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Originally sent Oct. 20

I am sorry to report the passing of '59 classmate Beverly (Lucas) Wiles, 67. Beverly passed away on Oct. 12 at her home. She had cancer and that is all the information I have been able to get. I did not see a local obituary and I do not know where she was living. She does have a sister - Sue (Lucas) Hogue who is class '55. So very sorry for the family loss.

Also passing on Oct. 18 was Eileen Mercadante, 61. Eileen, originally of Norman, was wife of John Mercadante, class '63. Eileen also had cancer. Services will be this Monday, Oct. 22 at First Presbyterian Church in Lawton, 10:00am.If the name sounds 'familiar'....Johns folks - Carmen and Helen Mercadante - owned and operated Dantes Italian Restaurant many years here in Lawton. Both are deceased, however, Carmen was brother to Rose Bianco who is still operating Biancos Italian Restaurant at the original location on 2nd street. Opened in 1952. So sorry to hear of Eileen passing.

And another loss, Maurice Coover Elledge, 94, of Lawton. He passed Oct. 19. Services will be at 11:00am on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home Chapel, 632 SW 'C' Ave. Maurice is father to Peggy (Elledge) Long, class '54 and Chris Elledge (wife Debbie) ...not sure of Chris' graduating class - early '60's?

From what I am receiving, Roy Sullins, continues to improve after a very serious car accident. I was told that Roy was class '55 but did quite well and graduated in '54!!! His wife is Sue (Carr). We certainly wish Roy all the best in his recovery.

Please join me in remembering all these with illness and loss in your prayers.

On a lighter note folks....I secured a real 'treasure' this past week. A 1912 LHS Yearbook!!!! Bought it at an auction, out of Tennessee. I am so excited as it is just a wonderful 'archive' of LHS history. I will be sharing pictures and other items from the book with you. So ironic just after Marcille reported seeing a 1904 or 1905 copy of a LHS Yearbook. I hate that this copy has had small water damage...but overall and considering age, it's in good condition!

A lot of the art work was done by one of the seniors that year - Donald (Don) Blanding. The name leaped off the page when I read about the book as I grew up reading Blandings Vagabond House - probably one of the more 'famous' of his written and published prose and introduced to me at an early age by my father, a lover of (some) verse.

It is a 'cord tied' book - no commercial binding - cover is a heavy construction type paper and the pages are done on a nice quality glossy paper. Blanding did the cover art work (see pix on the right). Ads from several businesses of the day. Not unlike later yearbooks.

Several names also spurred recognition - Ned Shepler (freshman that year) went on to start the local newspaper - the Lawton Constitution, still operated by his grandsons; Fay Babbitt, Mary Wolverton, Jay Keegan, all Seniors. I am quite sure 'we' attended school some decades later with offspring of these early LHS grads.

Group picture of the Juniors, Sophmores, and Freshman classes and a group picture of the class of '06. Also, the football team, basketball team, etc. Will be sharing these great photos.

The forward in the book reads:

"The Editors of the LORE present the result of their labors, hoping that they have succeeded in creating an eloquent memorial of their love for old L.H.S., their pride in her achievement and their belief in her glorious future."

To the Classes that Follow
This book is dedicated by the
Class of 1912

Beautiful weather in the home town!!!!! Been outside soaking it up! Regards to all.... Georgia

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