Arlington National Cemetery at 3:00pm.You can sign guest book at: <>

Add: Overlooked in the obit, a brother, Bill Stephen of Cache, OK. And, Marta's mom owned Graces' Ladies Dress Shop on North Sheridan Rd in Lawton that was in operation for many years. Our sympathies are with the family at this difficult time.

Reminder: Classes '52 - '53 - '54.......reservations are due by July 5 for BBQ and reunion on July 25-26! Contact Jo Riley - (580) 357-7157.

Regards to all........Georgia