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Originally sent Dec. 12

Sorry to learn of the passing of Peter 'Pete' Arnold Sherman, 56, of Pasadena, CA. Pete passed on Nov. 25. Pete is '72 grad of LHS, attended OU and USAO in Chickasha. He is survived by ex-wife Donna Seron; brother Ernie; sisters Sevelta and Lela.Funeral and burial service was in Anadarko.

The 'circulation' for LHS News continues to grow. I am happy you enjoy the news and I enjoy hearing from so many of you across the US of A, Germany, Africa, and pen-pals it has created in other areas of the world! Aren't computers grand!

From the eMail bag:
"The LHS fight song has been going round and round in my head since yesterday. As I recall, the last line as I remember it, differs from Fullerton's. I think it should be all our loyal fans go marching back to the bar for more beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer . . .? then begin again."
Scotty '56 [Scott Brown]

"I am quite familiar with the Polka Dot house. It belonged to Whit Ozier who was the Youth Leader at Centenary Methodist Church downtown. He also sponsored the senior high Methodist Youth Fellowship and we had many a Sunday night at his house after MYF Meetings and Church. I was lucky to have my father stationed at Fort Sill and we went to Centenary (my years were 1955-1957). We all looked forward to those gatherings."
David B. Craig, '57

And, a little bit of a differing remembrance on the polka-dot house:
"The story I remember about the house was as follows: The owner of the house delivered bread and parked his bread truck in front his home. Neighbors complained and said the truck distracted from the homes and did not blend it with the neighborhood. Since he delivered Wonder Bread, he painted the same colorful circles on his home that were on his truck! That took the focus off of the truck!!!"
Paul Porter, '64, Atascadero, CA
Paul emailed again that he thought someone named 'Martin' had owned the house on 17th. Maybe after Oziers? Anyone know?

"Happy Holidays to all LHS Classmates. Just a reminder for all of you to make a note on your calender for April 10, 2010 for our ALL CLASSMATES REUNION. We will start the planning after the holidays. If any of you have any ideas, your input will be greatly appreciated. AGAIN HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"
Geneva (Harris) McIntosh LHS 62
Sherry (Asbery) Wiley LHS 61
Wynnann (Moore) Wright LHS 62
Wiley "Don" Hamm, LHS 63

Lawton Public Schools formerly turned control of the old High School/Central building to the City of Lawton on Friday. The school still owns the property, but the building - which has undergone extensive renovation - will now be managed by the city and is officially Lawton City Hall. The ceremony included former students and teachers.

btw...Fred Fitch - LHS '65 and brother of '59 classmate Carlana (Fitch) Murray, has just been elected Mayor of the 'home-town'. Fred is a longtime business owner and will bring knowledge and expertise of private sector business to the city office!

Christmas Treat! Last year about this time, I ran the recipe for Aunt Bills Brown Candy. (considered by myself and most others who have had joy of munching, to be the 'KING' of home-made candies). I had much response about it and some have asked recently. So....if you have interest, the recipe is re-posted on the WolverNet blog. Enjoy! (see post below)

Well, temp in teen digits night or two.... I would say...winter has arrived! Stay warm....Georgia

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