Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Originally sent Jan. 27

Sorry to report the passing of Henry Darrell Kosechata, 72, of El Reno. Darrell passed on Jan. 21 and services were in Lawton on Jan. 24 with burial at Deyo Mission Cemetery. Darrell was raised around Walters and attended school at the Ft. Sill Indian school and also LHS. He was class '56.
He is survived by wife Katherine, four children, four sisters, and a brother Ted.

I hate to send news like this but so many have asked to know when friends are in trouble.....
Dear Family & Friends,I am so sorry to report that Larry's health is much worse.....I am bringing him home tomorrow [this past week-end] with the help of our children and Hospice. We hope to spend these remaining days together with our children and grandchildren and enjoy what life is left to us as much as possible. Larry is facing this with great faith and courage. I am so comforted that he knows the Lord and lives with great faith. Our children have been such a wonderful help to us during this terrible and stressful time and continue to support both of us with such love and compassion. Please keep us in your prayers that we will have the faith, courage, wisdom and peace to face these next few weeks or months. Patsy Sheppard Holcomb

I am still emailing with my 'friend' in Italy, Giovanni Luca. He is researching & trying to document appearances of Elvis during '54-'55-'56, in this part of county: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma.
By any chance, did any of you attend Elvis' concert in OKC on October 16, 1955? If so, please share with me any recollection you have of the event & I will send on to Luca. Or, any info on other appearances? Thanks.

It is 23 degrees, been sleeting since wee morning hours. Today, schools closed, even the mall & Ft. Sill shut down! Good day to catch up on 'chores' around the house (inside). haha!!!
I have all kinds of birds out my back door today. Even in the sleet. I put out some maize seed & also a bagel! A little 'Purina Critter Chow' left for them! Actually, cat chow! Cardinals, 'Snow' birds (we call them), Finches, Blue birds, some big black birds, BlueJays, and a Robin so fat he can barely fly! He sits in the cat chow bowl, munching! They are having a great buffet!
Looks like snow, but its sleet.

Washington School attendees (all years), don't forget the 100 birthday coming up this spring. A note (comments)of your experiences at Washington or pictures, newsclips, any info would be greatly appreciated.
Please send any comments/information to Bonnie Hix (wife of '59 classmate Tommy Hix). Bonnie taught at Washington many years & is heading up this celebration. Bonnies email is
or call (580) 536-9240.

The class '59 50th reunion planning meeting set for last night - Jan. 26 - was cancelled and we will meet again on Monday Feb. 9, 7:00. Please note this third date change as ran into many conflicts trying to reschedule, so '59'ers....please mark calendar and try to be there. Important decisions to be made!

Big fire going so staying inside in the 'home town'..........Georgia

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