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Originally sent May 14

Jerry Phelps, '57, made the news for his help with the Boy's and Girl's Club here in Lawton. (photo above).

A reminder and update from Susan on the class '56 and '54 reunion June 9-10. Those who want to be in the 'yearbook' have about 2 weeks left to get one's bio and photo to Susan (Hankins) Ellington, P.O. Box 178, Los Alamos, NM 87544 (or send to for inclusion in the 2nd Yearbook Update. There will be separate sections for the different classes in the book. It's gonna be GREAT!
An invitation is, or has been, extended to all those who came for the All Class Reunion(s)! Hopefully since the All Class Reunion has been shelved, ALL will come to this reunion. It seems to be the perfect answer to get any and all together! So far, members of the class of '56, '57, '54, '59, and '52 coming, and YOU and your friends are welcome, too. Just call Yvonne (Anderson) Coombs at (940) 767-5747 and send your registration and check to Yvonne 1641 Brenda Hursh, Wichita Falls, TX 76302. The hotel is wanting final attendance numbers by May 27.

Moi~! plans to attend some of the festivities! Hope to see you there!

btw....some back and forth with those looking for classmates. Names from the past.....wonder where they went....? Modern technology - especially computers - has made it much easier to re-connect with classmates and friends from the 'old' days! And.....Reunions..... always a good place to meet and get re-acquainted!

Looking for info on Peggy (McClusky) - maiden name, do not know married name? She might be living around Lake Ellsworth here in Lawton? May have graduated from St Mary's around 1959, not sure of date. If anyone has any info, would appreciate it!

Several have written to say they had read or were reading this book. Thought this would be of interest to you.....
Full Circle [bookstore] is honored to launch the paperback edition of Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History by S.C. Gwynne on Tuesday, May 17 at 6:30pm. (Full Circle is located in 50 Penn Place just south of Penn Square in OKC).
A New York Times reviewer hailed Gwynne's effort as "nothing short of a revelation...doesn't merely retell the story of Parker's life, he pulls the reader through the American Frontier."
Gwynne is expected to be at Full Circle Tuesday. For additional info, Full Circle is on Twitter and Facebook.

Mike Wyant says his brother Roger went home from the hospital about 4 days ago, is taking therapy to improve skills lost from his recent stroke. He still cannot swallow, has a feeding tube, but is up & about to some extent. Roger would enjoy hearing from classmates and friends. His email is:

Sadly loss of classmates continues.....
So very sorry to report the passing of Diane (Porter) Haynes Gatliff, 70, of Lawton. Diane passed on May 11, she was LHS class 1958.
Diane is survived by 3 daughters; numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by son Richard 'Ricky' Haynes and a brother, Floyd Porter, LHS class '55.
Services will be at 1:30pm, Monday May 16, First Assembly of God; burial at Highland Cemetery. There is a family mausoleum there.
Extended obit and guest book at:

If I may....Remembering Diane stirs a lot of childhood memories. Diane was one of the neighborhood 'kids' in the Washington School area around 8-9-10-11th & Gore, Arlington, Bell. Diane lived at 11th & Arlington and over the years those in the immediate neighborhood played a lot together.
There was a really nice little 'house' on the alley behind their main house that was intended as storage for garden tools, etc. (still there). It made a perfect playhouse for us kids.

Her maternal grandmother - Mrs. Ross - owned the local Coca~Cola plant and Dianes' dad - Ross Porter - was working there or was manager. He always had cokes in a cool box in the garage and that was a big treat on the occasion he would give us one. I used to walk with Diane down to her grandmother Ross' house in the 700 block on Gore. Big white house, most grand with heavy velvet drapes. I remember going to Highland Cemetery with Diane & her mother - Sarah. They have a family (Ross) mausoleum there. Assume Diane may be placed there? Classmate Bill Scott and his family moved into that lovely white house some time later.

Dianes' brother Floyd had his own room upstairs & on occasion when he wasn't home we would sneak into his room to look around. Floyd made huge model planes and had them suspended/hanging from the ceiling. We were most impressed.
In later years, my son attended first grade at Washington and played with some of Dianes' kids in the same neighborhood (in particular Ricky and Cheryl) and by then, Dianes' dad was called 'Gramps' and still had cokes in the garage. Sarah & Ross Porter were lovely people. Good memories...when life had no worries or complications.

Just to remind all that the Memorial service for Bill Thomas is Tuesday May 17th at 2:00 PM at St. Andrews Episcopal Church - 1313 SW D Ave in Lawton.

Regards to all.........Georgia

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