Friday, November 2, 2007

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Originally sent Oct. 29

I am so sorry to report the passing of Etta Sue (Wilder) Sprague Monsey, 77, of OKC. I have known Sue many, many years, she was such a dear, sweet person. She had been battling Alzheimers for about 7 years. Sue is sister to our '59 classmate Phil Wilder. Her dad Bill Wilder was the head baker and wonderful cake decorator for Johnson's Bakery. He made our wedding cake when Bill & I married in 1965. Sue grew up here & graduated LHS in about 1948. She married Paul Sprague soon after graduation and they have a son Tim and daughter Melissa. Many years later they divorced. Sue later married Bert Monsey, who preceded her in passing.Phil Wilder lives in Colorado with wife Coralyn. Service are this Monday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2:00pm at Matthews Funeral Home Chapel in Edmond.

Although some decades after 'us'....I also noted the passing of Patricia Kathleen (Huntley) Rube, 48, of Lawton. Patricia was born in Germany but was a 1977 grad of LHS. A memorial services will be at 1:00pm this Wednesday, Oct. 31, at the ballpark at Robinson's Boat Landing (north end of Lake Lawtonka).

I was finally able to visit via phone with Charles and Jackie Darling out in Pasadena. They are both such a delight!!! Charles was so nice and had tried to contact Frankie (Ingraham) Kinderman who was in the 'heart' of the CA fires.

Meanwhile Susan (Hankins) Ellington sent this note:MMorris got hold of Sue Grimes who had Frankie's cell and now we know Frankie and daughter and families are AOK.Thought you'd like to know. Susan

And on the CA fire, received this email today from Mitch Braley:
I talked to some length with high school buddy Charley Jennings of my 1957 LHS class this past weekend. He and Beverly live in Poway, California, East of San Diego, and had a close call with the fires around there about 4 years ago. They are OK this time simply because the last fires just about burned everything around them already. They have had a lot of smoke around their area in the past week or so, and were evacuated last Wednesday. However they are back in their home now are doing OK. While I was talking with him I could hear emergency vehiclesin the background, traveling through the valley below their house.
Joe (LHS class of 56) and Vonda (LHS class of 57) Lansden live in Simi Valley, CA and am concerned also about them. I talked to Marilyn Ann (Gordon) Smith and she was going to call and check on them. I have not heard anything about them as yet. If Marilyn has not talked to them when I call her tonight, I will call and check on the Lansdens and let you know. Mitch

I know there are several classmates in the fire hope all are safe!

This email from Jim Andrews, class '58:
Hi Georgia, just wanted to thank you for all of the updates on Lawton High grads. In one email about the ladies visiting Paul White in NM, just wondered if anyone has Paul's email address. Paul, my brother Hershel, Paul's brother, Kenneth,, and I all played little league baseball for the Roosevelt Dodgers. I lost touch with Paul after he left Lawton for college and have not heard from him since. If anyone has his email address, I would love to have it.
If anyone can help Jim out, send it to me & I forward on.....Jim is living in Salt Lake City.

Received this from Loretta Hartline and no, I didn't know till she filled me in....Hi Georgia, Don't know if you have heard that I am now Managing "The Tea Room". I know everyone thinks 'what is She Doing Now', well it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy seeing everyone. It is a great place to meet our mature friends and classmates. Hope to make it the meeting place for all classes. Want to have a 50's, 60's, 70's, etc day or week or whatever. Anyway wanted to pass it along that I will take good care of all of you who are looking for a place to meet up. Thanks again Georgia for all the news both good and bad we like to know how all our old friends are doing. LorettaThe Tea Room is located at 213 SW 'C' in downtown Lawton. The food is good!

Received a great photo from '59 classmate Robert 'Bob' Meek. (not posted here). From left to right: Barbara Webb, Judy Baker, Deanna Paramore, Eugenia Matthews. ( these girls all LHS class '57) Caption says girls at the train station, Barbara and Deanna were on their way to school in Missouri. Bob says that Judy Baker - married name Tanner - lives and works at same company in Bakersfield as Bob. Hes right...small world! Really appreciate Bob sharing the picture!

We have had several days of just absolutely gorgeous days and nights!!!! Think may change later this week? My Bill is on way home this morn from S. Dakota with truck full of winter provisions - pheasants! Gotta find some glass to put them under! Hope all of you are doing well....Regards from the 'home town' ..... Georgia

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