Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Originally sent Dec. 7

Have gotten definite word on former LHS teacher Pearl Jo Uhland. In Lawton Constitiution obits Thursday morn. Mrs. Uhland passed away on Nov. 10 in Sioux Falls, SD. There will be a memorial service this Saturday, Dec. 8, at Lawton Heights Methodist Church here in Lawton, 2:00pm. Sympathy cards can be sent to the family at <>.Mrs. Uhland was originally from Pocasset and came to Lawton and began teaching at LHS in about 1943-44-45? She taught literature and was a librarian until retiring in 1985. She is survived by a daughter and two sons.

I received this note from Roy Sullins. As you recall, Roy was involved in a terrible car accident back in October."Please tell all of our friends that I am now home and that I am doing OK. I believe that after a couple of more months of re-rehab I will be back to almost normal. I do appreciate all that everyone has done for Sue & me.THANKS TO YOU ALL."

I talked with '59 classmate Jerry Morgan last Sunday and he sounded good. He is still having some dizziness and trouble standing but hopefully all will come together soon.Geneva (friend) let me know today [Fri] that he is still in the hospital, takes therapy several times a day, and its going well, just going to take time. His wife Sybil stays with him at night. He is in room 247, you can call him direct if you would like: (405) 486-8247. He really enjoys hearing from friends.

Please join me in keeping all those with health problems in your prayers!

Seems wedding bells may be ringing (or already have) for Ebb McDuffie and Elaine McDuffie....?

Also, wedding bells did ring for Sue (Burton) Jenkins back in September.

I had a great lunch this week with longtime friend Shirley (Brittain) Crumpton Russell. Shirley is class '58 and we have been buds a long time. Had a fun visit and 'discussion' of what happened to who and when!!!! Shirl lives in Lawton but seems we are always so busy and have a difficult time getting together. Gonna change that in New Year! Make lots of time for friends near and dear.

I have been told the LHS Class of 1953 is planning a reunion for July of 2008. I will be getting details and will send as soon as I have them!

And, no details yet on class 1958 - 50th Year Reunion next year, but, it's a reunion in progress!

Its count-down till Christmas......its a busy and hopefully fun and enjoyable time of the year for all of you! Regards to all.......Georgia

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