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Originally sent August 29

[item about Ed Jones]...."Boy, does this bring back memories......I car-hopped at Spike's Fish and Chips in front of Doe  Doe when I was about 14 (laws were a bit more lenient then).  Then for Wayne's Drive Inn.  My best friend was (and still is) Jan Irwin.   David Whitwell was her date at senior prom and Monte Richardson was mine.  I was whisked off to California right after that!
I dated Lavon Mitchell and Bill Carter who were both "older", by a year or two. Jan later married Lavon.  Ahhhhhh, the stories go on and on!!! Is Ed Jones the brother of Ron Jones???  If so, I remember him when I was at Lawton High.  Had such a crush on him!  Boy, that is a LONG time ago.  He was a cutie but an 'older man'."
Judy (Taylor) Jenkins, '55
Judy is right and not alone in the 'crush' dept!   Eddie Jones was major cutie and Bob Mansell was no slouch either as both these 'older guys' lifeguarded at Doe Doe.  Many a gal faked a drowning just to get better acquainted!!!!   hahahhahaha! 

Was good to see Ed Harp, '54, back on line with his class 1954 newsletter!  Lot of interesting tid-bits.  If you would like to get Ed's newsletter, email him at: 

"My husband Jim and I celebrated our 54th Anniversary this Aug.  We were married at New Post Chapel which had no air conditioning back in those days.  Our reception was at the Polo Grounds which at the time I thought was a very large building.  Jerry Hoopert was our best man and Martha (Darden) Leister was a brides maid.

This summer we were in Santa Fe where we had lunch with Bob and Karen Drewery.  I had not seen him since high school days.  Hope all is well with the class of '52.  Sorry we were not able to have a 60th reunion.  Maybe next year. Blessings to all who receive your letter and thanks to you for helping us stay in touch."
Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52 

I was told that Charles Gilbert gave an excellent presentation at the recent group he attended in Wichita Mtns.  Several have asked about his pictures as well as the text of his presentation.  I feel the easiest solution would be for those interested to get in touch directly with Charles.  I am sure he would like to hear from old classmates.  Believe you can reach Charles at:  

Janette (Hanes), '54, is back to her home following a trip to Santa Fe.  Janette, along with Ron and Helen Ramming, Helens' sister Billie, and Herman Wainscott, stayed at Peggy Longs' great SF home. They enjoyed the day excursion train trip to Albuquerque, trip to Taos, as well as wonderful food and shopping.
btw......Janette is working on a class 1954 reunion for next year - 2013. She is looking for a date around Memorial Day week-end or close to...Interested?  Let Janette know...asap! 
Classmates from other years also invited. 

LHS class 1987 is planning a reunion for this week-end! August 31 - September 1.  I have NO other information but if you know someone from that class, let them know and maybe they will know what classmate to contact.

Herb Jacobs has two of his Sunday columns - August 18 and August 25, focusing on 1950 LHS grad Jerry Hill.  Articles talk about how (in 1964) Jerry went from grocery business to bowling business - with early help from Dr. William Matthey!  How he and his wife Norma ended up with a bowling alley, and both became 'Hall of Fame' bowlers. Lot of pins under their belt!  Good reads.

Seems native Lawtonians who moved away soon after school, always migrate to a few favorite haunts when returning for a visit.  Bianco's, Salas's, Johnsons Bakery, Waynes, Burgess Grill, and I am sure few others I am missing.  Ran into Donna (Bridges) Waller, home for few days from CO, at Johnsons Bakery. She was buying a treat for her luncheon companions at Salas's!  ahhaaaaa...told her I was gonna mention it.  I was in for my 'brownie fix'.!

And, speaking of Bianco's.....Friday August 31will be the last day of business for this Lawton landmark opened in 1952.  Several situations have taken a toll. Chris Bianco & his wife Jan have been running the restaurant since owner/founder Rose Bianco passed in September 2011. Doing an excellent job I might add!
Chris has very serious health issues topped with them being forced to move for city progress.  Just more than they could overcome at this time.  To say they have been swamped the past 2-3 weeks is an understatement!  Bianco's is long time favorite haunt of mine and Bill.  Our kids cut their teeth on pizza crust! Biancos - since 1952 - will be sorely missed!
btw.....To say they have been swamped the past 2-3 weeks is an understatement!  All seating through Friday is reservation only and no take out orders.  Special prix fixe dinner on Friday for benefit of employees.


'59 classmates Jerry and Kay (Pavillard) Otis are asking for your prayers on behalf of their daughter Michelle who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Michelle started her family later in life giving birth to triplets at age 47!  The trips are now 3 1/2 years old.

Also, Wanda (Smith) Sunderland, '55, writes that her husband Bobby has discontinued dialysis and they are taking "one day at a time". Bobby also has Alzheimers/dementia.


Cretia (Milford) Elliott, 68, of Chickasha, passed on August 21. Cretia or LaCretia, as she was in high school, was LHS class of 1961, I believe.  Cretia is survived by her husband Jerry Elliott; a brother Steve Milford;  numerous extended family. Services were August 27 in Lawton, burial in Warren Cemetery in Warren, OK.
Extended obit and guest book at:  <

I grew up attending church with Cretia and her family. She was a very pretty, sweet girl, and her folks Herman and Cleo Milford were lovely people.  So sorry to hear of her passing.

Please join me in remembering in prayer those who have lost loved ones and those with health problems.


The beautiful cactus sits on Belva (Hollinghead) Williams deck down SA way!

All the best to all...from the home town!   Georgia

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