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Classes '49 ~ '52 reunion
Originally sent November 9

Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52, sent this great re-cap of the '49-'52 classes which reuned (together) week-end of Sept. 24-25. Since it is fairly lengthy, I am just sending it alone. I know some have already received it. Plus, want to thank Jo Riley for getting me a disc with the pictures from this reunion. About 135 pictures & I hope to have them linked to the blog before Thanksgiving. gjw

Hello Classmates,

The 2010 Reunion was another success. About 110 attended the dinner; we had a few no shows and some walk-ins so it evened out. Don Bridges had a great emcee speech prepared, but sadly the PA system at 'The Event' did not work…..again! Much of the good stuff was left out because no one could hear. Eula Johnson Arnaud, '51, swept the Wolverwards receiving certificates for Traveled the Farthest (Oregon), Most Grandchildren, and Newest Newly Wed. Other awards were: Most Children - the Riley; Most Spouses - Shirley Dyer Wolf; Least Changed - Barbara McNair Hughes; Most Changed - Joe Skrdle; Longest Married to One Spouse - the Meltons; Traveled Almost as Far (Massachusetts) - Elmer Webb.

As usual the food was great, but a little late being served , the grass wasn't mowed, the kitchen and restrooms weren't cleaned. The non-functioning PA system was the last straw. Therefore, we are looking for another place to hold the 2011 dinner. The banquet facility in the “real Lawton High” will not be ready until after October (if then), and we have no date as to when the new hotel will open. Willie Martinez has agreed to help Jo at the Lawton end, so he and Jo will be scouring the town to see what facility are available.

The Tailgate Party and football game were fun. Bill Davenport brought some wonderful BBQ’d ribs and Howard Hudson’s hot chicken wings and drumsticks were the best I have ever tasted. However, there weren't enough attending to warrant another tailgate party. We will reserve Friday night for individual class events or private parties.

Class of ’52 has been doing this for years. There are different restaurants in town that will reserve a room or area for small groups and people can order from the menu with separate tickets. Once the ‘52’ers even met at a church social hall for a finger food potluck.

The Bridges have hosted several Friday night social hours for the Class of ’49. What we need are volunteers to plan these separate events. Not much is involved other than finding a place and letting us know so we can include the information in our mailings. Please someone volunteer for the Class of ’49, ’50, or ’51. We are counting on Marcille and Pat to continue with the Class of ’52.

The Saturday morning tour of LHS was a bigger success than we expected. It was very interesting to see what has been done to our old school. Some of us were interviewed to “star” forever on the kiosk that Peggy Long is putting together. We kept no record of who or how many were at the school, but we had a nice crowd. The morning gave us another chance to visit and allowed those who couldn't attend the evening functions to mingle. We would like to have another morning event next year, maybe just coffee and sweet rolls (catered by Atlanta Bread). Any suggestions as to where we could meet? I don't think the City of Lawton would want to have us back every year, but who knows?

Jo and I figured out how to copy the rosters to her computer, so now she, too, can update the rosters and do the labels and name tags. However, another back-up computer person is needed in case either or both of us become unable, disabled, or incapacitated. It would be good to have someone in Lawton area so that a committee could help with the printing and mailing. All that is needed are minimal computer skills and a computer with Microsoft Excel and Word and, of course, your time and effort. The rosters would not have to be re-typed. Let one of us know if you are willing to help. Thanks much!

And speaking of rosters, who “accidently” picked up the Class of ’52 roster at the reunion dinner. If you have it, check to see if there any changes written in that need to be made and let me know.

Save the date---September 24, 2011. We are (tentatively) sticking with the 4th weekend in September which coincides with the International Festival. This gives out-of-towners another reason to come to Lawton. Wouldn't it be nice if OU scheduled an away, afternoon game to accommodate us? Already looking forward to seeing you next September.
Take care,
Tommye (Boudreaux) Hobbs, '52


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