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Country star and Warner Brothers Records recording artist Blake Shelton [on Wednesday] presented Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry and Project Rebuild with an $100,000 check to assist Oklahomans impacted by recent severe weather and flooding. Shelton recently hosted the second annual RAINDANCE concert in his hometown of Ada to raise money for Oklahomans in need. Just as he did last year, Shelton donated the proceeds to Project Rebuild, a public-private partnership of state officials, faith-based organizations and trade associations that builds and repairs homes for disaster victims.
Blakes dad is LHS classmate 'Dickie' Shelton.

So sorry to hear of illness but so glad all is going well...this from Dean Henderson, '57:
"I'm just now re-surfacing into the real world after a week long hospitalization and it was really nice to see your newsletter. I had a quadruple bypass surgery last week at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital in OKC. I had 95% blockage is 2 vessels, 70% in another and 50% in another. That is one fantastic facility. It is the place to go if you have heart treatment. The doctors, nurses and the whole staff are just terrific. I guess I'll sit around on the mend for the next 4 weeks or so."I know all join me in wishing Dean continued improvement in his recovery. btw...Dean lives in Enid and his email is if you would like to wish him well.

Last Call: TWO events: Friday night, Sept. 14, class 1952 will meet at Fireside Mountain Restaurant, 2102 NW Cache Road, 6:00pm...reservations not required; each pays for their own; meet in private room reserved; and this is 55th Reunion of '52 Class. Saturday night Sept 15th, Luau Reunion for LHS Classes of '49, '50, '51, '52, Museum of the Great Plains, 601 NW Ferris Ave. 6:00pm social hour and 7:00pm dinner; reservations required and deadline was Sept. 1.
Can contact: Jo Riley, 224 NW Northwood Ave, Lawton 73507...dress Hawaiian style (or not).

Some had asked about the 'wall' at LHS that was to be built and you could purchase a brick with your name, date of graduation, etc. YES, [some] wall is up. I was told it is located on the east, by the cafeteria. AND, you can still purchase a brick or bricks, which will be added to those already there. A work in progress.
The cost is $30 per brick, each brick has two lines with 15 spaces per line, the form had been on the LHS web site, was removed, but in talking with LHS today, they are going to upload the form to the site this week-end.
Go to: <> Not sure which 'link'? Check under 'alumni'? You can also pick up a form at LHS.The school said they will be sending 'completed and paid forms' to stone mason the end of September or first of October, so if you want yours in this batch, do it NOW! Will also be able to do later.
btw...I will be attending the reunion on 14-15th with Bill and I will bring some of the forms with me.

FLASH - the WolverNet is here! Guys, technology is wonderful! I know just enough to be dangerous. I have created a new blog for the LHS News I send. It will not take place of LHS News that you currently receive but will be used to file/archive previous news sent and will allow for access should you want to go back and re-read any LHS News. I am not sure about pictures yet? May be able to host them, maybe not. I doubt in any large number?

The blog also has links to other LHS news/resources - right now the new Lawton High Alumni Association and the Lawton High School site. can make comments. However, do remember, any comments you make on this blog will be read by any and all who visit the, as the line goes in the movie GREASE ..."keep it clean"... I don't want to have to edit you! haha!

PLEASE continue to send any news to me and email addresses for any who want to receive the news. I will continue to send news and then 'archive' on the blog. Hope you will take a look & do let me know what you think: <>

Please feel free to forward to any you think would be interested. I hope you ENJOY!

Sooners play Miami this Saturday in Norman - 11:00am.GO SOONERS! WIN!

Fall is in the air [kinda] here in the 'home town'....yea! Georgia

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