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......LHS News......
Originally sent September 14

Correction: In last news, I mistyped 1700 block was/is 1300 block on Cherry. And add to the list of classmates who lived in that 'block'.....the House kids - Judy, Robert, Martha, Anna Beth and Dennis;Joe's Scott's sister Shirley (Scott) Pace;  Karelin Cole and sister Nancy Cole (deceased) and Susan Sanders (deceased) also lived on Cherry. Judy (House) says she remembers the great sledding on Elm Hill.

Class 1947 IS indeed having a reunion. September 21, 22, 23. Events planned for 3 days.  Absolute deadline is September 18 and for details and info you can call Jack Bost (618)397-1217; Jeneanne (Johnston) Lawson (580)510-0516; or Herb Bridges (580)536-1269.

Wishing a happy 60th anniversary to James David and Mary Ida (Conner) Via.  James is LHS class 1951.
Major congrats guys!

MEMORIES: couple fairly long, I usually edit, but too good.  Enjoy! "Speaking of Johnson's Bakery, when Sears was on the corner of 11th and Gore, our custodian would go to the bakery and buy an assortment of sweets for the employees, a favorite of mine and a lot of the employees, were the thin, round cinnamon crisps we all nicknamed "cowchips".  Yum yum."
Frankie (Kurtz) Browning

"Another Doe Doe Park memory. When I moved to Lawton as a sophomore I did not know how to swim so some of my friends, Phoebe Burnett for one, made me get in the deep end of the pool and swim diagonally across a very small area until I had the confidence to get further out each time  and swim across the entire pool,  I will forever be grateful for their encouragement.  That was 63 years ago."
Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52

"My parents were renting a house at the SW end of the 1100 block of Maple when Bill & I were in junior high or early high school...we had such a deep snowfall that the city bus couldn't drive down through Fields & Dunning....I had to walk the entire block...and it was long...up to Ft. Sill Blvd. to catch a city bus that would get downtown to what was then Lawton Jr/Sr High school."
Marcille (Burns) Covey, '52

"Re: Don Williams. Does anyone remember the comedy team of Don Williams and Eugene Zwick? It was a Martin and Lewis parity on stage at LHS.  Gene's dad opened a New York deli on "C" ave and sang opera when making the sandwiches."
Sam Hamra, '55

"Interesting that Johnson's Bakery is still in business. It might be the only store I'd remember. Johnson sold his bakery on C street to Mead's, but then opened a smaller place mainly for cakes and goodies. Dad worked for Mead's Fine Bread from the 40s till he retired. They made and baked the bread in those days. Last time we were back, Mead's Bread was being brought in from Midland, Texas, in semitrailers.
Bianco's opened when I was working nights at KSWO-TV. Lasagna and Italian salad were exotic in those days. Sorry it's gone. We always called it Be OHN co's, but sitting near the phone one evening I heard one of the managers answer: "Be ANK a's."
Murdoch Matthew, '49

"Not trying to one-up John Waller, but his info about Biancos hit home. My first taste of pizza pie was at Biancos.  I don't remember who was with me that time, but I am sure two of  my companions over the years included Gene Zwick and Charles Levendosky. 
I have tried several times to find Zwick. No luck there.  If anyone knows his whereabouts or fate, I would like to know.
The last time I saw Levendosky was a few years back when he came to The Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver to read from, I think, his last book.  After moving to Denver, I was reading a Newsweek Magazine and a Charles Levendosky was quoted.  He was the editorial page editor for the Casper (WY) Star Tribune.  I called, and with the first syllable out of his mouth, I knew it was Charles.
He was fighting tooth and nail to protect the First Amendment to the Constitution with his editorials and a web site he hosted.  I would really like to have him here for the 2012 national election.
Charles Leonard Levendosky III, aka Wop his junior year at LHS, passed a few years back from a battle with cancer.
I lost two lobes of my right lung to cancer July, 2011.  I now drag around a little, long green tube to augment my oxygen flow. Other than that and my typing and spelling skills, I am doing well."
Elden Taylor, 1954

"John Waller's mention of Gene Zwick sparked a memory.  Gene was the master of "put down" comments.  John was good too, but his wit was so dry it took a few days to realize you had been had.
With Gene it was immediate.
I was the dance chairman for an organization to which Gene didn't belong.  He asked me if he could attend.  Being my smart-ass self, I replied that he could attend but could only dance every other dance.  He  could dance the odd but not the even.  He asked if I would be dancing every dance.
"Yes," I said.     He replied, "Then they will all be odd." 
What became of that delightful  character ? "
Ron Hall, '55

I rarely do 'plugs' for anything for obvious reasons, but this one IS worthwhile and I will pass along in event you might like to be a part of something for the home-town.
The Museum of the Great Plains here in Lawton has opportunity to receive major monies for expansion and improvements of the facility.
This particular opportunity is exceptional because of the multiplier. The Museum will get $4,000,000.00 if they can generate $800,000.00 (of which McMahon Foundation has already pledged $500,000.00). The problem is time crunch as only have until Oct 6 to come up with the pledges. 
If someone wants to pledge, they can contact Mary Owensby at the museum 580-581-3460 or send in their commitment to Museum of the Great Plains, 601 NW Ferris Ave., Lawton, OK 73507.
As mentioned, they already have a large grant (pledged) from the McMahon Foundation IF they can raise the rest.  They are needing to raise some $300,000 dollars (pledges at this point) by October 6.
If amount or deadline is not met, any pledges become null/void.


We have been asked to remember our '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs, husband Ron, and their family who are missionaries in Niger, Africa.  They could be in harms way due to the widespread protests in that region of the world. Two churches have been attacked and burned in Zinda, the 3rd largest city in Niger.  Keep them in your prayers.


I know Sue (Otis) Wigington has had some serious health issues the past year/year and half and has recently suffered a heart attack as stated by her daughter on Facebook.  I have no other information.


James D. "Jimmy" Dean, 69, passed on September 12 after a long battle with diabetes and heart disease. Jimmy was LHS class 1962.  He was winning pitcher for the Lawton High School 1962 state championship baseball team. He is survived by his wife Karen Ann (Wright); a daughter Melissa; brothers Paul and Kenneth; granddaughter Michaela Ann and numerous extended family.
Services will be 10:00am, Saturday September 15 at Smith and Kernke Funeral Home Chapel, 14624 N. May - OK City.
Grave side services and burial will be 3:00pm, Saturday afternoon September 15 at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Lawton. Extended obit and guest book at:

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have lost loved ones and those who experiencing health problems.


Regards to all........Georgia

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......LHS News......
Originally sent September 8

Calling LHS class 1947. I have people asking IF there is a reunion this fall?  I have received nothing on it, so if there is a reunion planned...or not...I will be happy to pass along the info.

Lewis Chandler writes....."Just back from Seattle and Alaska:  Ketchkan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria."

Peggy (Elledge) Long, '54, still living in Lawton and Santa Fe and has decided to go ahead and make a permanent move to Santa Fe. Soon! 

Bill & I had a nice visit with Don Williams, '53, who journeyed from VA to Dallas for his sister Janets' surprise bday. Don made a day trip up to Lawton & we reminisced about LHS classmates as well as mutual ties from the old days with our parents!  Always fun to remember the old times. (see pix)

Ron Hagler, '58, sends lots of news...old days at Kater Inn - which his family owned, also Trevors Sporting Goods that was in downtown Lawton.  You can read more of early days plus what Ron has been doing since at his web page.  You can also see more pictures of 'Sugar'.  One included here as Sugar meets a new friend - Quackie the duck!  (see pix)

Regarding Doe Doe Park......."You are right-on regarding my brother Eddy Jones and his buddy Bobby Mansell, they both were very popular life guards with the ladies at Doe Doe Park Pool. I even heard stories about girls from Duncan, Cache, and some of the smaller surrounding towns that made their way to the pool just to meet and go out with those two. My Bro Eddy, a very good man, a stand up guy, and a great brother."
Ron Jones

 Nice compliments from a brother to a brother.....Ron...this ones for you.........

"Bob [Reynolds], '52, and Jim [Reynolds], '53,  were also life guards at Doe Doe Swimming pool. I didn't need saving, unless it would have been by Ron Jones. Sonya" [Reynolds, '54]

"I was happy to see that Johnson's bakery is on all the old timers list to visit when they come back to Lawton.  I know my dad would be proud.  His brownies were the best, but my favorite was always the cream horns - they just melted in your mouth."
Phil Wilder, '59

NOTE:  Phils' dad, Bill Wilder, had grown up in a bakery and spent 70 years in the business. He was head baker at Johnsons for many, many years!  And a good friend of mine to boot.  Back in the day, Bill made all the great goodies including the cakes.  He made the wedding cake for Bill & I in 1965 and for 100's of others who celebrated birthdays, weddings, and anniversarys over the years.  Who can forget the long ago....cherry pie, orange coconut Danish, raspberry Danish, tinted breads at Christmas. Brownies still yummy after all these years as are various cookie assortments!

Joe Scott sent a PS to hurricane Isaac that blew through Mississippi recently.  He said he and Sarah have weathered more than one since moving to Christian Pass, MI in 1982.  Joe also commented he would miss Bianco's pepperoni pizza and asked about the old neighborhood on 1700 block of Cherry.

My Bill lived next door to the Biancos back in the day.  In a neighborhood that included Joe Scott, Fred Fox, Jr., Preston Holsinger, Joe Crosby, Sherry Alexander, the Richards, Larry Waller, and Eddie, Mikel, & Reddy Johnson at 'bottom of the hill'.  Just some of the 'Cherry Hill' gang!

Then....there was...Elm Hill!!!!  They later made a movie....'Nightmare on Elm Street'! hahahahahha  Just kidding!  I'm sure I'll hear from the Elm
btw....when it snowed the Mayor (George Hutchins) would close Elm street at Laird and Parkview so the kids could sled!!! Ahhhhh...the really good 'ol days.  George Hutchins was dad of LHS classmates Jan and Barbara (Babs) Hutchins.

More on Biancos as John Waller, '55, thinks someone should write a book...'Memories of Biancos'.....and John has 2 stories to contribute:
1). First Pizza Pie ever � That story would include classmates Gene Zwick and Charlie Levendouski along with my parents� sky blue, 1950 DeSoto.
2). Fifty-five years later, a late lunch with my foodie daughter.  Elements of that story would include Wonder Bread and the never changing hair helmet.


James Bassel, '61, is home from hospital and improving each day.  James lives in CA and is brother of '59 classmate
Sally Beth Wiseman.

Jimmy Dean,
'62, continues in the hospital up OKC way and has extremely serious medical issues.  From diabetes to vascular disease (especially in his legs), he has lost part of one leg and may lose another. If you would like to talk with his wife Karen or children here is their contact:
Karen (c) 405-570-7876, (h) 405-570-751-7118.
Missy (c) 405-570-5001; (h) 405-621-0209.
Mike (c) 405-249-9103.
Wendy (h) 580-357-1985.
The family would appreciate your prayers.


 Bobby Sunderland passed on August 28 after a lengthy illness.  Services were August 31 at the
 North American Mission Board in Alpharetta, GA.  Bobby was from Hobart and husband of Wanda Gayle (Smith), class 1955.

I know our prayers are with those who are ill or who have lost loved ones.


Anxiously awaiting fall........Georgia

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

......LHS News......
Originally sent August 29

Receiving LHS News seems to 'jog' people to send items. Wanted to go ahead and get these out, especially for '87 er's.  A lot of 'reunioning' this week-end!

LHS Class 1987 reunion schedule: THIS WEEK-END! Friday afternoon, August 31, pep rally, 1:30pm, LHS.  Friday night, game LHS vs Ike, 7:00pm, all sit home side.
Saturday morning, September 1, tour of the school, 10:00am.  Saturday night, September 1, all meet at Mikes Sports Grill, 7:00pm.
Contact Paige (Bryan) Michener wih questions: 
Paige says..."please, please, please, respond to the RSVP questions on Facebook (below) even if its with zero attending so we can get an idea of numbers for the different events."!/pages/Lawton-High-School-class-of-1987/109071025829389>

Also this week-end - Class of 1972 is also holding their 40th.  Details on blog.

....."could you put a reminder of the Class of '57's ~ 55th reunion on Oct.19-20 at Best Western in Lawton.  No matter what graduating year you might be in, you are welcome.    Request a registration for so we'll have a head count for food and a name tag and goodies waiting for you.  Genia (Matthews) McClellan, 2801 Silkwood Court,  Plano TX  75074  or  972-422-3050  Details come with registration."

Wishing a very Happy Anniversary to Lou (Luther), '57 and Barb Green TOMORROW.  Celebrating 55 wonderful years!  Way to go guys!

"Joe [Scott] and I are without electrical power watching our pond fill with wet donation from Hurricane Isaac who has lingered about 9 hours in the same spot and therefore overstayed his unwelcomeness  I just thought you might like a report from the Mississippi Gulf Coast."
Sarah (Wright) Scott, '58
(see photo)

I am sure there are other classmates in the storm path!

And, seems excessive rain everywhere but Oklahoma.  '59 classmate Jerry (Sasser) Childs writes from
Niamey, Niger Republic of Africa where she & hubby Ron have been missionaries for 30+ years, that the Niger River has major overwhelmed its borders and flooded the City of Niamey. Situated on the edge of a desert this is a very unusual occurrence. Photo is from Jerrys window.


Once again, regards to all..........Georgia
......LHS News......
Originally sent August 29

[item about Ed Jones]...."Boy, does this bring back memories......I car-hopped at Spike's Fish and Chips in front of Doe  Doe when I was about 14 (laws were a bit more lenient then).  Then for Wayne's Drive Inn.  My best friend was (and still is) Jan Irwin.   David Whitwell was her date at senior prom and Monte Richardson was mine.  I was whisked off to California right after that!
I dated Lavon Mitchell and Bill Carter who were both "older", by a year or two. Jan later married Lavon.  Ahhhhhh, the stories go on and on!!! Is Ed Jones the brother of Ron Jones???  If so, I remember him when I was at Lawton High.  Had such a crush on him!  Boy, that is a LONG time ago.  He was a cutie but an 'older man'."
Judy (Taylor) Jenkins, '55
Judy is right and not alone in the 'crush' dept!   Eddie Jones was major cutie and Bob Mansell was no slouch either as both these 'older guys' lifeguarded at Doe Doe.  Many a gal faked a drowning just to get better acquainted!!!!   hahahhahaha! 

Was good to see Ed Harp, '54, back on line with his class 1954 newsletter!  Lot of interesting tid-bits.  If you would like to get Ed's newsletter, email him at: 

"My husband Jim and I celebrated our 54th Anniversary this Aug.  We were married at New Post Chapel which had no air conditioning back in those days.  Our reception was at the Polo Grounds which at the time I thought was a very large building.  Jerry Hoopert was our best man and Martha (Darden) Leister was a brides maid.

This summer we were in Santa Fe where we had lunch with Bob and Karen Drewery.  I had not seen him since high school days.  Hope all is well with the class of '52.  Sorry we were not able to have a 60th reunion.  Maybe next year. Blessings to all who receive your letter and thanks to you for helping us stay in touch."
Dolores (Warner) Mueller, '52 

I was told that Charles Gilbert gave an excellent presentation at the recent group he attended in Wichita Mtns.  Several have asked about his pictures as well as the text of his presentation.  I feel the easiest solution would be for those interested to get in touch directly with Charles.  I am sure he would like to hear from old classmates.  Believe you can reach Charles at:  

Janette (Hanes), '54, is back to her home following a trip to Santa Fe.  Janette, along with Ron and Helen Ramming, Helens' sister Billie, and Herman Wainscott, stayed at Peggy Longs' great SF home. They enjoyed the day excursion train trip to Albuquerque, trip to Taos, as well as wonderful food and shopping.
btw......Janette is working on a class 1954 reunion for next year - 2013. She is looking for a date around Memorial Day week-end or close to...Interested?  Let Janette know...asap! 
Classmates from other years also invited. 

LHS class 1987 is planning a reunion for this week-end! August 31 - September 1.  I have NO other information but if you know someone from that class, let them know and maybe they will know what classmate to contact.

Herb Jacobs has two of his Sunday columns - August 18 and August 25, focusing on 1950 LHS grad Jerry Hill.  Articles talk about how (in 1964) Jerry went from grocery business to bowling business - with early help from Dr. William Matthey!  How he and his wife Norma ended up with a bowling alley, and both became 'Hall of Fame' bowlers. Lot of pins under their belt!  Good reads.

Seems native Lawtonians who moved away soon after school, always migrate to a few favorite haunts when returning for a visit.  Bianco's, Salas's, Johnsons Bakery, Waynes, Burgess Grill, and I am sure few others I am missing.  Ran into Donna (Bridges) Waller, home for few days from CO, at Johnsons Bakery. She was buying a treat for her luncheon companions at Salas's!  ahhaaaaa...told her I was gonna mention it.  I was in for my 'brownie fix'.!

And, speaking of Bianco's.....Friday August 31will be the last day of business for this Lawton landmark opened in 1952.  Several situations have taken a toll. Chris Bianco & his wife Jan have been running the restaurant since owner/founder Rose Bianco passed in September 2011. Doing an excellent job I might add!
Chris has very serious health issues topped with them being forced to move for city progress.  Just more than they could overcome at this time.  To say they have been swamped the past 2-3 weeks is an understatement!  Bianco's is long time favorite haunt of mine and Bill.  Our kids cut their teeth on pizza crust! Biancos - since 1952 - will be sorely missed!
btw.....To say they have been swamped the past 2-3 weeks is an understatement!  All seating through Friday is reservation only and no take out orders.  Special prix fixe dinner on Friday for benefit of employees.


'59 classmates Jerry and Kay (Pavillard) Otis are asking for your prayers on behalf of their daughter Michelle who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Michelle started her family later in life giving birth to triplets at age 47!  The trips are now 3 1/2 years old.

Also, Wanda (Smith) Sunderland, '55, writes that her husband Bobby has discontinued dialysis and they are taking "one day at a time". Bobby also has Alzheimers/dementia.


Cretia (Milford) Elliott, 68, of Chickasha, passed on August 21. Cretia or LaCretia, as she was in high school, was LHS class of 1961, I believe.  Cretia is survived by her husband Jerry Elliott; a brother Steve Milford;  numerous extended family. Services were August 27 in Lawton, burial in Warren Cemetery in Warren, OK.
Extended obit and guest book at:  <>

I grew up attending church with Cretia and her family. She was a very pretty, sweet girl, and her folks Herman and Cleo Milford were lovely people.  So sorry to hear of her passing.

Please join me in remembering in prayer those who have lost loved ones and those with health problems.


The beautiful cactus sits on Belva (Hollinghead) Williams deck down SA way!

All the best to all...from the home town!   Georgia