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Originally sent October 31

The City of Lawton is offering YOU the opportunity to be a permanent part of [the old] Lawton High's legacy. You can purchase a seat in the recently restored historical LHS Auditorium. For a one time donation you can:
*choose your seat [location]
*personalize an engraved plate that could include your name, date of attendance and graduation
*'own a piece of Lawton's history to honor all those who attended.
Cost is $500.00 per chair. Personalization is MAX of 30 characters. If you have interest, contact Larry Mitchell at (580) 581-3301; or email Lori Kerbo:

From the eMail bag:

The girls want some corrections on class 1962 - 50 year reunion in 2012. Contact with info on 1962 grads is:
Kaye (Thompson) Jenkins McCarley at: or Geneva (Harris) McIntosh at:

"I, too, was in the Easter Pageant, and enjoyed it a lot. I'm not sure how I got into it, but someone mentioned Rainbow Girls, and that must have been it. I was an angel. I have also tried to find a copy of the movie,with no luck.
Previously, people mentioned the Smith mom was great friends with them..played bridge and so forth...anyway, a few years ago they came into Baltimore on a cruise ship. Mom was living with me here in the DC area at the time and I drove her up to Baltimore to see them. We had lunch and had a good time. Miss Bernice was my Jr English teacher, and a great favorite of mine, so it was special for me too."
Elaine Paine, class of '58

John Long, '63, and his sister, Nancy Long, '65, toured Scotland and Ireland not long ago. John's daughter, Jennifer toured with them. They commented..."It was so exhilarating to wade in the Irish sea and tour the Edinburgh castle along with Loch Ness and other areas. The Irish and Scottish people wonderful people and the countries are so clean. I have copied [comments] to John in the event he has anything to add."
Nancy Long

John did add this...."... the Irish pubs were fantastic and the Guinness was natures best."
John S. Long

"I smiled when I saw Ronnie Poole’s note about working at all the theaters in Lawton. One memory I have is that for some stupid reason, he and I got into a fist fight at Austin’s Drive where we both worked. His arms were longer than mine and he got in the first punch, and I gave up! So much for bravery very huh!! It was good to hear that Ronnie went on to be a pilot in the Air Force. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit with him at the 56 reunion next year,"
Reece Russell, 56

HOOLIGANS! hahahhahahha

I had a great visit with Doyce Grayson a few days ago at lunch...where else....Burgess Grill. We covered a lot of 'things'. Doyce is already working toward the 55th reunion of his class of 1956 next June - 2011. Also, had brief visit with Tom Bullock lunching there!

Ralph Purvis sent a cute picture of himself and granddaughter (above). Ralph has really had some ups and downs with cancer but is hanging in there!

Melvin Sexton, '59, sent a great picture of Lawton...the way it used to be - 1940's, that he & wife Betty purchased at the State Fair this year. (below). It's on corner of 5th & D, looking east, north is to left in picture.
He added this remembrance...."As a side note Reverend Wallock married my birth mother and dad. My natural mother died when I was 9 months old. My dad married again and Reverend Wallock performed that ceremony also. I was told that my dad helped to carry a piano up the hill for the first Easter Pageant service".

This note and fun picture (above) from Trellys (Wilson) Erwin....along with remembrances....
"I have wondered many times what happened to Rosalie Thomsen. In the early 40's her family lived next door to mine on 17th Street, I believe her dad was in the Army . . . she was best friends with my sister, Sherry. Sherry was the first polio case of the 1949 (Sept) season and passed away in September of 1950. The picture below was taken in 1943 or 1944 at my birthday party.
First row: William "Fritzy" Thomsen, (Rosalie's brother), Betty (Cole) Selvey, Trellys (Wilson) Erwin, don't remember his name. . .
Top Row: Rosalie (Thomsen) Mitton, Sherry Wilson, unknown girl, Johnny Inglis, and Roberta DeWolf. Would like to know who the two are that I don't remember, perhaps Rosalie will remember."
Trellys Wilson Erwin, ('58)

From my Haunted House to yours - Happy Halloween - Georgia

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