Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Originally sent Oct. 13

Sorry to report passing of Milton T. Nunn, 59, of Lawton. Milton passed on Oct. 6. He was 1967 grad of LHS and brother of class mate Bryan Nunn. Services were in Lawton this past Wednesday.

Some info on Roy Sullins who was involved in a very serious car accident several days ago. Do not know for sure what class Roy was in but he attended the class '56 - 50th reunion. An email (below) from Doyce indicates Roy is in Austin. This is from Roy's daughter Terry a few days ago:

Roy is still in stable condition and all his vital signs are good. They are planning on doing a tracheotomy on him tomorrow to secure a good airway and to continue to support his breathing with the ventilator. He is still on the ventilator and he is breathing some on his own in addition to the machine settings. He is still very medicated and will open his eyes but we do not get any indication that he is aware we are there or what has happened to him. He does respond to the nurses commands on moving his toes and sometimes his fingers. We are grateful he is doing as well as he is and hope for no setbacks. We all appreciate your support and concern and prayers. It has meant a lot to all of us in the family. I will keep you updated in the future. Sincerely, Terry (daughter)

Hello Georgia, just writing to remind everyone of the Oklahoma Centennial Parade in Oklahoma City, Sunday, October 14th, hope to see everyone there. Coincidentally, I bumped in to Sharon and Andy Anderson, showing there Model A Ford at The Good Guys Auto Show at the Texas Motor Speedway, huge show. I never had met them before, but enjoyed the visit. We discussed you and how much we enjoy your service to all of us about Dear Old LHS.
Headed to Austin now, and hopefully can look in on Roy Sullins, while there. Tom Wells has been keeping us updated on his condition.
Thanks! Doyce Grayson

Doyce with the Lawton Rangers will be riding in the parade which is at 2:00pm Sunday afternoon in downtown OKC.

Really good article in this past Sunday Oklahoman (Oct. 7) on Pete Costilow who grew up in Lawton and I believe a 1964 LHS grad. Married to high school sweetheart - Irene, 3 sons including set of twins!
Pete is assistant air traffic manager at Will Rogers World Airport in OKC and holds rank of General in OK Reserves.
Pete is a friend of my brother George - class '63, P.R. Ramey & others in high school. Later he & George were SAE at OU. Pete had a sister - Lenore (Costilow) Riley (deceased) also a LHS grad - about 1954. Good article & color pic - page 3-D.

For those of us who bemoaned the closing of the Wildcat Cafe located in Ramon's Flowers...viola!~ Now open under name of Gerald's Early Bird and new location at 406 Lee Blvd. (directly across south from old SW Hospital).Same cooks, same great food. Open M - S, 6:30am ~ 2:00pm. It's a busy place! Get there early if you want the 'special'!

Yea!......cooler air finally arrives in OK!!!!! Feels much better!!!! Hate to miss the parade on Sunday but it is also my Mom's birthday and have BIG party planned. Mom admits to 39! After that, anyones guess! Regards to all........ Georgia

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