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Originally sent Feb. 11

Since 'we' have started trying to locate LHS grads of 1959....the 'news' contact list has exploded! For some of you, this will be your first news. Hope you enjoy and want to let you know, older 'news' and some photos are archived at:<>

This IS a story! From Marilyn Morris, class '56:
I don't remember what year she graduated from LHS, although I was class of 56; she must have been about 4 years earlier than me.....but wanted to let everyone know Jo Nell (Dlugosch) Dickson was badly injured in a car wreck a few weeks ago. She and her husband, Ronnie Dickson, were driving home on US 287 after a wedding and a horse suddenly came out of nowhere, was clipped by the car in front of them, and the horse crashed through their windshield. JoNell was thrown into the back of the car, the decapitated horse on top of her, and the car caught fire. Ronnie, who had recently had heart surgery and was warned not to undertake any strenuous activity, nonetheless pulled her from the wreckage. Passers-by also stopped and helped. He was bruised, but otherwise okay.

JoNell was airlifted to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where she underwent surgery to repair multiple broken bones and establish an airway, since her throat was crushed, leaving her unable to speak or eat. Later in the week, she underwent facial reconstruction as every bone in her face was broken. Her family says now she has no lines or wrinkles!

A few weeks later, she was transferred to the hospital in Henrietta, TX and will be in their rehab unit for quite some time. She has some trouble with her vision and hearing, but they expect that will pass. Her eldest child, Ronna Jo Dickson Stultz, passed away from leukemia about two years ago. She has two remaining daughters, one in Denton and one in CA. Her spirits are good and she is grateful they both survived. Just thought some of her former classmates would like to know, and if they wanted to send a card or if they are in the area, drop by and visit. Marilyn Morris, (her former sister-in-law)

btw.....Jo Nell is a '53 grad and she had a brother Carrol, class '54. Carroll is deceased.

Appreciate Barbara Stapleton for sending this item.....
LHS grad Richard Lassetter will be performing in Lawton this Thursday, Feb. 12, when the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma perform at McMahan Auditorium.
Richard, class of '54, was the drum major for the LHS band and will be with the orchestra Thursday evening. The group is over 250 men who are Ministers of Music for Baptist churches all over Oklahoma. They are preparing for a trip to perform in Armenia and Israel.
The program is free is you would like to attend.

It was nice to see '59 classmate Janice (Vaughn) Salisbury at the '59 reunion planning session. I did not realize that after some 30+ years in Las Vegas, Janice had moved back to Lawton about a year ago to help her mom who is ill. Sadly, not long after returning 'home', Janice lost her husband very unexpectedly. Very belated sympathies to Janice, so sorry for her loss, but she is doing well and we appreciate her help with the reunion planning.

Had a pleasant surprise this afternoon....a call from '59 classmate Charles Andrews. We went all through Washington School, Central, part of HS then Charles had to move with his folks before graduation. However, he is hoping to be here for the 50th next October!
Charles lives in Texas but makes it up this way regularly to see his dad who lives at the VA Center - Jo G. Andrews. Charles told me his dad & his mom also attended Washington School.

Don't forget Washington School 100th coming up soon. They want to know what you remember/thought about your school days there!
Details on 'reception' as soon as I get them.

And, speaking of..... '59 grads.......please send your current snail mail address to Carlana (Fitch) Murray at and copy to me! Several have moved since 1999 (which is last contact we have for most).
Note: this is different email for Carlana than previously used.

The NEXT planning meeting for 1959 will be Thursday Feb. 26, Milo Gordon Honda, 7:00. THIS meeting will focus primarily with location of grads...who is found, who is lost. If you had pages assigned to you to locate, please try to have that data to Carlana by the 26th.

Have had inquiries from several of you...terrible storms through Oklahoma last night. Not a good way to be on National news. Major damage in N. OKC area as well as Lone Grove (east) which seems to have taken brunt of the storm. Several dead. In Lawton area, we were lucky, heavy hail for 2-3 minutes in some areas including my abode, but it was small, strong winds, but very minor if any damage around here. Worst part of storm skirted our area. Thanks for checking on us!

A picture of the 1955 LHS track team that was sent with this original news is posted at the right. Pix courtesy of Mitch Braley, '57. Here is info Mitch provided:

Left - right: Jay Field, class of 55, Wayne Rawlinson, class of 55, Charles Watson, class of 55?, Jim Maddox, class of 56?, Jimmy Stanton, class of 56, Jon Gilbert, class of 55, Reese Russell, class of 56, Mitch Braley, class of 57, next unknown, runner from Duncan; Jerry York, class of 57; next two runners are from Ardmore, and LHS coach John Bay - sadly John is deceased.

From the 'home - town'.........Georgia

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