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Originally sent Dec. 4

I am so sorry to report the passing of Linda (Gross) Evilsizer Strelecki, 65, of Lawton. Linda passed Dec. 3. I understand that she was very recently diagnosed with cancer. She is '62 grad of LHS, also a graduate of Cameron University. Survivors include a daughter Amy; a brother, '59 classmate Ken Gross; two sisters, Carolyn and Nanette.
Services will be 10:00am, Monday Dec. 7, First United Methodist church in Lawton. Burial will follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Extended obit and guest book at:

From the eMail bag:
This email on the 'song' was from James Byrn, forwarded to me by James Fullerton....I remember the song and sure numerous of you do also. I remember the 'faculty' made 'us' stop singing it at pep rallys and such, don't think they appreciated it! haha! Current students don't seem to know or have heard of it?
To the tune of the Notre Dame fighting song.....anyone know who came up with this little 'ditty'...?
"Cheer, cheer, for old Lawton High, bring on the whiskey, bring on the rye; send a freshman out for gin and don't let a sober sophmore in. [O honey] We never stagger, we never fall; we sober up on wood alcohol...while our loyal fa-cul-ty lies drunk in the study, beer, beer......"

"Thanksgiving in Chili is a little different. The only turkey I had was my traveling companion Johnny. We went to the beach, had a beautiful lunch. It is a diverse and beautiful country. and cheap! Hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Love, Enoch Daniel"
(Dan Glascock, '59)

"I was a cheerleader in Sr year with Gwen Patterson. Also went with the Spanish Club to Mexico City between Sophomore and Jr years with Ada K. "Ms. Knight" a bunch of parents and our "Youth Ambassador Club". I am right now in Guatemala on a mission trip with 4 others from our church in Yucca Valley, CA. Just got here Saturday morning and have been out to the "out country" where we are checking out the water filtration that were installed and some have a few problems.Also our 2 missionaries called "Servants 4 Him" have built cook stoves with stove pipes to clear the smoke from the huts. We saw several and also saw one family of 22 people who are waiting for a cook stove. She showed us the floor pit fire where she kneels to make their food. A stove costs our missionaries $150 just for material and they do all the labor. We also had a kids activity and sang 2 songs with them. I got a video of that. You can not imagine the poverty of people or the way of life in this country. Usually I just hang out in Yucca Valley, CA with Norma Lee (Curry) Gardner also class of 56. We live in the same Sr Mobile Home Park. I do enjoy your newsletter. Thanks a lot."
Charlotte E. Magill, '56

Georgia, I also remember the polka dot house. I rode the 16th St. bus to & from LJHS.
Barbara Odom Smith '56

According to Ed Harp's class '54 newsletter, about 30 traveled to Sedona for the October reunion. Charlotte (Mills) Dittmore has posted some pictures at You can view by going to: <This">>This group is looking at a trip to San Antonio next April. They do get around!

All the news for now.........Georgia

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