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Originally sent May 10

In last news I sent a picture that Luther Green & wife Barbara took out by Meers of [what they thought might be an] old 'corn grinder'. Here is comment from Preston McPhail.....

"I belive this is this Spanish arrastre that Explorer Post 104 restored in the 50's. We were never able to find the "Drag Stone" , but did replace the wooden parts as a Scout project, Bob Wheeler was the advisor. Bobby Wheeler, Vernon Ward, Ronnie Liles, and I were member of that Post. It was an Ore Grinder that was used by the Spanish in their gold mining in the Wichita Mountains"

AND....this is copy of an email Luther received from Wichita Mtns Refuge Hdqrts when he inquired about the 'grinder'.....
"Thank you for inquiring about the Arrastre here on the Refuge. The arrestra originated in Mexico in about 1557. It was used by the miners to break up the large rock into smaller pieces making them easier to work with.
The one that you saw was built in the about 1889 by a miner named "Ol Dutch Bill". I hope this information will be of help to you."
Luther was also told in phone conversation that there was another arrastre over by Treasure Lake!

It is rather obvious but just to be sure, looked up word 'arrastre' - it is a Spanish word and means....
"(mining engineering) A mill comprising a circular, rock-lined pit in which broken ore is pulverized by stones, attached to horizontal poles fastened in a central pillar, which stones are dragged around the pit. Also spelled arrastra."

Now that I know curiosity and interest has been heightened, I am sure I will be running into other classmates when I go out to find and take a first hand look at the arrastre(s).

Hey! The LHS News is ed-u-ka-shun-nel!

Anyone know whereabouts of Marlene (Stephens) Bruggers, '56? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

Several who attended Washington School (6th grade) and the 7-8th grade with Belva (Hollingshead) Williams got together in Lawton on Wednesday evening to become reacquainted and to remember really old times! We have tried over the years to locate Belva with no luck. So a really huge surprise when after 52+ years, Belva did some googling and was able to make contact with me via the Wolvernet blog. (ironic our last name is same).
She & hubby Rodney live in San Antonio and traveled through here to visit on their way to MO. There were several who were able to meet and we had a GREAT time! We revisited Bianco's where Belva said she had her first pizza & adjourned to my house for dessert and visit. Bill & I had additional time to visit with them on Thursday. (photos above at Bianco's). Now that we have re-located each other, we hope visits can be more frequent!

btw....Belva had two older sisters - Neville Hollingshead who was class '54 (sadly, deceased) and sister Donna Kay Hollingshead, class '55, who lives in Deming, NM.

This note...... "Any classes having reunions who want to tour the old LHS/City Hall can contact me. We (the Historical LHS Committee) would love to help them tour and see what all has taken place at the school. They can contact me at or home phone (580) 529-3208. Thanks!"
Janet (Burt) Terry, '63

An email from Mike Wyant to let classmates know that his bother - Roger Wyant, class '56 - had a severe stroke which has affected his right side, eyes, and throat. Roger is a DVM, at least partially retired last I saw him 5-6 years ago, and as far as I know still living in OKC area. Roger would enjoy hearing from classmates and friends at:

We have lost another really 'Golden Wolverine' - Mary J. (Manning) Garrison, 85, passed on May 2. She was a grad of LHS but not sure of year. She is survived by a son Rick; a daughter Sandra; several grandchildren. She was preceded in death by husband Doyce H. Garrison in 2007. Services were Wednesday May 4.
Extended obit and guest book at:


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