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Zearl Harmon was Dep Supt in charge of personnel. His wife, Ellen was principal at Eisenhower Grade school. Both were super individuals.
Mary Ann (Goode) Pursley - '57

A clarification on the Harmons: Zearl was a Central office administrator at Shoemaker Center and his wife, Ellen, was principal at Eisenhower Elementary until she retired in 1981. Marcille (Covey) Southerland - '52

Hi Georgia - thought I'd reply and touch base. Jerry and I are doing fine - he went to the OU/TX game yesterday and, of course, it was great. I decided that it might be a little warm for me so I very generously gave up my ticket to one of Jerry's sons. Regret I didn't go. Jerry said it got pretty warm but wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. We continue to love living here in OKC. We are very involved with our church and have made some wonderful friends through the church. Take care and hope all is well. Love, Kay (Pavillard) Otis - '59

The inside of the Dome was unfinished which was a letdown to anyone making the climb to the top. You entered the dome by stepping onto a platform as alas! finish on the floor either. If you missed a ceiling joist you went through to the building below. Does anyone know what was under the Dome? Can someone find out? Someone PLEASE take this on as a project as I have been curious all these 50+ years since I was there. My own guess, and I said guess, was the stage of the auditorium because the curtains and backdrops needed a very high space to be raised into.....sounds good to me even if it is a very old idea.To anyone who has visited a dome such as the dome at the Oklahoma state capitol building which is finished knows how beautiful it is .... forget that picture as concerns our unfinished Dome at LJH the windows were dirty...were they ever cleaned? One window was cracked and the smaller of the two cracked pieces had fallen out and pigeons had discovered the Dome Loft of Higher Education. The surprising thing to me was that there were very few birds in residence...maybe they wanted running water. The view since the School was situated on a hill - ok a very small hill - was of the panorama of downtown Lawton circa 1956-57 which was the way all of us remember Lawton. All the downtown was still in place no Urban Destruction invented yet. Of course the view was only enjoyed by the intrepid few who could walk the ceiling joists around the Dome from window to window. Best of memories to one and all. Share them with us now, we'll be in the Historical Society soon enough as it is going now.Thanks Georgia for all the work you are doing and for all the memories you've shared with us. It makes a person feel like a teenager again. Frank Hatch - Denver Colorado, class of 59

Thanks for the update about Dan Green. I have been praying for him. My son Raymond is in Iraq for his third tour of duty now and all of our Military are uppermost in my prayers now. Love and prayers,
Gloria (Lamb) Ervin - '59

Received this email story w/photo (not available here) from Susan (Hankins) Ellington - class '56 - living in Los Alamos, NM. btw....Susan is big sister of Duffy (Hankins) Gilbert - class '60.
Story: Yvonne Coombs, Kay Scott, Myrna Kay Daley, Glenda Stanton, Barbara Odom and Mary Jane Osborne met Saturday, Oct 6, 2007, in Albuquerque, NM, for the 2007 Balloon Festival. On that same day, Larry Hargett drove to Albuquerque from Los Lunas and met the 1956 LHS alumni at the Coach's Sport Bar and Grill to watch the OU/Texas football game televised from Dallas.
While there, Kay called J. W. Hunter (Lawton) who was surprised to talk to the group in Albquerque.
On Tuesday, Oct. 9, the women drove to Santa Fe and Mary Thompson joined them to drive to Los Alamos to have dinner with Susan and Newby Ellington and also look at grade school and junior high school pictures.
Wednesday, Oct 10, Mary Jane, Barbara, and Susan met the other women at the Sanctuario in Chimayo to visit the historic shrine and church. Mary Jane, Barbara and Susan had lunch at the Rancho de Chimayo and toured a back road or two before heading back to Pojoaque, NM, to drop off Susan, while the other women headed to Taos to be tourists at the Taos Pueblo and Los Trompas before heading back to Chimayo via the High Road for an evening dinner at the Rancho de Chimayo.Barbara and Mary Jane head back to Albuquerque, Lawton, and Houston on Thursday, while the other women head back to their respective homes on Friday after first stopping in Logan, NM, near Tucumcari, NM, to visit Paul and Gwen White. (A tornado hit in Logan this last Spring/Summer and did some serious damage; Gwen says they were spared.) Susan

Love it! Sounds like major fun!!!!! Thanks Susan for sharing with us!

Appreciate all the comments & photos! I hope all will join me in keeping those classmates with health problems in prayers as well as those serving our country in various locations around the world! God bless them all, God bless our USA! Georgia

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