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I am so sorry to report that Arthur Farrington lll passed away on Oct. 31. His sister - Linda, class '66 - had just written me about 3 weeks ago to let me know that Arthur had just been diagnosed with cancer. Arthur graduated LHS in 1960, served in the US Navy on the Kitty Hawk, returned to Lawton and worked at Johnsons Milk Company 20 years then for JC Penny until his retirement in 2007.There will be a memorial service this next Friday, Nov. 9 at the Fort Sill National Cemetery at Elgin, 2:00pm. Arthur also has a sister Alice class '61. So very sorry for this families loss. An on-line guest book and sympathy cards are at <>

It was good to hear from '59 classmate Dan Glascock that he was not in the CA fire area this time. Dan told me he lost a home in the CA fires about 4 years ago & rather than re-build in San Diego county, he moved. Looks like a good move as some of the fires were back in that same area.

Seems Charles Brooks made a major sibling blunder in last LHS News where I quoted him, he has sent this correction:"Made a mistake about my sister's class. She was class of '60 not '58. Sure hope she's not too upset with those two years I added to her age. I know I'll hear from her but she is a very forgiving sister so I'm safe. Really am enjoying all of the news as I'm sure she is now too." Charles sister is Judy (Brooks) Clark. Gotta keep those years straight! Hope this will smooth things over Charles!! haha!!!!

I was out eating (yes, again). Ran into Jack Leach - class '54 and also Jimmy Ryans, class '58. Had a great visit. Both doing well.

In todays (Wed) Lawton Constitution...the caption under picture reads: "Central Oklahoma alumni who received this card didn't recognize the couple doing the queen crowning in 1952. The football captain is George Miller and the queen is Patricia 'Pat' Witzell. Even though they were both graduates of Lawton High School, the couple never dated until after this moment, and they've now been married for more than 50 years."
WoW! Must have been some kiss!! Do not know what year either graduated? Anyone?

Some have asked & I do know that class of 1958 is starting to get organized toward their 50th reunion next year! Will pass along info as it becomes available to me.

We traveled to Weatherford, OK this past Saturday. Bill is a '57 grad of the SOWSU Pharmacy school. His class was honored on the occasion of their 50th reunion! Bill was one of a few who received a certificate for having a continuous license in OK for past 50 years. It was a fun time and Bill saw many he had not seen in a long time. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive.

Several fields of 'King Cotton' waiting for the pickers...I guess machines these days. Looked like blankets of snow. And, I had not seen the 'Oklahoma windmills'.....many located north of Lake Lawtonka, spreading along a ridge cap, and then another large grouping just as you come into Weatherford. Interesting looking things...kinda like a creation out of Star Wars. Going round and round, counter-clock-wise, collecting the 'wind' to make electricity! I found them most interesting. Guess Ben Franklin would be astonished!

Weather changing in the home town...windy, much cooler...chili weather on the way! Some of you are receiving the 'news' for the first time so let me say 'welcome' and remind all, recent past 'issues' of the news are archived at:
<> Regards to all.... Georgia

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