Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Originally sent Sept. 20

So sorry to hear of the passing of Ernest Littlefield, 69, of Richardson, TX. Ernest is LHS class '56. Ernest passed on Sept. 9 and a memorial service will be held this next Saturday, Sept. 22, 3:00pm at First church of the Nazarene in Richardson.
Ernest wife is Carolyn (Peck) - LHS class '57 or '58? Carolyn is sister of Jimmie Peck, class '55. Ernest is survived by Carolyn, three sons - Kenny, Bobby, & Don. Two sisters - Glenda & Urita and a brother Wayman.
Obit for Ernest is in Lawton Constitution - Tuesday Sept. 18.

I had this remembrance from Doyce Grayson, a friend & classmate of Ernest:

"Ernie was a special individual. I have known him since I was 10 years old. We were paper boys back in those days. Ernie sold individual papers to the businesses and bars in downtown Lawton. He didn't have a regular paper route like the rest of us and we felt sorry for him, little did we know that he was making 2 or 3 times the money we made. He was quite an achiever and always made his living by his wits. He and Carolyn attended the 1956 Class reunion last year, but he could stay just one night because of his health. He was definitely a experience in life and I feel honored to call him my friend. He will be missed!"

Thought you might like to see 'artist rendering' of the new look for the old Lawton High/Central building. This is on the west side looking east, see columns (front - south) to the right. (see at right)

Still working on 'report' on class reunion last patient....regards.... Georgia

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