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Originally sent Sept. 8

Received this message about Sara Helen (Chapman) Prater:
Pat (Banks) White sends: Carole Lamberson got a phone call from Tom Prater last evening [must have been Friday?] that Sara condition was going down hill ~ she is in very grave condition. Everything has been removed from her including the ventilator and they are keeping her comfortable. A check with Tom this morning ~ about the same, except breathing is getting more shallow. We need to keep Sara in prayer for freedom from pain and a comfortable transition. Pray for comfort and peace for this wonderful family as they wait for the end of a beautiful life.

So very sorry to hear this. Sara is a dear lady but unfortunately has had serious health problems for some time. Sara is LHS class '52.

Also, so sorry to report the loss of another of our teachers. A.B. Norman, 90, passed away Aug. 21 in Longview, TX. A Memorial service will be held Sept. 15 at Woodland Hills Baptist church in Longview. Mr. Norman had retired after 31 years teaching in LPS and was living in Longview with his wife Mary Jane and daughter Janie, both of whom survive him as well as a son Terry.

Mr. Norman taught at Central, I remember him well and took from him in 7th. What was it, science? He was a rather 'stern, no-nonsense' kinda teacher but very likable. Below is a picture I took of Mr. Norman and Craig Pierson (who I had for English in 7th). This picture was taken outside at Central. I understand that Mr. Pierson committed suicide some years later. Sad. He was a nice guy.
We girls thought he was real cute!!!

Always hate to pass along bad/sad news but knew classmates would want to know. Please join me in keeping both these families in your prayers.

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A quick, heavy downpour here this morn, gone, sun peeking through, humid. OU on the field and TV. GO SOONERS - beat Miami! (they did)
Regards to all.....Georgia

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