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Originally sent September 8

Calling LHS class 1947. I have people asking IF there is a reunion this fall?  I have received nothing on it, so if there is a reunion planned...or not...I will be happy to pass along the info.

Lewis Chandler writes....."Just back from Seattle and Alaska:  Ketchkan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria."

Peggy (Elledge) Long, '54, still living in Lawton and Santa Fe and has decided to go ahead and make a permanent move to Santa Fe. Soon! 

Bill & I had a nice visit with Don Williams, '53, who journeyed from VA to Dallas for his sister Janets' surprise bday. Don made a day trip up to Lawton & we reminisced about LHS classmates as well as mutual ties from the old days with our parents!  Always fun to remember the old times. (see pix)

Ron Hagler, '58, sends lots of news...old days at Kater Inn - which his family owned, also Trevors Sporting Goods that was in downtown Lawton.  You can read more of early days plus what Ron has been doing since at his web page.  You can also see more pictures of 'Sugar'.  One included here as Sugar meets a new friend - Quackie the duck!  (see pix)

Regarding Doe Doe Park......."You are right-on regarding my brother Eddy Jones and his buddy Bobby Mansell, they both were very popular life guards with the ladies at Doe Doe Park Pool. I even heard stories about girls from Duncan, Cache, and some of the smaller surrounding towns that made their way to the pool just to meet and go out with those two. My Bro Eddy, a very good man, a stand up guy, and a great brother."
Ron Jones

 Nice compliments from a brother to a brother.....Ron...this ones for you.........

"Bob [Reynolds], '52, and Jim [Reynolds], '53,  were also life guards at Doe Doe Swimming pool. I didn't need saving, unless it would have been by Ron Jones. Sonya" [Reynolds, '54]

"I was happy to see that Johnson's bakery is on all the old timers list to visit when they come back to Lawton.  I know my dad would be proud.  His brownies were the best, but my favorite was always the cream horns - they just melted in your mouth."
Phil Wilder, '59

NOTE:  Phils' dad, Bill Wilder, had grown up in a bakery and spent 70 years in the business. He was head baker at Johnsons for many, many years!  And a good friend of mine to boot.  Back in the day, Bill made all the great goodies including the cakes.  He made the wedding cake for Bill & I in 1965 and for 100's of others who celebrated birthdays, weddings, and anniversarys over the years.  Who can forget the long ago....cherry pie, orange coconut Danish, raspberry Danish, tinted breads at Christmas. Brownies still yummy after all these years as are various cookie assortments!

Joe Scott sent a PS to hurricane Isaac that blew through Mississippi recently.  He said he and Sarah have weathered more than one since moving to Christian Pass, MI in 1982.  Joe also commented he would miss Bianco's pepperoni pizza and asked about the old neighborhood on 1700 block of Cherry.

My Bill lived next door to the Biancos back in the day.  In a neighborhood that included Joe Scott, Fred Fox, Jr., Preston Holsinger, Joe Crosby, Sherry Alexander, the Richards, Larry Waller, and Eddie, Mikel, & Reddy Johnson at 'bottom of the hill'.  Just some of the 'Cherry Hill' gang!

Then....there was...Elm Hill!!!!  They later made a movie....'Nightmare on Elm Street'! hahahahahha  Just kidding!  I'm sure I'll hear from the Elm
btw....when it snowed the Mayor (George Hutchins) would close Elm street at Laird and Parkview so the kids could sled!!! Ahhhhh...the really good 'ol days.  George Hutchins was dad of LHS classmates Jan and Barbara (Babs) Hutchins.

More on Biancos as John Waller, '55, thinks someone should write a book...'Memories of Biancos'.....and John has 2 stories to contribute:
1). First Pizza Pie ever � That story would include classmates Gene Zwick and Charlie Levendouski along with my parents� sky blue, 1950 DeSoto.
2). Fifty-five years later, a late lunch with my foodie daughter.  Elements of that story would include Wonder Bread and the never changing hair helmet.


James Bassel, '61, is home from hospital and improving each day.  James lives in CA and is brother of '59 classmate
Sally Beth Wiseman.

Jimmy Dean,
'62, continues in the hospital up OKC way and has extremely serious medical issues.  From diabetes to vascular disease (especially in his legs), he has lost part of one leg and may lose another. If you would like to talk with his wife Karen or children here is their contact:
Karen (c) 405-570-7876, (h) 405-570-751-7118.
Missy (c) 405-570-5001; (h) 405-621-0209.
Mike (c) 405-249-9103.
Wendy (h) 580-357-1985.
The family would appreciate your prayers.


 Bobby Sunderland passed on August 28 after a lengthy illness.  Services were August 31 at the
 North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, GA.  Bobby was from Hobart and husband of Wanda Gayle (Smith), class 1955.

I know our prayers are with those who are ill or who have lost loved ones.


Anxiously awaiting fall........Georgia

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